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  2. After Release Updates - Patch 1.3

    No unfortunately. I keep a backup only when I'm making the updates to the newer version. When new one is done and works fine I delete the old. No need to keep it since all files are included plus the new additions.
  3. Lets get Foxy hehe

    So I turned Armored brown bear into Fox mount that was given in the patch by Poisonleaf. (love the mounts) Was wondering if it was possible to change the name of the mount? Thank you <3    
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  5. After Release Updates - Patch 1.3

    Hello! Do you have the previous version of the mod (1.2)? I like your mods and appreciatey your work, but I dont like the new character models, and the old one don't have them. Regards, Zen'ghar
  6. Every M2 object from Cata till Legion (3.3.5a)

    Great release thank you so much This is really helpful when creating zones and other places. <3
  7. Last week
  8. I use M2ModRedux to convert M2, which works well
  9. Legion > Wotlk Multi Converter

    Has the latest 8.0 converter been updated?I can pay for it
  10. does this work for .blp ? if so how do I do it?
  11. [HELP] Porting Vulpera

    but how i can paint it?
  12. The Silverpine Memorial by the Prophecy RP Team. The Silverpine Memorial is located in western Silverpine. This memorial was originally a graveyard for those who had to be hastily buried during the conflicts of the Second War. Now, with King Terenas' grace it has been turned into a memorial site for all the unknown dead and those who could not be buried with their ancestors because of the Second War conflicts.   We're always open to criticisms, if you see something you don't like or think of a way we can improve let us know! Want to help? Contact Valaryon#6825 on Discord or on!
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  23. Legion Tier 20>TBC Tier 6

      Friend how you put the tier20 in tbc I can not put it to wotlk I get a square in the head will not let me.
  24. Ah =( Was looking for years for ADT converter vanilla>wotlk and back. 
  25. Hi ! The Java ADTConverter is an old program that converts LK ADTs to Cataclysm ones. It was very useful during Cataclysm times, but I think it's pretty outdated now. And Gillijim Project is an alpha (2003 one) > LK ADT converter.
  26. Hey! Noticed that you have some ADTConveter tree in your repository. Interesting what is it?
  27. Writing converters is generally a wrong approach. A direct exporter  needs to be made, this way you are safe from rotation issues and similar stuff. I’ve no such issues so far with the direct export / import addon I am working on. 
  28. Hi ! Seems like someone had the same approach as I did on m2 conversions. I've also had issues on rotations, it's probably the hardest part of the project. Gratz on managing full armatures, I didn't go that far (too lazy, haha xD)... but someone could easily add that part and make the project full blown for the community My project is here (Python, free, GPL) :
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