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  2. [RELEASE] WoTLK New Combat Animations

    And do they work on a cliente that is not russian?
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  4. You will need kowards tool, you might need also a hex editor, an image editor (i.e photoshop) a dbc editor and of course an mpq editor.  
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  6. [WiP]WoD Retro porting to Classic WoW 1.12

    I want port models from wotlk to vanilla. Like weapons, creatures, mounts etc.
  7. Depends what you are trying to do, there are many tools that i use/switch/test. I use Blender i.e but as also some dbc editing tools, photo editing tool etc etc. As i said depend what you trying to do.
  8. OBJ to ADT injector by Skarn&Koward

    Is there a video on how to do this anywhere? I saw the how to guide and tried to follow it (a number of times) and just couldn't get it. Maybe a video would make it easier to understand?
  9. ladies opal rings

    ladies opal rings or.. massive orc wangs? 
  10. ladies opal rings

    This is an interesting Modelling suggestion, actually
  11. ladies opal rings

    can i add penis enlargemnt on my Specialty profile tab lol 
  12. ladies opal rings

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  13. Mesh separation

    Yes, sorry, forgot about that. The different meshes looked properly connected in blender, but ended up far apart in wmv/game. Turned out that, because I moved them in blender, their origins ended up in different places, which is wrong, because (during conversion, probably) the origins are all moved to (0;0;0). The way to solve that problem was selecting the mesh which had it's origin at (0;0;0) (in my case, it was the boots of the character), going Shift+S > Cursor to Selected, then selecting all the other objects and going Shift+S > Selection to Cursor. This aligned all origins together at (0;0;0). Then I opened the meshes in Edit mode, selected everything within the mesh, and moved it to the proper position.
  14. [WiP]WoD Retro porting to Classic WoW 1.12

    Excuse me, but what program do you use to do this? Because I would like to customize in vanilla but there is no program that works. I hope and you can help me. Ps: Sorry for my bad english.
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  16. Well, after a lot of work, and tinkering nothing happenedm and i could not resolve the issue. However i wanted to thank you for your support on the matter and the time for answering. I will try an up to date server now and start over. maybe all this mess was for the better. Again, Thank you Razmataz Monoman.
  17. Mesh separation

    did you joined the mesh together ? try wright the way you solve it so other who got the same-problem benefit from it
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