Looking for a python developer (M2 / WMO editor)

    By Skarn,


    Hello. As some of you may know, for quite a while I've been working on the first actual editor for M2 / WMO models for WoW. The project began about a year ago as a fork of happyhack's Blender addon for WMOs. Over time by my own efforts and with the help of some people, I was able to create a full featured (despite a couple of things, that yet have to be implemented) WMO editor. Now I am working on the M2 part of the project. Since there are a lot more tools that I want to develop, I am looking for somebody who can help me with development to finish it faster.

    The project is written in Python 3.5.


    - Python coding experience

    - Ability to stick to project's architecture

    - Ability to stick to given code style (I use regular python standard PEP8 with a few minor additions to naming conventions)

    Project goals:

    - Full-featured editing of WMO / M2.

    - Rudimentary editing of ADT.

    - Support for multiple WoW versions.

    - Editor for client DBs related to M2 / WMO (AreaTable, NPC stuff, etc).

    The majority of the boring stuff, such as file parsing is arleady implemented. Import for M2 is implemented, except for particles. 

    Last but not least, donations that the project is going to receive in the future are going to be shared proportionally, even though the work is mostly volunteer. The project's aim is not money income, but the creation of the first proper editing toolkit for WoW files, as well as the Swiss Army Knife tool for machinima artists.

    If you are interested, feel free to contact me here, on my Discord (Skarn#2018) or elsewhere.

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    Model Changing Network needs your help!

    By Skarn,

    e1jAcp7.thumb.png.48f3fc1692c109284817c4Greetings, dear Model Changing Network users! It has been about two years since MCNet community is around. Through this time the website has grown into a pretty good place for WoW modders to stay. However, there is still a huge room for improvement. At the moment, I cannot really invest much time into maintaining the community and developing it further, neither do the rest of the people in the team. That is why I have to request the help from the community.

    I am looking for responsible people to help me out on various tasks concerning managing this board. I will list down the "positions" and requirements for them.


    • Second administrator.  This position requires some work on restructuring the board, managing permissions, writing FAQs and descriptions for various parts of the site. The requirements for this one are quite demanding as you will get a high-level access to website management such as ACP, nevertheless, this work is not exactly hard to do. In order to accept you for that position, I need to know you personally as a member of the community and trust you. The other requirement is good written English skills. IPS experience is also a huge plus, however, not mandatory.
    • Web developer. There are still a few bugs on the board that need to be fixed. So, if you are aware of IPS and web development, feel free to poke me.
    • Moderator. Our two moderators Axel and Hyakkimaru are not currently doing WoW modding, so we need new people for this position. Your duty will be to clean abusive content such as trolling or spam when you spot it. The requirement is good written English skills.

    All the work is, sadly, volunteer. If you want to help the community in any other way, please let me know through PM. 


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    [Release] Noggit SDL 3.1021 BETA

    By Kaev,


    Noggit SDL 3.1021 BETA

    Finally Noggit SDL 3.1021 BETA is there!
    The most important change is probably a fix of the well known model bug as well as the removal of the requirement to fill all four layers.
    But here's a approximate changelog:

    • Steff | Fix: If you selected an model, copied to clipboard, deleted source (it it is last model on map of this type) and pasted it then. Noggit crashed.
    • Steff | Calculate camera height related to terrain height on map load.
    • Steff | Fix that texture swapper stayed visible if you changed the tool
    • Steff | Add new option to toggle model animation rendering. F11 and Menu option in View menu added for this. For easyer model selection like birds.
    • schlumpf | various memory leaks or potential crashes
    • Valium | Initial support for drawing tablets on Windows.  Crashes if you don't have a tablet installed.
    • Valium | Implemented Blizzard style wireframe.
    • schlumpf | mapchunk: save: fix: only set low_quality_texture_map bits once to avoid error in overwriting (missing clean) (the 4 layer bug)
    • Adspartan | Fix to prevent texture duplication on a chunk (swapping duplicated textures remove the duplicate).
    • Adspartan | Fix random hole bug when using the hole tool by checking is the cursor is not underground when adding a hole.
    • Adspartan | Set tile as changed when using "swap adt".
    • Adspartan | prevent m2/wmo selection when using a tool
    • Adspartan | Fix texture shift ingame
    • Adspartan | Alphamap loading / saving changes
    • Adspartan | Prevent crash when loading or drawing wmo. (for retroported WMOs)
    • Adspartan | Fix texture shift between noggit and wow client
    • Adspartan | Fix alphamap loading for uncompressed (2048)
    • Adspartan | Paste object at the cursor pos if nothing is selected
    • Adspartan | Vertex shading is now correctly implemented.
    • Kaev | This should hopefully fix all model bugs when you save your files

    You can download Noggit SDL 3.1021 with all needed .dll files from here: https://mega.nz/#!qU01SZ4Y!YQvbjXQTo2_aAG1zqw_QL3ervYvy-YRWp0AaINbzXq0

    Use this download: https://mega.nz/#!6N01AKyY!GGLbitBT2KOEHuoGm-AqJCa-lLBCzFeTzHZT8JD-4a0  - It's a newer version than 1021 :)

    Or in the Release section: 

    Have fun and happy modding!


    EDIT: Be careful, Steff warned me that there are some untested things in the SDL branch which could lead to bugs. If you can find any, please report them!

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