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Created nearly in the same time as Azeroth, the small world of Haradon hid no secrets and had no interest for the Burning Legion, it has been an enough reason for the world to still endure. But everything has begun to die, disappear, since the last year.People begun to see and feel strange things, most of their crops failed,animals disappearing or strangely dying, red mist over the mountains, some even stated to have seen fire raining from the sky,everything was dying and in the end..silence...before the fire.
Things got worse when people began to disappear and villages to the west got burnt to the ground,people began to flee, believing that hell had opened it's gates to devour this world.But there were some who knew what was truly happening. 10000 years ago when Burning Legion first striked on Azeroth a secret group was formed, to find and prevent any threats such as the Burning Legion who had the power to destroy Azeroth, this group is known as The Order, as a descendant of the ancient Titans reign and their mighty work to keep the Order of the Universe.Though most of their numbers have been culled, and many retired, the group still exist and awaits to sound the alarm and call heroes of Azeroth for a new threat against their world has begun to rise. It is now, as Haradon destruction has begun and the burning legion begins it's final attempt to destroy the core of Haradon and crash the world upon Azeroth.
How much will it cost Haradon and the azerothians to keep Azeroth safe?

Entries in this project


This is the general map of the world of Haradon, I thank Skarn for his tutorial which made it possible for me to make this map. This is just a general design but not everything will look like this ingame.Currently the finished zones for the project are: Meadows of Tears, Brimstone, The Mighty Falls and Fogshire.




Even though the Swamps were forbidden, Haradon would act as it pleased it the most, and so politics changed,
aiming for the hidden treasures the land of Swamps could hold, Haradon permitted researches to explore the
Swamps. The unexplored land of Swamps was undoublty rich in herbs, exotic soils and efficient alchemy,
making the Swamps an area of great interest for Haradon. To ease the encumbrance of transportation and
commodity management, Haradon established a trading base at the bottom of Haradon cliffs.
What started as a base turned into a wholly independent town known as Fogshire, in reference to the foggy
atmosphere dominating the area. Its inhabitants are people of Haradon, who've set ground for business and
living. Even though out of Haradon authority, the town has kept good relations with Haradon, focused mainly
on trading alchemical commodities and various herbs. Beside the invading crisis over Haradon, the town still
supply untouched parts of Haradon, with various goods, mainly potions and elixirs.

Drin Mehmeti, Haradon Project






















The Swamps


-The swamps are positioned on the southeastern side of Haradon and are created by the White river which flows through the great fields.Sometimes they're called the Dead Marshes or the Murky Swamps, they form quite a vast land which in the most of it is useless.There are a few towns or villages and with the recent events in Haradon the population has grown tremendously fast.Now these swamps have roads or we could say better roads and checkpoints for the people traveling for trading herbs or other commodities.


The Swamps

...to all the listeners, the Maker spoke
turned its gaze, upon ash and smoke
where man's sin overflowed He wept       Codex: The Maker
flooding and cursing as He left...

-As the Codex mentions, the swamps known today hosted sin and evilness, such that the Maker itself couldn't bear,
thus he cried, wept upon the land, turning the miraculous land into a flooded forsaken marsh, where mankind
would never dare to step again. The marshes were feared and rumored of evil spirits roaming the sinful land,
thus the swamps were never visited by free- folk. Instead, all the people of Haradon who were in a way
unsubdued by the Followers(Worshipers of the Maker) would be cast into the swamps, so that the Maker's
tears would cleanse the sinners. Such were witches, thugs, criminals who were all thrown away into the swamps.
Nowadays the people of Haradon are infested with guilt, considering themselves the causers of the world's
corruption.Thus they now move towards the swamps hoping to be cleansed away from sin, and save the
world they call home.


Drin Mehmeti, Haradon Project.


The Order and Azeroth


-The Legion invasion of Ythtyrax happened a few years before the events in Outland, while the mission for Haradon was planned during these events.The mission was very ambitionus but yet much uncertain.Adjusting the movement of a planet with a device thousand times smaller than the planet's size was considered a mere dream for an engineer.But the now-corrupted leaders of Ythtyrax, under the legion's rule had too much faith in their technology.It was Ramman, the Chief-engineer that planned in detail the mission and it is thought to have convinced the lords of the Legion. Though convicted but not entirely, they sent the Hellspawn Brigades with their commander Bathrak of Hell to accompany and ensure the safety of the operation and the engineers.The Order had some of these informations, it was until the last convoy of enginners arrived in Haradon that the Order understood the real purpose of the machinery but that was too late.
-The Order first set up camps in northern Haradon, in the White Mountains, the safest place but also wouldn't draw attention to the inhabitants of Haradon.But in the time of their arrival Haradon was dying, the land had begun to wither, the populace had left their homes due to failed corps, unhealthy water,some attacks made by the Legion and set way east to the Swamps.According to the locals the first strange signs of the decay of land had begun a year ago.If that is true it means that the machinery needs only eight more months to be energized and send this world to its end.The Order was unable to fight the invaders directly, thus it means was unable to stop the machinery itself, the inhabitants of Haradon the humans of the kingdom of Ywyn which was mainly located in the Great Fields were quite religious and paranoid also, their only explanation for the grim events in Haradon was their "almighty creator" who has come to punish them for their deeds.This is how they explained the infernal strikes from the sky or the withering of life in every corner.With such a short time left and no ally found amongst the inhabitants of Haradon the Order had no options but to seek help from Azeroth, after all Azeroth was what it was all about.The Order sent two of it's members which had some kind of connection to Azeroth.These two were Anniren, a dranei priest thought to be touched by the blessing of the Naaru and Rakura Earthsong which was an orc shaman, native of Draenor.These two first landed in Outland before entering Azeroth through the Dark Portal.Anniren went to the leader which would surely hear her plea, she went to Prophet Velen, except having the same ancestors as the Prophet had Anniren was also a priest and had connections with the Naaru,probably made this connections before the Prophet himself did.Then the Prophet informed and pushed the cause forward to the king.Rakura went directly to the Warchief Thrall. She was a shaman and Thrall could clearly sense her powerful binding with the elements, she was also an orc, but not a fel one and this made Thrall much curious and aware of the dangerous situation. Both the Alliance and the Horde were fighting a war in Northrend against the Lich King, they couldn't afford sending an army to Haradon. After many debates both factions decided to send two units to Haradon, these units were more specalized in defense than in assault because all assault teams were on the frontlines fighting against Arthas and of course had quite limited resourses but these limitations were somewhat covered by The Order.
-The Alliance unit was led by the human general Eldur Whitebane while the Horde unit was led by the forsaken commander Barald Voidblood.These two units first traveled to Outland before landing on Haradon through portals.

Bardh Mehmeti, Haradon Project.


-The Order and Haradon-

-The Order is a universal movement which has no limits in terms of position, race or faction. Is a movement somewhat secret because it is unknown where the center of the movement is, its leader, or the majority of its members. Some think that in the head of this organization lies a Naaru while some others go quite far by believing that the head of this movement is a titan, who has survived from the time of Sargeras and now fights and retaliate against him because of his betrayal.The aim of this movement is to obstruct the Burning Legion in either way to delay or even stop the destruction of the worlds by the might of the Legion's fire.The Order knows that it cannot directly fight the Legion, it cannot be a real threat for it, it cannot be an appropriate opponent but it does know how to fight a different way and that is through the infinite knowledge that it is said the Order possesses.
Members of the Order do not become part of it themselves, they are always invited by it, usually these members are creatures with huge potential and which have the sole purpose of using their abillities and powers to fight against the Legion.Thus we have for example
Maed the Redeemer with his two sisters Anniren and Vyorin who were saved from the fire and destruction that had gripped Argus or Rakura Earthsong, a shaman also saved by the legion in Draenor, besides these four that are closest to Azeroth there are also many other creatures that have never been seen.

-With the losses caused in Outland the Burning Legion will be more careful on where to spend its resourses. With the invasion of the world of Ythtyrax(a planet with great technological development), the legion had it's roads open for further invasions.With the control of Ythtyrax's engineers the legion now could have in it's arsenal the most advanced machineries for its purposes.Such machinery is Ythtyrax Terra Controller L20(L-stands for Legion and 20 stands for the average number of months it requires to gain energy).It was originally made to be placed into mineral-rich asteroids.Placed inside the asteroid the machinery would activate and generate a huge netherostatic field,resulting in colossal forces thus forcing the asteroid to move towards nether lines onto the destination. This machinery is now planned to be moved inside the little world of Haradon, much smaller than Azeroth it provides a great sample for the machinery. The machinery will be placed under the surface of Haradon, when activated it will slowly absorb the energies of the world thus being able to generate the netherostatic field which would make Haradon itself move towards the nether lines which go very near Azeroth and if lucky enough, Haradon will fall upon Azeroth like a giant meteor probably resulting in a mass destruction.The Legion will not directly and massively invade Haradon, because they need its powers, but world will surely suffer a grim fate and a slow decay until it turns into a lifeless world of stone and dust.The machinery will be constructed by Ythtyrax engineers while the dirty job will be done by a demon commander named Bathrak of Hell and his hellspawn brigades.The Legion masters weren't fully convinced of this plan and used very limited resourses.The Order's plan is clear, to stop the activation of the machinery and end the threat of the Legion in Haradon.But it cannot be done alone, Hellspawn Brigades are one of the most dangerous, small in numbers but massive in power and this is how Azeroth  involves itself to once fight for survival.


Bardh Mehmeti, Haradon project



Hey there model changers, this is a another entry for the Haradon project, after a while, this time I show you a village.Hope you like it!

Brimstone three decades ago was a poor village where trade didn't exist because of it's location, it was hidden inside a valley, away from the trade routes and the sight of travellers. But with the discover of precious minerals found in the zones around the village and opening of the copper mine, according to the kingdom's laws the villagers got their profit thus greatly increasing the prosperity of the village.Even though it was in a location far away from the conflicts in the west and bordering the Swamps the signs of corruption were clear,the crops failed totally that year, a change in weather and air was making villagers feel more and more uncomfortable,thus they too joined the exodus to the Deadlands(The Swamps) together with the rest of the folk.





















The Mighty Falls

The White River flows through the main part of Haradon,coming down from the White Mountains in the north, it's importance and the role it played in building the civilization are unquestionable. The White River flows thorugh the fields of Haradon where it make it's "fall" at the border between The Swamps and the Fields creating a few waterfalls,called The Mighty Falls, the name has two concepts, one is for the great waterfalls it creates and the second for this "mighty river" with all it's mightness still falls after the long journey through the fields,the green pastures, farms villages and the main city.
Now that a big partition of Haradon is corrupted the river's importance is even greater, considering it's source, the White Mountains one of the few places left untouched by the legion's corruption the river brings a sense and an enviroment of purity and beauty of what's left autochthonous of Haradon































This is the first part of Haradon, known as Meadows of Tears. Long ago a beautiful field, home to many species, now most of them have disappeared and only fragments of the past remains, a small family lives here, trying to endure the corruption of the land and facing the everyday challenges to survive.