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Shadow Storm is a French roleplaying server based on World of Warcraft 3.3 5a

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Shadow Storm is a roleplay 3.3.5 server running on TrinityCore. Here is a brief introduction of what the project is.

Our story begins after the wrath of the Lich King and takes place before Cataclysm. Twenty years have passed since the Lich King was killed and the world was saved from the Scourg. But many tensions are emerging now between the Alliance and the Horde, the proud Human race has taken Lordaeron from the hands of the Undead race and is working to rebuild Alterac and Stromgarde to regain their former glory. The Undeads, annihilated by the loss of Undercity are working to group again together and make plans for the capture of another city in which they will be safe.

But, obviously, this isn't the main part of the project... We are working on a new continent, we want to raise the maximum level to 90 and make the best french roleplay server !

Actually, what we did ?

  • We worked on the new HD models
  • We are finished with the new Dwarvish start area
  • We are finished too with the mapping and scripting of the new Human area
  • Our new Guild addon is quite complete
  • Some loginscreends are finished, we are going to make one per race

Why are you just doing a FRENCH server ?!

That's a nice question, why, if it's a french server, we are posting it here in English ?

Because, we don't want to stay only in France, we did a lot of things in french because we thought nobody would help us to translate everything, if, you are a native English speaker and a good French speaker, contact us, maybe you'll help us to make an international server, it could be a pleasure to see more people roleplaying on an amazing game like WoW !

We will show you more things when they'll be finished ;)



Vous pouvez retrouver l'article en Français ici : Devblog


After a long time without any update, here I am (rock you like...) with fresh news !

First : we're alive.

Second : haircuts, belts, tabards, colors, npcs, AND (finally) AN UPDATED GALERY WOOOO ! /o/ (right here)

Everybody will know I use Clock's patch for my HD models but, Meta is working on converting a new version of each model, with better UVMapping, no missing haircuts or beards blah blah blah...

I discovered a lot of things were very bad (hair textures, missing haircuts [they exist on the model but they aren't available in game])

So, I worked on my human and my gnomes models to fix all of this and... It's done, after three days of pain, tears and lemon tea, it's finished.

I didn't take screens for a before/after but I can show you our three new gnomish hairstyles B|




And I said something about new tabards, yes, that's right, based on an other tabard (booo) we did a new one for Stromguard. Our red and white soldiers are wearing this one now (PUT YOUR FISTS IN DA AIR) :


Oh yes, we took the new HD one for Stormwind too



And, the best for the end, 3D belt buckles. Thanks to Philip/AnthonyToolbox, this guy was very helpful with his tutorials about spellvisual etc... SCREENS !



see ya people !




Durotar is an important place for us, because we can see a lot of differents races here, Humans, Trolls, Taurens, and obviously, Orcs.

As we said previously, a new war is coming, and it's essential for the Horde to be prepared to handle it.

But, an other threat is disturbing their hard training. Razormane clan is back, and they plan to attack Valley of trials...

In an other side, Trolls recovered their precious echos isles and they turned them into a training center because of proximity with Tiragarde. The dungeon is restaured and full of soldiers who are waiting for some blood to venge the death of their leader, Daelin Proudmoore.

Mapping by Greetschin

Scripting by Rathalos




We don't work only on Humans ! Here is a stream we did on Twitch the 09/20, we show Coldridge and some quests we did here, actually, I speak in french, but, I think some pics are more important than my voice :D


TL;DR in English :

Troggs are invading Coldridge, you have to kill them to save your valley, after that, you'll have to find a logbook and after this, you'll have to go to brewnall, it's the main quest line for dwarves, we will do more quests ;) !



We wanted to give a choice to ours Human players, which realm they want to join, Lordaeron ? Alterac ? Stormwind ? Stromgarde or Kul Tiras ?

Here we will see some screens of the training against Reinus, the Alterac's wizard. A video will be casted in a few times to present the full fight.

When the player enters in fight, Reinus leave the floor and open a portal which call some mana surge you'll need to kill.

Reinus will use his magic to move you on his powered area in the goal of kill you.

Finally, if you survive for 1 minute, Reinus stops everything and you have succesfully achieved your quest !