Does anybody know how to import wow maps into blender?

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Im have been trying to get wow maps into blender to work on some videos I have been planning, but I am having trouble doing it. I can export the maps into .obj files but I do not know how to import them for blender? I use the import feature in blender but I can only do one obj at a time. does anybody know how to get the whole map into blender. thank you also sorry if I gave bad english.

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You can import multiple ADTs into a single scene in 3ds Max, and then export the whole scene as OBJ (and import it in Blender).

Or you can use Ninja Ripper to rip everything you see in-game (set the view distance to max).
Check how I ripped some models from wow alpha. The process is similar, just teleport wherever you want and it will export all the geometry (adts, wmos, m2s, interface, etc.).

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