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  2. Some Sliders don't work?

    I think you can turn that off in settings.
  3. Battle for Azeroth alpha m2

    Thank you for that. I'll take a look keep it up!
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  5. WoWDev Team

    Development of ItemSync 2.0 done. Pre-release 1 is currently being tested. Src and description+manual:
  6. Finishing development of 2 tools and going to work on another tool, most of if not all of them for WotLK-MoP. In need of testers at the moment!

  7. Legion > Wotlk Multi Converter

    shoulder_cloth_raidmagemythic_s_01_r.m2  shoulder_cloth_raidmagemythic_s_01_l.m2  The particle is not good.
  8. Some Sliders don't work?

    TURNS OUT it is because I have wacom tablet drivers installed.... And the only workaround is uninstalling them... Is there any other workaround? I tried working with the pen, but it's horrible.  I don't want to uninstall my tablet drivers because I draw very regularly.
  9. Some Sliders don't work?

    No, that doesn't work. It works fine for raise/lower, but not flatten/blur.
  10. Some Sliders don't work?

    try holding alt and clicking on the terrain then move your mouse
  11. Last week
  12. Some Sliders don't work?

    Some sliders aren't working in noggit, such as the smooth/flatten radius slider. Does anyone know the cause of this?
  13. Battle for Azeroth alpha m2

    Version 1.0.0


    m2 files from BfA (alpha) to wotlk in rar Tutorial: -extract files -import world folder to patch.mpq (sorry for my bad english)
  14. Many Objects Disappearing At Camera Angles

    I don’t have a link to any Noggit version since I never realeased one. I have seen such links in the past on this site so they do exist. The repository is at 
  15. Paid Work: Nightborne Race in WOTLK

    you should ask Inico he has ported vulpera if I`m not mistaken and he might help you out
  16. Many Objects Disappearing At Camera Angles

    So this is where the thread dies? Lovely...
  17. Awesome contribution! I will definitely need that when I move to Wotlk+ features with my addon? Are there any settings for .phys that you have managed to find out?
  18. Hello, I just recently started my way in the modification of the game and now I'm trying to learn how to work with the Charsections file, I did not find any sites where the work with this file was intelligibly explained ... I spent a lot of time to copy similar changes from 7.1.0 but without success , the file changes did not even affect the game and the standard character skins are still in the character creation menu. If there is a Guru among you, please explain how to work with this db2 file. The result is what I'm trying to achieve: 
  19. Many Objects Disappearing At Camera Angles

    I am using the latest version. 3.1222 BETA version. If there is a later version can you please link and I will try.
  20. Hey Everyone, For the past 3-4 days i have done all the necessary core, dbc, and interface edits in order to add a the Nightborne race into my server. The last thing i needed to do was actually convert the Nightborne model to WOTLK. Normally, this would be pretty easy since Adspartan's model converter has never errored on me before or not worked. In patch 7.3.5 when they released the Nightborne race blizzard changed the way race files are stored and handled. As far as i'm aware things like bone structure, animations and so on are not kept in .skel files and Adspartan's converter does not work on models with .skel files. Since my knowledge regarding anything model related is very minimal and seeing that there is not a lot of information on community sites that talk about how to get .skel files working for patch 3.3.5 I was hoping i can commission someone to get the already existing model working in WOTLK for me. I don't know much about model editing or the work it requires but i'm willing to offer 30-50 USD for anyone who is able make the Nightborne race work in 3.3.5. If you are interested please send me a message or add me on discord (Peacy#7989) so we can further discuses pricing and model related stuff. Thanks so much, Peacy! 
  21. Many Objects Disappearing At Camera Angles

    I am told that this stuff is fixed in new versions of noggit. Try updating please.
  22. Many Objects Disappearing At Camera Angles

    It is in MCRF for the chunk. I'm trying to go through wiki but not getting enough information to work out EXACTLY how objects are rendered. What causes the culling? And in this case, what variables are involved in this fence object (and small rocks, etc) being culled when the camera reaches such a short distance from the object while other objects with seemingly smaller scale are just fine with rendering.   There doesn't see to be an object limit, the scale of the m2 doesn't seem to matter since I can blow the thing up larger and it makes no effect, it's rotation does not see to matter either. Removing nearby objects don't make any difference either so it isn't like it is being "blocked" by anything to trigger a culling.   But what does seem to matter is MDDF of the object, as only that index is affected since I copy and paste them. Yet in 010 I see no difference in the MDDF other than basics like rotation and position. The MDDF index exists in the MCRF of the chunk it is placed, and no other chunks.   So what's left? Where is this culling coming from. It is very difficult to understand as the wiki isn't very clear on the variables involved with doodad culling.
  23. Many Objects Disappearing At Camera Angles

    If it is over exactly one mcnk and the m2 header bounding box values are correct, but it is not in mcrf, please report a noggit issue.
  24. Custom WMO crash

    0xc000007b can be pretty much everything and it is impossible to debug without additional information. Given what you said you likely have uninstalled the MSVC++ runtime.  To actually find out what it wrong, look in Windows log files, or download process monitor, filter for noggit.exe, start noggit.exe, and check for any error of loading images. That will likely tell you the missing or broken file.
  25. What Are You Working On?

    Made some custom .phys files with the template. Used this old model for testing. The results are quite good, however it looks odd in Pandaria since everything seems to have less gravity. The ribbon curves look a little hard because there are just 2 shapes for each one of them. More shapes = smoother curves.
  26. Version 1.0.0


    This template for 010 editor allows you to modify PHYS files from Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor. DOWNLOAD Some notes and technical information: How to load a PHYS file in-game Change your model globalflags to 32 (or 160 if your model casts shadows as well): The bones with physics must have flag 1024: Bone coordinates Bones with physics will take their position coordinates from the phys file and ignore the position given in the m2. Position is set in the WELJ, SHOJ or SPHJ chunks. Bone hierarchy Bones with physics will not be affected by the rotation, scaling and translation of the parent bones unless they are added as an attachment. As you can see in the image above, the gourds with physics are not affected by the m2 animation and will only move if their coordinate in the world changes. This is why Blizzard makes separate m2 files for parts with physics. Exampe: creature/fishmount/fishmount.m2 (base model without physics) creature/fishmount/fishmount_wiskersleft.m2 (left wisker with physics) creature/fishmount/fishmount_wiskersright.m2 (right wisker with physics) The wiskers from the fish mount are in different m2 files, attached server-side as a vehicle accessory. You can also add them as spells or items. If the whiskers were part of the base model, they will just be floating next to the head, since they would not be affected by the parent bone movement. It's not necessary to separate meshes with physics if your model is static (i.e. helmets, weapons, shoulder pads, etc.). However you can add physics to a bone, and animate all the bones connected to it. (Since 7.1 models with physics don't have to be separated - See as an example) Difference between MoP and WoD The Phys file structure is the same for MoP and WoD. However, the only thing I noticed is that in MoP physics are more sensitive and the shapes feel lighter.
  27. Many Objects Disappearing At Camera Angles

    From what I'm reading, it is possible that when saving the ADT, the MDDF is not being referenced from MCRF so it is being culled. I will test this theory when I get home. But I may just need to write a 010 script to add problematic M2 to all MCRF in the entire ADT.
  28. Many Objects Disappearing At Camera Angles

    No the object is entirely in one chunk.  I've read somewhere that if I were to add a reference to the object in surrounding chunks it would not happen. Have not tested though.
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