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  2. [UPDATED] Problems with swapping Humans to old Goblins (3.3.5)

    That is indeed the conclusion I too have come to. However, isn't CharSection.dbc a server-side file? Messing with that would probably make it impossible for me to play on any private server using aforementioned race.  As for creating BLPs, I have also tried that, but you can see the end result here: In regards to your last suggestion. Since I have never done anything of the sort before, could you help me out with a couple of pointers for beginners?
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  4. [UPDATED] Problems with swapping Humans to old Goblins (3.3.5)

    Goblins before cata have no faces. So you cant find them. What we see here are the faces of the races that u switch. This explaine also the missing head parts on some . Wow still think it use the old model and make something invisible that should be invisible on the old. You could now edit the charsection.dbc or make alot of new blp´s or you edit the model that there is just one hardcoded texture.  
  5. Add new hairstyle in Legion

    Is there anyway to maybe reupload the Video? I would really love to try that
  6. Harid bug in the yelm

  7. Last week
  8. Harid bug in the yelm

    This is set in HelmetGeosetVisData and referenced in ItemDisplayInfo
  9. Harid bug in the yelm

    Hello again, in the other post, I forgotten say something about this bug, will the pictures talk by self
  10. After renaming all Goblin .blp's, .anim's and .m2's to Human and changing the models of the latter to 831 & 832 (the Goblin male and female models) in CreatureDisplayInfo.dbc, it turns out everything works fine except their heads, which as seen in the pictures below, are either black or are using the texture of another race. How do textures in World of Warcraft become black and how could I fix this particular error?   PS: My patch: patch-4.mpq EDIT: I have also tried swapping Forest and Ice Trolls with some other default races and they all work just fine. Upon further research, I've noticed their texture files seem to include both "FaceLower" and "FaceUpper", which the Goblins do not have. And that simply implies the Trolls do have faces whereas the Goblins do not, hence why they appear this way in-game. To resolve the issue now, I would require the Goblin faces, but there are absolutely none to begin with. Everything to do with the Goblins can only ever be found in Common.MPQ and Common2.MPQ, yet none of that comes with their faces. Where could I obtain them from?
  11. WoWScrnShot_041018_200410.jpg

    the strange thing is that I tracked them with notepad++, but even though I have all the .blp files required still some textures are shown in green. But thanks for trying to help me.
  12. Ok, where I can delete those references. Can you be more detailed in that please. Thanks for this info  by the way.
  13. WoWScrnShot_041018_200410.jpg

    track down texture name with hex editing programm & add them
  14. [WiP]WoD Retro porting to Classic WoW 1.12

    The animation bugs are due to the key bones, remove all key bone references < 26.
  15. Stormwind Skychaser and Orgrimmar Interceptor to Wotlk

    How to add them like mount ?
  16. Well I havent evert removed the 8 bytes from the .anim files but the issue appeared first time in Legion 7.2 patch, were the changes appear. Wungasaurus Im not going to try much, since Im downporting to vanilla not sure if all things will work as intended on LK version, plus we dont have much info about vanilla models as we do on WotLK. Now, since weapon is in good position in hands but appear weird in char back well it is as it is, no worries. In the end I might delete the weapon replacement tho thanks for the info.
  17. What Are You Working On?

  18. Weight Transferring

    Is it at all possible for one to use a proximity weight transfer when it comes to mixing race hairstyles. I want to add allied race hairstyles to base race models, more specifically the void elf hairstyles to blood elf model. I want the smooth transition in weights that the void elf model provides, but the armature has 252 bones in comparison to the 292 of the blood elf model, meaning I can't copy the weights exactly. Is there a feature to transfer weights from one armature to another if the bones are in the exact same location? I'm using blender 2.78.   I know you can do a plain old weight transfer to an existing hairstyle, but it doesn't give me the same smooth weights that I'm looking for. Or is there at least any way I can transfer a weight from bone X to bone Y, specifically?
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  20. [WiP]WoD Retro porting to Classic WoW 1.12

    Maybe a bad idea to start with it, but i still have to do it . If not, all emotes end in fucked up model and crash. But as i write this, i see it was a dumb idea because, .anim just have emotes and not stand or walk.. ^^ Anyway i had here and there the issue that the model playbackspeed is wrong. And rly rar that the play length was wrong. I try around on the length and use mostly 150 at speed. Or maybe it is a problem with the "next animation" hard to say. Just some ideas. At last dont forget this are beta files and some have still alot of issue.
  21. Rigging Issue

    The faces too much, Try to collapse to less than 20,000.  
  22. [WiP]WoD Retro porting to Classic WoW 1.12

    The lastest M2+anim files are no longer "fixed" by removing "the 8 bytes", which was a horribly stupid idea to begin with. These things exist because they have a meaning. Removing stuff is pretty much never going to fix shit. This is unlikely to result in animations freezing until a sequence change is triggered. Yet, weapons being on wrong positions during sheath is not a M2 issue but rather one from extended systems from newer client versions where there are offsets in addition to M2 based attachments based on item type etc, making the M2 based root attachment (i.e. 0,0,0 of the item being in hand and middle of back) no longer static meaning 0,0,0 is in hand, but not in middle of back. This afaik is "new tech" and can't really be done in 3.3.5a. I might be wrong though.
  23. [WiP]WoD Retro porting to Classic WoW 1.12

    You fix the stuff in the .anim file with the 8 byte? If yes it is maybe something in m2 with the playbackspeed or anything else there?!
  24. Bug chest textures patch 7.0.3 to 3.5.5

    Muchas gracias, thanks :3
  25. Bug chest textures patch 7.0.3 to 3.5.5

    I need to make for the other parts :C
  26. Bug chest textures patch 7.0.3 to 3.5.5

    Photoshop>Image->Mode->Indexed Color
  27. Bug chest textures patch 7.0.3 to 3.5.5

    Yep, how you made that?
  28. Bug chest textures patch 7.0.3 to 3.5.5

    Try this torsouppertexture.rar
  29. Hello, I try to put this model chest in my server 3.5.5 but when I make all the things to add this, in the game the chest is green, I don´t how to fix that problem, can anybody help me? When I make the same for other models it works, but whit this model no e.e Here some pictures  
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