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  2. Custom Textures on Wod Models wotlk

    Getting the same error with a reshape mod by moogan, although mine turn teal and spasm out because I already have the WoD models from Legion installed on 3.3.5a. Without them I get the same error as you.
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  4. Action camera

      Hello everybody !  How to make an action packed camera for WoW 3.3.5a ? Where are the files responsible for the camera?
  5. After Release Updates (v1.2)

    No there isnt one, you will need to edit the mod and delete the music folder
  6. Modeling in Blender using m2mod

    Okay, I will get 2.78 then and install the scripts from your archive. Hrm... maybe something is wrong with my python. I will reinstall it now. By the way which version do you use? EDIT: Used the Blender 2.78 setup with updated python, still same error. I don't know why this keeps happening no matter what I do.
  7. Modeling in Blender using m2mod

    Well, I use blender 2.78 and the exact same files as in that archive I linked
  8. Modeling in Blender using m2mod

    I get this error every time I try to import an .m2i No difference between your file and mine, so I guess there is actually something wrong with my setup. If it works for you, maybe you could also send me your blender setup?
  9. Modeling in Blender using m2mod

    Here they are, though I suggest you do figure out what's wrong with your tools Character.rar
  10. Modeling in Blender using m2mod

    That makes sense I guess... could you upload the files that worked for you? I'm using Blender 2.77/2.79 and using the M2Mod you linked of course.
  11. Modeling in Blender using m2mod

    Those are encrypted I just got a fresh human female model from CASC explorer and managed to convert and import it without problems. Perhaps, you have an old version of the import script (did you use the one that comes with the converter that I linked?) or of blender itself.
  12. Modeling in Blender using m2mod

    WOW! Seems to have worked, trying blender import now... Nope, error in blender when importing .m2i Here are the base .m2 and converted .m2i with .skin:!k101yJYb!IuEXK2e9g145EleMMvfY6YsYtQr7w4IEVGmV9gqWLMo
  13. Modeling in Blender using m2mod

    Should work
  14. Modeling in Blender using m2mod

    human female  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) *cough cough*  Update: Trying 7.0 now Doesn't work either, although not with fatal error
  15. Modeling in Blender using m2mod

    Which model is it?
  16. Modeling in Blender using m2mod

    Legion. Patch 7.2
  17. Free server hosting

    I doubt I'll have anywhere close to 100 players, and my DB size is just a tiny bit more than the usual cata blizzlike DB. And I imagine it makes the most sense to get the VPS somewhere between my location and the location of my players, right?
  18. Modeling in Blender using m2mod

    Which expansion is the original m2 from? And which model exactly is it?
  19. Modeling in Blender using m2mod

    No worries, I am still at the .m2 -> .m2i part EDIT: By the way, nice instant messaging plugin on this site
  20. Modeling in Blender using m2mod

    As you can see, that line is under the "M2->M2i Conversion" category, while under "M2i->M2 Conversion" it says Open the folder with M2mod 4.5 and launch M2ModRedux.exe.
  21. Modeling in Blender using m2mod

    " Open the folder with M2mod 4.6 and launch M2ModRedux.exe. " I don't get you man, first you say 4.6 now 4.5 Will try Update: Woops, same error
  22. Modeling in Blender using m2mod

    I suspect you used m2mod 4.6.1 for m2i->m2 conversion, while you should've used 4.5 for that. Also, it's not my program
  23. Modeling in Blender using m2mod

    Why? I did everything correctly, good on you - your program doesn't work :0
  24. Last week
  25. Hi thereI am looking for someone who can make me custom races, I am want Cata Worgens, and Pandaren from Pandaria, for my custom Trinitycore Server TDB_full_world_335.62_2016_10_17. Maybe we could try something extra if you think you have the time and skills. Races must be able to:1- Have most or all haircuts, dances, sounds.2- No missing gear related problems.3- Basically work like any of the retail races.My core has WOD models, creatures and I have some other custom stuff on it, but mostly it should be the same as doing this in fresh compiled core.We can work in any way you want... uploading the server and patches I have, or you can work remotely, or portion of both.I have other requests, but lets start with this, to see if we can work together.Whatsapp +51987717515skype = piccolodmqemail =rperalta1980@yahoo.comThanks!
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