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First set of buildings



I've created a single, small building, which I have extended later. So, in the end, there are actually 4 versions of that building, every single one is a little bit different. Keep on mind that that high stone lower part of the building and these stairs leading towards its entrance are there to make spawning of these buildings on angled terrain more simple and less restrictive - for example WoD buildings must stand on nearly perfect plane, which I find very limiting and unlikable. However, noone forces you to actually spawn those buildings with entrances so high above the terrain.

Those buildings don't have cellars, mainly because I simply haven't kept in mid while I was doing them that a cellar might be a near and requested feature. Cellars will appear in later model sets.

#1 - Just a simple building, with one room.

#2 - 2nd level was added, with stairs leading to it.

#3 - The same as #2, but this one has also one extra side room, which can be used for storing stuff or whatever.

#4 - This one lacks #3's extra side room, but it gets neat tower (with interior properly modelled, like I said - everything will be passable) and a balcony, so some luxury over there!

All 4 buildings might be a subject of change. I want to fix that transparency bug on windows, maybe I'll change a geometry a little bit and maybe someone will actually force me to divide interior geoset by rooms (right now there is always just one huge interior - not a proper way of doing this, at least not by Blizzard standarts). There are also no doodad sets.










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