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Around a year ago I red about Pirates of the Caribbean Online and found the game's fate quite sorrowful (good thing is: there is a group of people remaking the game now). Then I remembered all the pirate-themed things in WoW, and there are quite many if you think of it. So I decided it would be an good idea to create an RP server that would unite all the modding possibilities of WoW and the incredibly interesting universe of PotC.

My current goals are to try and re-create the Caribbean in WoW as the new playing environment, to change the combat system, making it more realistic and shwashbucklery, and to introduce a sailing system using vehicle npcs and collision models.


Entries in this project


Inspired by Outlaw rogues, I've added a true pirate pistol and changed the shooting animation accordingly.







Be sure to check out the video:

As you can see, there is no shooting (gunpowder smoke, etc.) effect. The original model has a BowRelease animation (which is also somehow triggered by the AttackRifle animation - I've no idea how this works), and I tried changing it via 010 Editor to LoadThrown(112), but the desired animation does not happen (even though the name in WMV animation list changed correctly). I would appreciate any help with this issue