Which WoW modding/emulation software do you want to see?

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I once tried to translate it to English and I did it as far as I remember but I gave it up due to a huge variety of bugs presenting in the code which made the tool almost unusable. I will have a look on my hard drive though, maybe I still have the translation. Anyway would be great to have such tool.



I'm still alive and can help translate or update this program if needed. If it's bugged, I can debug it.




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On 16. 5. 2016 at 1:14 PM, Amaroth said:

What I would find usefull and very noob-user-friendly would be some kind of MySQL editor similiar to Truice, BUT with possibility to add/edit documentation and to change settings for tables. So anyone would be able to update settings of his application to match his database version (someone uses new TCs, someone quite old TCs, someone doesn't use TC at all...) or to even be able to work with some custom fields he might have added into his database tables. And also, anyoneone could edit hints for different fields, or even make a translation of documentation. Both these kind of setting might be packed up in one data file which could be shared, so community would be able to update documentation, share it, translate it...

Function "check database compatibility" would be also great, editor would check if all DB tables on MySQL server exist in his settings and if all their fields are in his settings. Something would be missing? OK, lets generate basic settings for missing content (field name, field type). And notify user, that something new had to be added and give him immediately question, if he wants to make custom settings for that field. Does he want to rename it for himself into something more self-explanatory? Does he want to add some hint to it, which will tell him, what value does what in that field? Main devs of project would be updating documentation file for their database and share it with team developers. I personaly think this would be a great tool for everyone in team who is just a GM, but no real experienced modder.

I was thinking about doing this myself, but I am far from being good experienced programmer and don't have enough time for such project. Actually, this editor might be very good even for something different than WoW, if it will be as flexible as I requested above. Different profiles for different things... And so on. Possibility to edit some particular record in "Truice style" or to open a whole table in "Navicat style"... I would gladly help with creating settings and documentation for tables as I know most of TC databases very well, I just can't do that coding.

Just to let you know guys in case someone was interrested in this... I'm doing this on my own for my bc. Will release as open source afterwards.

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It is actually being worked on for Neo too.

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