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  1. Reznik
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    So finally, i can show you a bit of my Deltar City :-)


  2. So, here we are with the last version of the mod. Two years has passed since I started to mod this game version and I can say that I enjoy it very much as I enjoy seen and play the classic game version with the updated models. This version now includes some of the latest models that released with Battle of Azeroth thought due to recent changes that Blizz made to the models system they made it almost impossible to convert them to classic or downport and glitch beyond fix. I would like to thank everyone that helped and assist during the mod creation and progress as also testing before any release was made.

    New Additions :

    • For sake of simplicity and after many requests now Balsh Character models are merged with my mod.
    • New world models added
    • Replaced Class Icons in character creation screen with a better and detailed versions
    • Replaced party icons when in not in range to reflect the new modern icons
    • New loading screens added from Battle of Azeroth
    • New character screen race icons from Legion
    • New models added from Battle of Azeroth and Cata
    • Replaced some class weapons models and World drop weapons from Legion, WoD, WotLK (Warrior, Priest, Rogue, Druid, Shaman, Hunter, Warlock)
    • Replaced some weapons models from [Quest:The Argent Hold] from Legion
    • Replaced Shaman Stormstrike spell icon with the one from the current game version current game version
    • Replace Warlock's Fire spells and icons with Cataclysm Fel version of the spell's
    • Replaced "Knight's Colors Tabard" and "Stone Guard's Herald Tabard" from Legion
    • Elemental models are returned to their default models state
  3. Hello again friends today I am adding Legion (or BfA with animations idk now =D) Night elf and Tauren druid Forms. (Travel form will be later)
    Enjoy =D









  4. Poisonleaf
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    For the first time the whole map is captured in one picture. All 81 ADTS.

    This also serve as the base for the in-game world map that is now in progress.


  5. While it doesn't fit in lore-wise and probably won't be used at all, I made this model anyway:






  6. We are extremely proud to present our teaser trailer of Undying-WoW.
    Our motivation comes from the hunger to redefine the WoW Private Server scene once and for all!

  7. Hello, this is a first glimpse into the second zone for the Duronar project, this is just the alpha and things are likely to change in the future - feel free to leave criticisms (ground effects are being added, just haven't had time yet). Firstly, here is a map to give a rough idea of how the zone is set out:


    Here are some early alpha pics:







  8. Ressuraction

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    • Categorising the "Ideavault"(=the notepad which contains all my main focuses and ideas).
    • Beggining of self education in the field of private servers like coding or mapping.
    • Attempting to hire helping hands.
  9. Project

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  10. This is another part of Haradon, this time Lightshire and the Road of the Weary Traveler. Lightshire has a pivotal role in the war against the corruption because of its location inside the corrupted areas. Lightshire right now is the only active town in the Plains of Haradon and is the center of resistance.

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    I've made these walls actually quite some time ago, but I didn't intend to release them until I finish towers for them. Seeing how unlikely it is for me to finish those towers in reasonable amount of time, I have decided to release at least walls, for now. You can get an updated version of my WMO pack here.:




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  11. These are the south seas islands from Tanaris.They were wiped out in cata.









  12. Mythia

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    Book of the Fallen, our 3.3.5 roleplay server, is beginning it's third chapter, and we've been improving all the while.  We have a very small but very capable staff, and though we were all quite new at this just last year, take a look at what we were able to accomplish!

    We have a beautiful new map, our version of the island if Tel'Abim in the South Seas that we've dubbed "The Verdant Isles".  You'll notice in the preview video that things from the ground to the sky are heavily edited and / or customized completely, from the ground effects to the skybox and everything in-between.  We tried to keep a tropical island feel in every single asset we used when we built this world.

    Book of the Fallen offers completely custom and integrated systems that are 100% functioning and fun.  As you could briefly see in the preview video, we have a profession system allowing for gathering and crafting style professions. They include mining, smithing, logging, cooking, outfitting, trapping, and more! They're very easy to use, and new recipes for items can be added on the fly, and can even be tailored to specific players and guilds.  Many of the items you can create using this system are custom as well, from never before seen pieces of immersive gear and clothing, to interesting and useful items and consumables tailored for immersion and variety.

    We also have completely custom combat classes, removing blizzard's combat system entirely so we can focus more on immersive roleplay.  We've incorporated more D&D style classes, including things like bards, huntsmen, duelists, clerics, abjurers, and so on.  Though it's simple enough for new players to get the hang of quickly, there are fun and hard-hitting combinations that the savvy player can utilize to dispatch their foes in a completely in-character fashion.  All of our custom combat classes are chosen after you create your character, and you're able to wear any gear you like.  (Heavier gear might impact your magical casting ability, though!)

    There are also lots of other new and innovative things to check out in the world, such as clickable and interactable gobjects including things like readable books, custom teleporters, immersive transitions, and more.  

    To achieve all of these things, most of which have never been seen before on ANY server, we used nothing more than the common WoW modding software and the AIO addon tool, and a boat load of caring about our players.  If you like to roleplay, come and check us out at  We launch Sunday, September 25, 2016.

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    Hello, Model-Changing! I am going to present you some changes that were done since we started to develop Neo.

    First of all, I want to say that now we have a webpage where you can watch all of our projects, code commits, contact information and possibly other things in the future.

    Secondly, we'd love to see anyone interested in Neo developement in our Discord channel. It does not only refer to developers who want to join us. You can help us testing builds or just giving opinion and ideas.

    As you might have noticed on the webpage, Neo and other our projects are built automatically with every commit made to the repository. So, you can always get the most recent and relevant build and play around with it without compiling. 

    I also recommend you to subscribe to our YouTube channel which is currently empty but will definitely have some content in the future. 

    Okay, now come the actual editor news! 

    1. Asset Browser

    • We have implemented a convinient thumbnail cache system that works just like thumbnails for images in Windows explorer. You open a directory and are already able to select the model you need. 
    • Models are now rendered correctly in all expansions.
    • Preview window got some basic navigation.
    • You are now able to select skin variations for creatures.
    • You can now change the background of the preview rendering window.


    • WMO support
    • Character hairstyle, facial feature, etc changer.
    • Search


    2. Map Editor


    The interface logic was changed to a more convinient one from the way it was done earlier. Awesome dockable widgets are still there but their behaviour was changed in order to ease the switching.


    We have added a toolbar (1) on top of the rendering window that contains quick access buttons to all the available editing modes in the editor. It works pretty much like in Noggit and will be controlled by number keys (hotkeys are customizable) in the future.

    When you select the required editing mode the World Editing widget (2) changes its content according to the selected mode. Switching by multiple widgets were inconvinient since they were getting lost or overlapping each other, that is why there is now just one widget that contains all other widgets inside! It is still possible to undock it and drag it away, for example, to your second monitor. You can do it with pretty much anything in Neo actually.

    Graphic tablet support

    It has been quite some time ago since Mathias implemented graphic tablet support in Neo. However, it was not integrated properly into all the features. That's why we have changed it!

    Now Neo is able to sense the pen pressure in sculpting, texturing and vertex shading modes. Texturing mode has obviously the widest functionality implemented for tablet usage. Besides pressure (brush speed or intensity in other modes) you can change the radius with it. Every setting is supplied with its own sensivity slider. So, if you want your pressure sense to allow full amplitude (0.0 - 40.00) and your radius sense to only change the radius slighthly (for example 0.0 - 0.34 if you want to paint some thin cracks or something), you don't have to choose between them. Just turn on both and tweak the sensivity for each of the features.


    Besides important tablet control functionality, texturing mode has got a spray brush! You can control multiple features there like the size of the spray particle, the amount of particles in one "shot" and the pressure. There is also a feature to paint solid inner radius just as a normal brush and spray in the area between inner radius and outer radius. That leads to a very interesting effect in the resulted painting! You can see it yourself in the gif below.



    You are now able to rotate, tilt, scale (m2 only) and delete the models now. Ctrl + C/Ctrl + V functionality is also working, though is not yet stable.


    Other features are to come soon! Also it is worth to mention that Neo is currently in the process of becoming a cross-platform tool. It is being ported to OpenGL and GTK insteaded of DirectX and WPF which would allow us to run it on any system natively. You can follow this "transitioning" in "cross-platformbranch of our repository.

    Subsribe for receiving updates on Neo development! 

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    Gameobject can be placed from the player's inventory, and then be replaced via the interface. The list of items includes more than 1300 objects.

    The patch contains 964 models ID, which may be used in your projects.


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    While working on tauren models.

    List of models:


    Big totem




    Tauren baby




  13. Knight's Hollow (a.k.a the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier) (Level Range 29-37, Requires Levels 29-32)


    Five-Man Dungeon Located at the Knight's Hollow in Duskwood (a.k.a. the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier)


    Note: There is an unmarked grave behind Beggar's Haunt in Duskwood that is also know as the Tomb of the Forgotten Soldier. It is presumably believed that this is the location for the entrance to the cut Classic World of Warcraft dungeon - Knight's Hollow as seen with a striking resemblance in-game (as displayed in the above image) to an 'unearthed' cut Loading Screen for the instance as found within The Art of World of Warcraft as displayed here with the topmost instance loading screen.

    Dungeon Level Sections:

    Dungeon Section One: (Requires Level 29)
    -Trash Elite Levels: 31 (++), 30 (++++), 29 (+++), 28 (+)
    -Boss Level(s) 32 [Two Bosses] [One Rare-Elite Level 32]

    Dungeon Section Two: (Requires Level 30)
    -Trash Elite Levels: 32 (+++), 31 (++++), 30 (+++++)
    -Boss Level(s) 33 [Three Bosses]

    Dungeon Section Three: (Requires Level 31)
    -Trash Elite Levels: 33 (++), 32 (+++++), 31 (++), 30 (+)
    -Boss Level(s) 34 [Two Bosses] [One Rare-Elite Level 32]

    Dungeon Section Four: (Requires Level 32)
    -Trash Elite Levels: 34 (+++++), 33 (++++), 32 (+)
    -Boss Level(s) 35 [One Final Boss]
                                                                     (-Matthew Gordon Roulston 4:30 AM 01/07(July-Canada-Day/2016)

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    Welcome to this page, and thank you for clicking on this project - for any reason!


    Codename: Orcs vs humans (name may be changed in future, comment on what you think it should be) is as stated in the description - a open-world rppvp, server. The goal is to take control of as many outposts, farms, and cities as possible!


    -Their will be a smaller world than the one in the game in WOTLK, the reason for this is because I don't want too much work on my hands at the current time because all zones in this project will be Supersized. For example, Elwyn forest will be twice the size than what it is in the normal game to make room for more outposts and give players a felling of being lost, isolated, or just feel like they are in an actual massive world!

    The zones that will be in the core game will be:

    -Elwyn forest


    -Possibly redridge

    -Deadwind pass

    -Blasted lands

    -Parts of Dreanor (Dark portal Entrance and such)


    -Although their will be a story mode which will help you learn how to play the game, the main focus of this game is to kill the opposing side - good old fashion killin'

    -Level cap will be 15 or 20 at current time (will expand in future)

    -Will be a 1 raid (perhaps Kharazan where you help Khadgar fight of Medivh

    -Will be a few dungeons (Not particularly apart of the actual lore, maybe a dungeon in an abandoned keep or in a cave, bandit docks etc.)

    -The whole point of this project is teamwork, the more outposts the more buffs and better gear you get as your progress closer the either Stormwind or through into Dreanor (can be taken control of as well).

    -Ranks such as marshal, private, etc will actually mean something (hopefully) the higher rank you are the more people will look up to you as a player as ranks are important in this project.

    -Only races are Humans and Orcs but! After you finish the orc story mode you will get a choice to stay as a brown orc, or become fel (Separate races, and they are enemies with each other. Basically, fel are bad, Brown orc are neutral.

    -You die once, you start again from scratch

    -If a player dies, you can loot all the items he had on him and in his backpack

    -There will be appointed Kings and Chieftains depending on how high your rank is.


    I will not be able to do this on my own, so I would appreciate If people could help me. I would not mind doing the noggit work but I am not the best at coding and such and would need someone to help me out with that. (especially with deleting and creating races)





    Thanks for reading,



  14. Sorry to day but this project will no longer be active, I have gotten too bored with the task and have moved on to a more "manageable" project that is called Codename "Orc vs Humans".

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    Old Videos. More to come!





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    In this topic, im going to release custom loading screens. Here you can see my first loading screen for my server. 
    Each loading screen will include an Art or a part of the map. This will help players to feel their progress in the story. 
    The story will be divided into chapters, the chapter number will show you which chapter you are doing. This is important to guide players and make it easy to travel to old areas. 
    The title will be connected to the main quest of the territory.
    And the description will include a Fact or a Quote of a famous character.

    My very first picture shows you the first loading screen which will be seen by Acolyte players. They are gonna spawn in southshore where they are going to travel to the north accompanied by Kel'thuzad.

    Feel free to comment! And as always thanks for reading!

    Alright I think I will change the Chapter name because it sounds like game of thrones thing

    Loadingscreen frame example.png