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  2. Retro-Porting Legion Combat Animations to Wotlk

    Thanks a lot for your help! I'll start reading that tutorials right now! When I have enough time I'll try to port some models and test the animations swaps. If I get it to work I'll post some results. Thanks again guy!
  3. [TOOL] Legion to Wotlk (or Wod) M2 Converter

    One question is why? There is already a standalone tool by Adspartan to do that.
  4. Copying blizzlike ADT messes up chunks

    That's weird, I tried this earlier without any luck. But it worked now, thanks!
  5. HoTs to Wow texture problem

    I would love to see a guide on how to complete that thing. Im stuck almost on the same spot Dark and a bit confused on what to do next. Even if i tried to find info from blender users doing a similar thing i end up on a dead end. I have postpone it since i can move on, also not so sure if what ever i made up to this point is fully correct. I hope Meta can pull some time and update his guide with some more details on the matter, im not a supreme 3d editor, tho i learn many things and tricks from many from here.
  6. Part of Deatholme

    are you trying to add the belf parts on the azeroth map, I was thinking about that too, but figured it would be too huge. thought maybe making it smaller or simplified, still even that is time consuming..
  7. Version 1.0.0


    I made this script to convert multiple models from Legion to Wrath of the Lich King or Warlords of Draenor. Requires 010 editor. The first script removes the unnecessary information before the M2 header and changes its version from 274 to 272 to make it work in WoD. The second one does the same but also runs Philip's converter on the M2 files to make them work in Wotlk. How it works: -Put the models you want to covert inside the folder called "Models". -Run "Legion M2 to Wod/Wotlk.bat" and wait This script can also read all the subfolders inside "models" and convert every M2 inside of them. EXTERNAL LINK: Legion to Wotlk Legion to WoD To make this script work there must be an entry for 010 editor in environment variables (this allows windows to launch 010 editor through the cmd window, otherwise it won't work): -Right click on My computer -> properties -> advanced system settings -> environment variables -> Path -Click edit -Add your 010 editor directory to the list separated from the rest of the entries by a ";" (Example: ;C:\Program Files (x86)\010 Editor) (Detailed guide on this video)
  8. Retro-Porting Legion Combat Animations to Wotlk

    You must open the model in 010 editor, remove the extra header and change the m2 version from 274 to 272. You can use my script to do it automatically if you want. Remember that legion character models bypass the wotlk polygon limit, so you must decimate some geosets.
  9. Hello everyone! In this tutorial we will learn how to avoid losing geosets when porting Warlords of Draenor/Legion HD character models, although it's very useful for any other model. It's not a "completely noob" guide, so you must have some 3D modeling knowledge before starting. This tutorial is ONLY for Blender 2.7 and beyond (The decimate modifier is included in older versions but it destroys the UVs). Lets begin! Triangle limit explanation World of Warcraft models have a triangle limit of 21845. In Mists of Pandaria Blizzard managed to bypass this limit by creating geometry levels. If you try to retro-port a model that goes over the polygon limit you get something like this: The extra geometry is rendered as a mess of triangles in modelviewer and you will notice that a lot of geosets are missing in-game. Most people just delete or don't even try to fix them saying that it's impossible to make all geosets work in older versions of the game, but there is a trick to make it happen: reducing the polygon count. What's decimate? Decimate is a Blender modifier that allows you to reduce the polygon count of a mesh with minimal shape changes. It used to work terribly in older releases but was redesigned in Blender 2.7 and now it's "magical". We are going decimate some parts of the HD character models to decrease their polygon count and make them fully work in WOTLK (and Cataclysm). TOOLS -Blender 2.73 (or higer) -M2MOD Redux 4.6.1 THE TUTORIAL STEP 1 - DELETE VERSION INCOMPATIBLE GEOSETS There are some geosets that won't show up in older versions and should be deleted to prevent a "polygon overload": -Bare feet (All draenor HD character models) -Cloaks from Mesh ID 7 to 10 -Belts with Mesh ID 3 (Pandaren Only) -Wristband with Mesh ID 4 (Pandaren Only) -Tabard2 (Pandaren Female Only) STEP 2 - DECIMATING Once you deleted all unnecessary geometry we are going to start with the polygon reduction process. Don't worry! It's super easy! On the upper right corner of Blender you will find some information about the model. We'll be looking at TRIS. That's the current triangle count. As you can see my model has 27060 triangles. Previously I said that WoW's limit is 21845, so some of its geosets will broke after conversion. To make it work properly we must get rid of some triangles until we reach 21845 tris or less. I prefer to only decimate hair geosets. Sometimes you can't tell the difference between the normal and the low poly version because the texture does almost all the work as you can see in the picture: It almost look the same, doesn't it? Ok, to the actual process: -Select the geoset you want to edit and go to Edit Mode. If nothing is selected, select all (shortcut: letter A). -Go to the panel on the left and click on the "Remove doubles" Button (It's not always necessary, go to the TIPS AND CONCLUSION section for more info). This option welds all the floating vertices together (we do this to avoid holes in the geometry). -Now toggle object mode and go to the modifiers tab (on the panel on the right). -1° Click on "ADD MODIFIER" and choose DECIMATE. -2° Make sure the "Collapse" button is highlighted. -3° Click on ratio, write 0.5 and press ENTER. -4° Click on APPLY. DONE! Now this geoset traingle count has decreased by half. Repeat with other hair geosets until your model reaches 21845 tris or less. Then export and convert to M2. TIPS AND CONCLUSION Sometimes when I applied the Decimate modifier I found holes in the geometry. That happens because some vertices are not welded. The "remove doubles" option welds all vertices that are close together and rule out the possibility of finding holes on your geometry after decimating BUT is a little risky because you don't have total control over the geometry and it can mess up certain small parts of the uv mapping. If you used it and the final result looks good, awesome. If not just undo your changes, skip it, apply the decimate modifier and weld the vertices by hand. Personally I recommend you to always avoid the Remove Doubles option and merge the floating vertices by hand to obtain a better result. Handwork takes some time but in this case is the best choice! However i want to clarify that this process is not 100% automatic, in most cases you will have to deal with holes and misplaced vertices, but it's nothing that can't be repaired in a few minutes VIDEO (AKA "TOO LONG, DIDN'T READ") If you have any question let me know. Thanks for reading! Have fun!
  10. Retro-Porting Legion Combat Animations to Wotlk

    Ok so this is what I tried to do so far, right after reading your answer when I had some time: -First, I downloaded those tools you mentioned, and then exported from the legion client files one character .m2 files, it was bloodelffemalehd.m2 (which contains some of those new animations, like the DH ones). I tried to use M2mod redux with that file but the program reported an error :"failed to load M2, file is corrupt". -Then I tried to mess with the bloodelffemale.m2 file that I downloaded from Modcraft along with other .m2 characters files retro-ported from WOD afaik, and with the 010 editor I could swap some animations within that .m2 file. That is the Ready2H swapped with other one. Anyway the problem is still the same, I can't retro-port the legion character models with those animations. Do I need to edit something on blender? I mean, would it be any difference on the process of retro-porting legion character models than WOD character models? Thx for your kind help!  
  11. There is but it is outdated. I am currently developing a new version. A lot has changed.
  12. Retro-Porting Legion Combat Animations to Wotlk

    Does this work for TBC?
  13. Copying blizzlike ADT messes up chunks

    Is the flag 0x4 set in the wdt ?  It looks like big alphamap read as a small one.
  14. Import M3 Heroes of the Storm to Blender

    Hey! Amazing guide, no problem with the model, but as for the textures, even though I click skins (I am using the 3dsmax version because Blender doesn't seem to accept the addon) along with everything, the textures just don't load up, not on 3dsmax, not on blender. First experience with something that isn't model swap, no custom models. Thanks in advance!
  15. Copying blizzlike ADT messes up chunks

    Yeah that was misleading. I have 1 client for Noggit, 1 for WMV and 1 for in-game. The map looks the same both in Noggit and in-game. I've tried altering some flags with GruulMe, but nothing changes.
  16. Copying blizzlike ADT messes up chunks

    What do you mean? Does it only happen when you open it with Noggit and the WoW client at the same time? Besides that, maybe some wrong flags? I never played with all the flags around yet but i know that they sometimes mess up things when using improperly.
  17. Retro-Porting Legion Combat Animations to Wotlk

    -Use m2mod to adjust the character uvw map to wotlk. -Then, use PhilipTNG's converter. -Swap the animation ids (AnimationLookup) with 010editor + m2 templates. I used this method to swap animations in the past, so it should work with the new combat animations as well. If the animation has an .anim file attached to it, just rename the .anim file.
  18. WMO Import/Export Blender scripts [Updated 04.01.2017]

    Small question: does there is a guide how to use it? Of course, designed for reader's with superficial knowledge on the Blender 
  19. HoTs to Wow texture problem

    Nobody? Help pls D:
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  21. Classic Azeroth in Cata+

    I extracted it and made a MPQ, but its giving me fatal error crash on game loaded?
  22. Alpha Ironforge 1.x-6.x

    There was no throne room in alpha, or maybe I missed it? Still looks cool, only your missing the forge texture I think
  23. Retro-Porting Legion Combat Animations to Wotlk

    If this could be done for older expansions like 2.4.3 that would be amazing!!!   Has any progress been made on getting the legion combat animations to work in older expansions?
  24. [Preview] Northeron Isles

    I am glad to hear that you like the map guys   I haven't tried the new noggit yet so I will surely have a look Skarn
  25. Alpha Ironforge 1.x-6.x

    Gonna see if i can fix then.
  26. [Preview] Northeron Isles

    Great map,krysic i love the underwater detail you add.
  27. Last week
  28. Stuck on a mountain texture'ing

    yes but still I had my panties in a bunch till I dled his second link, it was some australian developer mmo world tool, who knows even.. maybe that early Blizz did need help from other companies
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