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  1. Last week

    Hi there again.I retroported the Broken Isles, with almost all textures and WMO working, but I am having troubles getting the Ground Clutter Effects working.I got it to work on Draenor, using this guide from Anthony a while back. &t=98s , Basically you use a Tool (that I can not longer find), to manually Retroport NODTX files that contain the Ground Effects files.   Put them back on the Patch. And use DBC's from Legion and Wod, with dooad info (GroundEffectDoodad.dbc  and GroundEffectTexture.dbc), wich I also had.   Since I didnt had the old tool mentioned in the tutorial I used for Draenor, I used this new tool wich is more up to date, and capable of doing Legion and WOD again, it didnt work for Legion.   Could someone help?   If I get everything to work.  I could release it as a complete work here. GROUND CLUTTER) SHADOWS)
  3. Cata+ Geffects for WOTLK DBCs

    Sorry to necro this.   I retroported, the Broken Isles.   But coudnt get the GroundEffects, to work.   I used this Multiconverter, to get the GroundEffects to work...  with no luck.   Could you happen to know if something else needs to be done?
  4. Legion > Wotlk Multi Converter

    Have a huge wow error when i try to use this model converted by your script @Adspartan, does wod alpha files not compatible ? (Wow error data)
  5. Hello guys, I'm working on an HD patch for woltk using all draenor/legion/bfa models to update vanilla->woltk models. I've some problems of FX by using Adspartan converter, like on this pic. Do you guys know where i have to look to disable them ?  
  6. what u test to convert? a Object m2 or creature m2? creature may dont show because the anim. bug   i think the objects will work

    It is possible to do, if you can find the way to alter the position of the head bone in client memory.  
  8. [Downport] Convert .m2 from 8.X/7.3.5 - 7.2.5?

    Same.  No crashes, just invisible object. 
  9. What Are You Working On?

    After a long break from WoW modding, finally able to start working with noggit again and have begun work on a new map.
  10. After Release Updates - Patch 1.3

    Normally it will never happen, none reported  that had an Ban issue on Lightshope even if the project team stated that will ban anyone using a customized mpq file. 
  11. After Release Updates - Patch 1.3

    UPDATE: Links now are updated with the latest version of the mod regarding the issue of the Auberdine crash. You will need to delete the previous version and download again the newest. Have fun and enjoy.
  12. Creating water oscilators

    Again, it depends on the game version. In 3.3.5 it is just two textures (xtextures/splash/splash.blp and xtextures/splash/wake.blp) that are drawn with a tiny animation.  I don't know what you mean by "physics based".
  13. Heyho, I tried it yesterday but it didnt seem to work - object was just invisible. No crashs but no collisions or textures either. The thing about the new BfA m2 seems to be the new texture references, which replace the old infile plain text references. The version number seems to be the same as it was for legion (274 to be precise). There is a big conversion file (from BfA to WotLK) where they removed the MD21 chunks and inserted the plain text texture references, but as far as I know legion has problems with stuff that is only MD20, so the mentioned convertion tool does not help it seems like. But im no expert - it would be super cool if some1 could explain or get this to work somehow.
  14. Creating water oscilators

    The only texture I found related to the ripples was the spawn shape of them, it's all physics based I'm pretty sure. And I'm taking about the circular ones yeah.
  15. Creating water oscilators

    Depending on game version ripples is just a texture animation. You can probably make a model with just that. Are you taking the circular ones or the ones when moving? Either way, a few seconds animation in blender should look pretty much the same.
  16. Creating water oscilators

    Is it possible to create objects that simulate ripples in the water without making major changes to the water shader in game its self?     For example I've done this with NPCs on my server previously, simply added waypoints for the NPC on the Z axis, increased the NPCs speed, and it basically bounced on the water creating ripples, an invisible NPC. But for constant ripples, what would need to be done?    
  17. tell me if it works please
  18. [Downport] Convert .m2 from 8.X/7.3.5 - 7.2.5?

    Could you point me to the script, please? I spent quite some time searching for it, but couldn't find
  19. After Release Updates - Patch 1.3

    Hi there, tried the models yesterday. The first install turned out to be broken somehow - after 15mins I had a wow crash, after that the models hat strange graphic mistakes, looked like they were woven in spiderwebs ^^. Second install turned out fine, no mistakes or crashes for about 2 hours of questing in the barrens. Question: i'm playing on Lightshope. I know how they handly modle changes. They dont support it, but dont actively search for that stuff either - if one does it, he does it at his own risk. Chances are tha anti cheat detects it and bans your account - Lightshope staff wont unban since they cant or wont retrace the exact ban reason. Does anyone know by any chance what the odds are? If i understood correctly, anti cheat scans wow folders of players randomly. Anyone experienced a ban because of detection through anto cheat? Kind regards!
  20. Maybe port from BFA/7.3 to WOTLK and then back to Legion 7.2.5 with the 010 script here on model-changing  
  21. Legion 7.3.5 Modding?

    push.. come on guys...
  22. After Release Updates - Patch 1.3

    UPDATE: It seems that I have l found what was the issue with the Auberdine crash. Ill have to justify it before I proceed and replace the mod file with a new version.
  23. The Broken Isles

    Did you ever manage to get the groundeffects and skyboxes working? 
  24. Legion 7.3.5 Modding?

    the map.db2 file is in my wow directory: WorldOfWarcraft/DBFilesClient/map.db2 and the adt files in WorldOfWarcraft/World/Maps/MyMap/mymap.adt is this right?  i hope someone can help me out 
  25. Earlier

    This is a feature of the engine, not some database. It is technically possible, but not feasible.

    Is there some way to downport players head turn to selected NPC from Legion to 3.3.5a? Cause I couldn`t even found DB2, which is responsible for this.
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