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This is a revamp of World of Warcraft. It is based not in Azeroth but in a place called Duronar. There will be many new things such as scaling for quests, mobs, gear, yourself, etc  and spells will not be taught, but will be found by exploring, through dungeons/raids, quests, etc as scrolls which you learn. Many more possibilities to come!

Entries in this project


Hello, this is a first glimpse into the second zone for the Duronar project, this is just the alpha and things are likely to change in the future - feel free to leave criticisms (ground effects are being added, just haven't had time yet). Firstly, here is a map to give a rough idea of how the zone is set out:


Here are some early alpha pics:









Plaguewood; or as it was called, Kiriiq, was once a sacred part of Duronar, home to many of the races, living in harmony. All was prosperous and plenty in the land, and many a people called it their home; This however, was before the Necromancer began his foul magics. He found that, using the souls of the dead, he could harness energy to use against others and so began to tinker with life itself - spawning foul and unspeakable creatures that soon began to terrorise the forest. sooner or later, the residents of Kiriiq began to leave, fearful for their lives against the never-ending abominations that arose from the ground. Soon this plague began to spread further north, bringing with it - a horde of undead. Soon the kingdom of Duronar had no choice but the quarantine the area using magic, and to set up defence outposts in order to prevent the spread of the plague; and over time, this once harmonious place has devolved into what it is now, a blight ridden forest that sickens anyone who dares enter it.


so I've decided to start creating the centre-most zone so that it is easier to expand for later on. This is the zone of plaguewood, the once lush forest now turned into a place of rot and decay; where the necromancer plans his foul schemes on duronar.

Here is the map for reference:



Here are some images of the early works of plaguewood: (taken from noggit)








This is the early dev map of the first zone I am creating called Tah'nash Jungle. I have decided for go for the landmarks first, with Farcrest Guard being one of the main bases. I am making this post to ask for feedback on the rocks I've created - I wanted to go for the rocks in Draenor. Any feedback appreciated :).




Hello, sorry i haven't been active in a while, had a lot of work to do recently. As there as been some conflict of how my original map looked like Bardh's Haradon map, I have seen the similarities and have changed it accordingly. The map if fully revamped, iv'e got a lot of fresh ideas but of course sticking the choose any leveling zone theme (go to any zone in any order). I have also somewhat revamped the story from last time.


Heorin Glades - this is the somewhat plain area of Duronar, it used to be the thriving part of the continent, with many of the people prospering in the natural good that came - rich soil, many jobs although recently, this place has seen loss as the lingering threat of the necromancer has shifted its way closer to its shores. Vash'galan forces have been sent with increasing numbers and people are beginning to leave and worry about the future of the place.

Merenir Foothills - this as suggested in the title, is a foothill, much like Hillsbrad foothills in the original wow. The main threat to this area is from the caves deep below the earth, where dark creatures reside - most mines have been forced to close and the area is loosing its once immense wealth.

Mount Kahlgan - this snowy peak of Duronar has been isolated from the "main-land" for a while, banned from the rest of the land due to the people experimenting with foul necromancy and fel magics. the place while mostly intact has seen massive legion influence, as a possible landing spot to reek havoc in Duronar.

Eldreth forest - A once peaceful forest, home to many races in harmony - the necromancers plague as poisoned its once virtuous beauty, tarnished it with a foul plague that has spread up into the forest through the waters - poisoning the plants and animals.

Plaguewood - This place, one a part of Eldreth, is now the core of the Necromancers corruption in northern Duronar, the once peaceful place is now a breeding ground for foul creatures and necromancy.

Tah'nash Jungle - the source of all the steel in the land, this dense jungle has seen threat from a clan wishing to seek war on the rest of the world, taking control of the mighty steel volcano of Drahk.

The swamps - This foul land rests in the low-land of Duronar, with the land and many islands separated by thick, putrid water. Many people try to start homes here but foul creatures from the sea have moved to reclaim their land. 

The Wastes - this is a place (like Plaguewood) infected in a plague, but this is the plague of sand. All vegetation and grass has turned into sand and dust which has made most of this desolate plain inhabitable to humanoid creatures, although ancient evils have awoken and wish to raise an army...








-firstly, in the northern peak of Duronar, you can see it is coloured gray and has may mountains on it, This is quite obviously the snowy area of which for the time being I am calling 'Thelgenheim'. The main story behind this area is about the king of the dwarves (Erik Blightbeard) wishes to claim the power of Vryonhyin 'the god of thunder and rock' and with the help of 'The Necromancer' (will get onto him) are trying to open a breach to the god realm and sap him of his energy. In the future, I can see the capital city of the dwarves (Stoneholme - city in the mountain) as the first released raid, and how you need to try and stop him.

-Secondly, the light grass are at the time are just called 'The Plains' (changing in the future). This area is a nice and peaceful area where many races sprawl in the endless hills it offers. Although there is a sinister side as a dark force which lurks from the caves beneath threatens it's innocence.

-Next, the darker green to the bottom left is at the time called 'Silvertongue forest' and is like 'The Plains' a peaceful zone but the threat with this one is far worse. A person by the name of 'The Necromancer' wishes to spread the corruption across the forest like he has done with the rest of southern Duronar.

-The really dark green to the right of 'Silvertongue forest' is called for the time being - 'Corrupted Forest'. The name sums the zone really, the land has been corrupted by 'The Necromancer' which has resulted in foul beings such as large spiders, and undead plaguing the area.

-The yellow part in the bottom is called 'The Dreaded wastes' and is also a result of 'The Necromancer' who after starting a plague in the river, turned all dead into sand which grew/multiplied - eventually turning what was a lush wonderland into a desolate plain where all die.

-The browny green area to the right of 'The Plains' and 'Silvertongue forest' lies what is at the moment called just 'Swamp' and as the title suggests in a murky bog/swamp which lies in Duronar's low land which has had trouble with creatures from the oceans and from the fungus and moss trying to reclaim what has been covered by other races.

-South of the 'Swamp' lies what I call at the moment 'BC island' because the premise of this place is that the burning legion have landed and have taken over a small island of the coast of Duronar to prepare for an invasion of the highlands. This could also perhaps be a raid in the future.

-Finally, far to the right of mainland Duronar shows to islands which are being sucked in by what seems to be a portal. This is at the moment called 'Necromancer isle' as this is where 'The Necromancer' now resides. I could also see this being a small leveling area as well as a raid in the future.

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