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3 hours ago, Rangorn said:

If i seems so mad about 3.3.5, it's about people who wants to create private servers WITH PEOPLE on WOTLK...

This doesn't apply to pve/pvp servers, but i really hate people who want to open a 3.3.5 server for players, just because it's easier for them.

People want new content, just look at RP servers, the working one like RPH, Paragon, Luzifix's server and mine are all working under Wod or Legion, not 3.3.5

I don't blame the people on 3.3.5 if they only want to do personnal stuff without doing it for people, just move ur ass on a decent expansion then.

-> Maybe not everyone wants to create an RP server? What about custom PvE servers? You can't create a good one without a stable core where all the base stuff is working. That's why many people prefer 3.3.5 over newer versions.
Also i know many players who don't like the newer versions, why should i force them to a newer version if they don't want to?


Oh and yeah, if i didn't really contribute to wowdev wiki, i'm not familiar with the pseudo-code structure and my english is really bad, sorry about that.

-> You can't add a new point in a list with the description "Changes texture count from 4 to 8" to the wiki? You don't need to write a whole book. There's also to option to quickly join WoWDev Discord, modcraft IRC or write anyone of us a PM and tell the people what you have found and ask them if they could add that. This thread was a good start until you raged about us not being thankful enough or something like that.


I'm curious, you did not fear concurence ? Imagine if an another german server rise, use what u did on this community and became the 1st german server ? This is another reason what i did not share everything, i have my own private server and i want to stay number one (thrown it at him not me)

-> If you deliver good content, there is no reason to fear concurrence. Your players will leave the server if your content/game design or the communication with your players is bad.
Also, for me, it's not important to have the most players. It's about developing high quality content. If it is good, the players will have fun and they will tell their friends to play there too. This will automatically result in a high amount of players.


Random people :

=> Cata+ is not stable

We are running roleplay server, we didn't need all theses features, it's good.

-> Just because you don't need all these features, it doesn't mean that we don't need them.


Like i said, i know what schlumpf did, but it's not a reason to suck his dick when he is really agressive when he talk.

-> Why do you expect this from us then? We neither idolize schlumpf nor you - But this doesn't mean that we aren't thankful for the work you guys did.


NOW, CLOSE this thread and you can BAN me from MC.NET !

-> As i said, i won't ban you, Skarn didn't give me the rank for moderating anything, i just help developing in the future. If you get banned, then it's probably only for insulting, because you couldn't find another way to defend yourself. That's pretty sad btw.


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1 hour ago, wungasaurus said:

WoWDev Discord, 


A little chat with different developers of WoW modding software. 

@Kaev thanks, for making a good post about the situation. I could not have done better and can't agree more with what you said. Speaking about moderation, feel free to use the moderation panel if you want so. 
Speaking about bans though, it makes things worse. I'd want to end this endless flow of trolling but I am afraid banning won't help. They'd just make another account and start shitposting memes on the forum as it happened before. 

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