Noggit SDL 3.1021

By Kaev in Tools,
Noggit SDL 3.1021 Finally Noggit SDL 3.1021 is there!
The most important change is probably a fix of the well known model bug as well as the removal of the requirement to fill all four layers.
But here's a approximate changelog: Steff | Fix: If you selected an model, copied to clipboard, deleted source (it it is last model on map of this type) and pasted it then. Noggit crashed. Steff | Calculate camera height related to terrain height on map load. Steff | Fix that texture swapper stayed visible if you changed the tool Steff | Add new option to toggle model animation rendering. F11 and Menu option in View menu added for this. For easyer model selection like birds. schlumpf | various memory leaks or potential crashes Valium | Initial support for drawing tablets on Windows.  Crashes if you don't have a tablet installed. Valium | Implemented Blizzard style wireframe. schlumpf | mapchunk: save: fix: only set low_quality_texture_map bits once to avoid error in overwriting (missing clean) (the 4 layer bug) Adspartan | Fix to prevent texture duplication on a chunk (swapping duplicated textures remove the duplicate). Adspartan | Fix random hole bug when using the hole tool by checking is the cursor is not underground when adding a hole. Adspartan | Set tile as changed when using "swap adt". Adspartan | prevent m2/wmo selection when using a tool Adspartan | Fix texture shift ingame Adspartan | Alphamap loading / saving changes Adspartan | Prevent crash when loading or drawing wmo. (for retroported WMOs) Adspartan | Fix texture shift between noggit and wow client Adspartan | Fix alphamap loading for uncompressed (2048) Adspartan | Paste object at the cursor pos if nothing is selected Adspartan | Vertex shading is now correctly implemented. Kaev | This should hopefully fix all model bugs when you save your files You can download Noggit SDL 3.1021 with all needed .dll files from here:!DMNFiAiL!TaPwvICYFtW3h5d5zEfNxTt9r7dSl3qUi3yYq6eZfXg Have fun and happy modding