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  2. What Are You Working On?

    WIP Allied-races for 7.2.5 and their own animations, with the help of Inico.    
  3. Downporting creature models

    [deleted because this is false]
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  5. spellxspellvisual.db2

    hey there, i'm new here and registered to find a model edit for druid cat form model edit for 3.3.5a patch. Can you help me by any chance?
  6. spellxspellvisual.db2

    Does anyone know how i can load this db2 file ? I mean right now the only possiblity is to use the arctium launcher to load custom files. However for some reason everything except for this db file works perfectly. That basically means i cant change my damn spell animations if anyone knows how to fix this or know of a another way to change spell animations on retail right now. Feel free to tell me about it   :))
  7. .skel template

    In 7.3.2 (live) only the lightforged draenei model uses skel files. In 7.3.5 (ptr) all character models use skel files.
  8. .skel template

    for 7.3.2 as well ? or only when the ptr patch goes live ?
  9. Exiled-Republic:Into The Void

    From the now combined team known as Exiled-Republic, we present to you the into the void expansion!  This expansion concept is made by GoldenYak, and all rights go to him! Using 3.3.5 base expansion. The discovery of a Titan well of power in the Eastern Kingdoms unleashes a cataclysmic peril upon Azeroth and begins an adventure that will call for the world's mightiest defenders to venture... Into The Void. Server info:  - Level cap increased to level 90 - New Playable Class: Void Caller - New Playable Race: Ethereals - 9 New zones - New Dungeons and Raids - Guild Leveling System (100% Complete) - Controlled Hero PVP (Control your favorite Hero and fight with them in PVP) - 40% - Ring Of Heroes (Fight against your favorite wow npc's in an arena!) - 55% - Guild Zone PVP - Guild Garrison (And many more) The Map : This is the map, as you can see nine new zones. M'Kossei Province (Starter Zone) - A fragment of the ethereal homeworld of K'aresh, used by the ethereal as a home base. K'aresh Remnants - This fragment of K'aresh contains the ethereal capitol city of Or'Damaz. It's gleaming spires are surrounded by forested lands whose beauty yet endures the Void's ravages. Neutral The Algol Expanse - This howling wasteland of floating glaciers and chaotic ice planes holds terrible secrets in the depths of its frozen crevasses. Neutral Rakari - The craggy forested peaks of this realm are battered by constant gales and storms due to elemental instability. Murky lowland canyons are infested with hives of the vile myrmec race, who worship an evil power in their subterranean lairs. Neutral The Netherglades - A verdant, swampy jungle-realm, with rainbow-shimmering foliage and darkly beautiful inner regions. The realm's abundant life energy holds back the devouring entropy of the Void. Neutral Nachitar - Formerly a mountainous world of beautiful golden forests and striking dark stone peaks, the presence of the Burning Legion threatens to finally destroy it. Neutral Vegathis - A strange and frightful desert region of blood red dunes and ancient ruins, where crumbling, eternally burning undead scheme. Neutral Bysmault - Manifestations of the most profound Void walk freely here in this storm-wracked nightmare realm. Much of this realm is locked away behind the massive Void fortress of Darkvault. Neutral Gornoth (PvP) - This black canyon blisters with Void volcanoes, spilling out blazing energies amidst the ancient ruins of a forgotten race. The Alliance and the Horde clash over who will control the untapped powers of the region. We update changelogs and progressions daily/weekly to keep everyone always updated so we can get instant feedback! We are heavy on suggestions and things people want to be implemented into the server. Please join the discord,  go to the suggestions and add in your input to make our server great! New Discord Link: Forums: : We are partnered with the creator of BlizzCMS, so the website is updated reguarly as he expands the project. Website:   What We Need C++ Developer (1/2): You will help design new systems and update and implement new features into the server. Lua Developer (0/1): GUI, Addons Login Screen, AIO, ETC Noggit Dev (Needed Mostly) - You will help design custom maps, instances and etc. SQL Developer (2/4): You will make bosses, NPCs, and work overall with different databases and provide whats needed in the game. DBC Editor (0/1) - (Self Explanatory).  To be part of our team you will undergo a inspection in whats known as the "Staff Trial" by our team. What we ask for more than anything is dedication. 
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  11. .skel template

    Character animations, attachments and bones are stored inside .skel files since 7.3.5.
  12. Downporting creature models

    I think there is issue with .skin files
  13. .skel template

    what are .skel files ?? 
  14. Downporting creature models

    I can't get the converter to work Edit: nevermind, i just needed the .skin and .anim files to get it working. Edit2: The model is still invisible, i used Adspartan's converter and then Koward's converter. I also directly exported from blender without changing the meshes. Edit3: I tried to downport the model with Koward's converter and then port it back to legion but it still comes out invisible.
  15. Downporting creature models

    I don't think this script converts TO legion, does it? I imagine your models are invisible because all of them were converted to cata. Try Koward's java m2 converter, you can set the expansion there
  16. .skel template

    since this is based on the repository, please make a pull request to contribute back to it.
  17. Am I being stupid I can’t see the links for the downloads 😂😂
  18. Version 0.0.2


    Thanks to schlumpf for the help .skel template for Legion, that's all, have fun
  19. WoWScrnShot_121017_011149.jpg

    Thanks for reminding me that! It looks a bit empty, but I think is because I couldn't apply some red shaders properly and adding some smoke or gas would make it better! Thanks for the feedback!
  20. I'm looking for 1-2 people for some minor WoD/Legion experimenting. Anyone interested? :) 

    1. lululalaland


      you mean retail or some sandbox or private server... ?


    2. Krysík


      More like sandbox

    3. MrXJKz


      Discord Jok#9412 we will discuss about your experiment

  21. WoWScrnShot_121017_011149.jpg

    You could try to add some orange-red like cloud gas (try the steam cloud from the MoP Isle of Thunder and recolour it), but as always nice work, keep it up!  Yet I wonder how would this look like in WoD or Legion
  22. Downporting creature models

    I tried upconverting with  but the model is invisible Edit: Sorry that i'm bothering you with this so much, but i really need to know how to do it correctly.
  23. WoWScrnShot_121017_011221.jpg

    From the album Tales of Time

    © Bardh

  24. WoWScrnShot-121017-011208.jpg

    From the album Tales of Time

    © Bardh

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