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  2. Custom WMO's Survival Kit

    @Funkybeatz File link updated
  3. Strange shadow bug

    If you will find it, put it here. Or mb Adspartan will make a new version of converter soon. 
  4. Strange shadow bug

    Not only Legion, it concerns almost all ported Models (M2/WMO). It's a converter / porting bug, there was a solution in the past on modcraft but I don't find it atm.
  5. Strange shadow bug

    Not only high mountain trees. It's almost all legion trees.
  6. After release updates:

    We has an update. Finalized all PvP mounts and distinguished them from the normal mount looks. Finished Zul'Gurub armors. Still haven't manage to bypass the last 3 armor T19 bugs.  Soon i'll update the download link Uthil out!
  7. Noggit, only save one Map Tile?

    Ok, got it! Then I will quickly create a "Save All Loaded" Function and assign every Teammember a unique Range of UIDs :).
  8. Noggit, only save one Map Tile?

    You will end up with issues of having the same UID used twice, rather than duplication. Also objects on ADT borders will be missing collision on one of them. In the end, just have someone save all tiles once a week or so and stuff will be fine again. To avoid UID-duplication, you can have a non-synced 63_63 ADT in the folder with a different (large) UID per designer. That way, Noggit will use that one as smallest rather than the same for everyone.
  9. Noggit, only save one Map Tile?

    Adspartan will get back the "Save only Current ADT" in the future ;). (Source: #modcraft IRC Chat) I tested it now in different Ways, there are no duplicates. Also it could be a possibility to do the "Remove Duplicate Models" routine at saving only 1 ADT (Not tested) for 100% safety. Even if you spawn a M2 (UniqueID: 740) on ADT 1_2 an lay it over to 1_1 and just save ADT 1_2, close Map, reopen the Map an place a M2 on ADT 1_1 it gets a UniqueID of 741. So I expect no duplicates in the future.
  10. Noggit, only save one Map Tile?

    Especially if saving of neighbours is no longer needed, this might be a neat feature for the future. Sometimes, for various reasons, we simply don't want to make any edits to some ADTs and being able to simply lock them to ensure they won't get saved and thus edited in any way would be simple to implement, yet useful. Even possibility to actually block them from even being LOADED might be usefull, too, when some ADTs crashes a Noggit but we still want to attempt some edits around them.
  11. Noggit, only save one Map Tile?

    Okay mate, I will do that ;).
  12. Noggit, only save one Map Tile?

    I fixed all the duplications a while ago, if you notice a situation where they still will duplicate, please message me (PM or in skype, i think we still have us in skype )
  13. Custom WMO's Survival Kit

    I don't want to use MirrorMachineQT. I just wanted to add new custom Doodadsets to existing Blizzard WMOs
  14. Custom WMO's Survival Kit

    This tutorial is outdated. Do not use MirrorMachineQT
  15. [WiP]WoD Retro porting to Classic WoW 1.12

    Hey can you PM me it too, that sounds really interesting. Is it the old BE model or new one? Either way it sounds cool.
  16. There is already one guy from my server that he actually port the blood elves from TBC to vanilla. And you can choose to replace a specific race  or all. Ill try find his topic and pm you.
  17. Custom WMO's Survival Kit

    MODRChunk file is down...
  18. Noggit, only save one Map Tile?

    You're right, but with a organized Team it's possible and for our Aims it's a perfect way. Well, I will look into the Source where I can change it for my purpose. //DONE: Work's fine, no M2/WMO duplication at the moment
  19. Noggit, only save one Map Tile?

    Even with this function is editing neighbouring ADTs in multiple people quite risky, especially when it comes to any sort of terrain edits. I can't recommend doing so at all. I would never actually work on any kind of map with anyone else, only if it was a really big map, where this wouldn't be an issue anyway. By saving ADTs one by one you are also very likely to forget some. When that happens, you won't have to just do everything on that ADT again, you will also need to fix any gaps in terrain or sharp lines in textures and similiar stuff, which makes this even more annoying. Trust me, I remember days where saving just one ADT I was on the only option, and I hated it with my whole being, because this was happening to me all the time. So overall, saving just one ADT (or multiple ADTs, but one by one) is a very bad idea. I am not a Noggit dev, so I don't really determine wheter it should be implemented even while being very questionable overall anyway. What might work would be locking some ADTs so changes done to them won't be saved.
  20. Noggit, only save one Map Tile?

    There is an actual need... I'm working with 3 to 4 People on one Map, synced with a Cloud (ADTs are stored in a Folder which WoW is loading) and when I work on Maptile 0_1 and an other Person on 0_2 we can't save only the ADT we're working on. So one Work is definitely lost, except we work with a long Distance between the ADTs... That's the Problem why I'm asking ;).
  21. Noggit, only save one Map Tile?

    1. saving isn't bugged. There's a system of saving all ADTs which are neighbours of ADTs you have edited. It was implemented to (help) avoid model duplication bugs. 2. that neighbour ADTs are saved doesn't mean that they are somehow modified, if you haven't really touched them. So whats a deal anyway? 3. nothing, and noone, prevents you from simply deleting unwanted ADTs from your Noggit's project's folder, or from simply not placing them into your game client's custom patch.   So there's no actual need for saving just one ADT. It would be useful when someone edits multiple ADTs and then realizes that he wants to keep some of them unchanged, but that can also be done - by using backup versions of those ADTs, for example from your game client's patch ;). Since model duplication bugs were fixed, I think it (maybe) could be possible to return saving only one ADT function, for not saving unwanted changes and avoid hassle I've described in this last paragraph, though.
  22. [WiP]WoD Retro porting to Classic WoW 1.12

    Question: Is it possible for the vanilla blood elf models (basically just night elf reskins) to be changed to the actual blood elf models from retail/tbc? If so, then how (since I do not want to ask someone to make a patch, unless they'd want to)?  Just noting that I do love your work Uthil! Changes the way the game feels slightly to as if I'm almost playing retail, but a good version!
  23. Noggit, only save one Map Tile?

    It is supposed to only save tiles that are changed. Please make an issue on the repository with reproduction steps.
  24. Noggit, only save one Map Tile?

    Where's the problem with saving all files when they are unchanged?
  25. What Are You Working On?

    I'm currently making my portfolio, I'm no 3D expert unfortunately but made this video added it like game design, I'm mainly web but want to get a job with games something. Its a gurubashi mod, I've got the 335 patch for this tried activating it on retail last year lol, now my hunter(thats his statue:p) is eternally trapped in some wow error lmao   
  26. Noggit, only save one Map Tile?

    Yes,  but it saves also Adts I haven't changed. I think its a little bit buggy
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