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  2. WMO Editor crash

    At the wmo tab choose the doodadset you want and the it will be loaded. All the paths to wow folder and to modelviewer log could be changed at the user preferences>addons
  3. WMO Editor crash

    No need, I updated blender to 2.78c and it works fine now. However, I don't see the doodads when I load the wmo. Is there a tutorial on how to change those settings (e.g. wow path) properly?
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  5. WMO Editor crash

    Do you have Skype or  Discord? I am afraid, I won't be able to tell what's going on remotely.
  6. WMO Editor crash

    I'm using blender 2.78b and the latest version of the addon (just downloaded from github)
  7. WMO Editor crash

    Of course, I am sure, I developed it... This error is weird. Make sure you're using the recent distribution of Blender and the proper version of addon.
  8. bQMD2y.jpg

    From the album Work

    Hello everyone.I'm trying to recreate the left image into wow.I would like some advices and help on doing this.Thanks
  9. WMO Editor crash

    I found it on github, but I get an error when I try to enable the addon Also, I remember having used it some time ago, and I don't think it included doodad editing. Are you sure it does now?
  10. WMO Editor crash

    You can use Blender addon for WMOs. Look it up on github.
  11. WoWScrnShot_062017_205143.jpg

    The meadow looks lovely
  12. WMO Editor crash

    open the wmo in 010 replace the m2 you don't want with spell\invisible.m2 I think that what it cold but you need to check    
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  14. WMO Editor crash

    Another problem with wmo editor: I used to be perfectly able to load big wmos (such as Stormwind, Undercity, etc.) with WMO editor, but now it keeps giving me the "System.IO.FileNotFoundException", even though the file is clearly present in the MPQ archive.' Could someone help me deal with this issue, or at least suggest another tool/way to remove unwanted doodads from a WMO?
  15. Medivh the Guardian

    Magus Medivh has returned to protect Azeroth, and with a brand-new (HotS ripoff) skin!
  16. First set of buildings

    Great Buldings.. i Like the Models
  17. Medivh model reimport problem

    I uploade it for you New folder.rar
  18. Medivh model reimport problem

    I can swear I saw it here recently, but I can't find it anymore. Do you happen to have a link?
  19. Medivh model reimport problem

    try the updated m2mod Roccus found it work great with legion models
  20. Medivh model reimport problem


    but with portable mysql its like or having a repack its easier and faster to move or share your server but also your opinion is good

    Why? There is no reason for doing that. Most of MySQL table editors just give possibility to copy whole database to different connection - which is process which takes up to few minutes. And the rest of editors at least give possibility to export SQL dump and then import it to other database server.   This is kind of question which should be Googled, and its question related to editor piccolodmq is using, because each of them call such things in different manner and have them accessible in different toolbars/menus. But nearly every one of them does have such functionalities.     Just Google "SQLYog copy database to different host", replace SQLYog with editor you are using. Done.

    next time you better use portable MySQL

    If you're using MySQL Workbench, open your connection there and go to Server > Data Export. Then select all the schemas/databases/things and choose "Export to Self-Contained File" below. On your computer, create a new connection with similar properties, and do Server > Data Import > Import from Self-Contained File
  25. My RPH Characters gear

  26. My RPH Characters gear

    Oh my
  27. My RPH Characters gear

    I said man and gay is not a man male maybe but not man
  28. My RPH Characters gear

    Nice texture painting! Did you make a male alternative as well? THIS, by the way.
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