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Hi guys. It has been a while since I truly worked on any kind of project. I've left RP server I founded in the summer 2015 after 2 years of leading it and I miss working on things. I've done a few commissions and a commission I'm now preparing for involves a lot of custom WMO work, as its going to be an instance. I want to create some new, personal project, I also want to make that WMO involving commision worth every single cent which I'm paid with (so I want to get needed experience first) and I also want to have a set of buildings which are a little bit more realistic than WoW ones, have transparent windows, multiple rooms, are fully passable (so you can enter keep's tower and get to its top, get to the top of castle walls and so on) and in general more friendly especially for RP projects out there.

So, I've got to ask myself - why can't I do all things I want to do at once? There's no real reason - I can do all of that at once. I've decided to create a set of WMOs which will get larger and larger over time. Those WMOs will be created for WotLK, but I guess they will work fine for newer expansions as well, and they will use mainly WoD garrison textures. They will be fully passable, will have fireplaces and chimneys (actually ABOVE those fireplaces and going through building levels, sorry Blizzard, you sometimes suck hard at things like this) and will have transparent windows (at the moment they are slightly bugged but we'll see what we can do about that, hopefully). I'll also intentionally keep those models simple and fairly low-poly, not (just) because of performance, but actually because I can't afford to spend too much time doing them. I'll get needed experience while doing these WMOs and I'll also be able to use those buildings for my new personal project in the future.

I have been doing WoW modding for more than 4 years now. You guys were and are amazing. You've got good ideas, great feedback, you can be supportive and you can teach me a lot. I can teach you a lot now, too, but even while doing so, I am able to learn new things myself - just by actually teaching them. I will release these buildings, for free, so you can use them, just please, list me in some list of contributors to your project - thats all I ask of you.

And one last thing. I've decided to create an english YT channel. Some of you guys have already watched by czech videos and even those who don't understand czech language like them and I'm kept being asked, if I can't make an english translation. So, I've decided to finally do so. Thats all from me, consider this as one Christmas gift to you, (mostly) lovely community. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and hopefully, enjoy future WMO releases.


To download current release, follow this link:

To go through screenshots, take a look at project entries.

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I've made these walls actually quite some time ago, but I didn't intend to release them until I finish towers for them. Seeing how unlikely it is for me to finish those towers in reasonable amount of time, I have decided to release at least walls, for now. You can get an updated version of my WMO pack here.:





I've created a single, small building, which I have extended later. So, in the end, there are actually 4 versions of that building, every single one is a little bit different. Keep on mind that that high stone lower part of the building and these stairs leading towards its entrance are there to make spawning of these buildings on angled terrain more simple and less restrictive - for example WoD buildings must stand on nearly perfect plane, which I find very limiting and unlikable. However, noone forces you to actually spawn those buildings with entrances so high above the terrain.

Those buildings don't have cellars, mainly because I simply haven't kept in mid while I was doing them that a cellar might be a near and requested feature. Cellars will appear in later model sets. There are 4 buildings in the first release.:

  1. Just a simple building, with one room.
  2. 2nd level was added, with stairs leading to it.
  3. The same as #2, but this one has also one extra side room, which can be used for storing stuff or whatever.
  4. This one lacks #3's extra side room, but it gets neat tower (with interior properly modelled, like I said - everything will be passable) and a balcony, so some luxury over there!

All buildings need a revamp by using newer version of WMO addon and fix of their windows. I'll get it done... eventually.


You can download an up to date version of my WMO pack here.: