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Lore 1.Haradon-The Order and Haradon



-The Order and Haradon-

-The Order is a universal movement which has no limits in terms of position, race or faction. Is a movement somewhat secret because it is unknown where the center of the movement is, its leader, or the majority of its members. Some think that in the head of this organization lies a Naaru while some others go quite far by believing that the head of this movement is a titan, who has survived from the time of Sargeras and now fights and retaliate against him because of his betrayal.The aim of this movement is to obstruct the Burning Legion in either way to delay or even stop the destruction of the worlds by the might of the Legion's fire.The Order knows that it cannot directly fight the Legion, it cannot be a real threat for it, it cannot be an appropriate opponent but it does know how to fight a different way and that is through the infinite knowledge that it is said the Order possesses.
Members of the Order do not become part of it themselves, they are always invited by it, usually these members are creatures with huge potential and which have the sole purpose of using their abillities and powers to fight against the Legion.Thus we have for example
Maed the Redeemer with his two sisters Anniren and Vyorin who were saved from the fire and destruction that had gripped Argus or Rakura Earthsong, a shaman also saved by the legion in Draenor, besides these four that are closest to Azeroth there are also many other creatures that have never been seen.

-With the losses caused in Outland the Burning Legion will be more careful on where to spend its resourses. With the invasion of the world of Ythtyrax(a planet with great technological development), the legion had it's roads open for further invasions.With the control of Ythtyrax's engineers the legion now could have in it's arsenal the most advanced machineries for its purposes.Such machinery is Ythtyrax Terra Controller L20(L-stands for Legion and 20 stands for the average number of months it requires to gain energy).It was originally made to be placed into mineral-rich asteroids.Placed inside the asteroid the machinery would activate and generate a huge netherostatic field,resulting in colossal forces thus forcing the asteroid to move towards nether lines onto the destination. This machinery is now planned to be moved inside the little world of Haradon, much smaller than Azeroth it provides a great sample for the machinery. The machinery will be placed under the surface of Haradon, when activated it will slowly absorb the energies of the world thus being able to generate the netherostatic field which would make Haradon itself move towards the nether lines which go very near Azeroth and if lucky enough, Haradon will fall upon Azeroth like a giant meteor probably resulting in a mass destruction.The Legion will not directly and massively invade Haradon, because they need its powers, but world will surely suffer a grim fate and a slow decay until it turns into a lifeless world of stone and dust.The machinery will be constructed by Ythtyrax engineers while the dirty job will be done by a demon commander named Bathrak of Hell and his hellspawn brigades.The Legion masters weren't fully convinced of this plan and used very limited resourses.The Order's plan is clear, to stop the activation of the machinery and end the threat of the Legion in Haradon.But it cannot be done alone, Hellspawn Brigades are one of the most dangerous, small in numbers but massive in power and this is how Azeroth  involves itself to once fight for survival.


Bardh Mehmeti, Haradon project


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