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Getting Actors From Overseas?

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I am currently casting for my first feature film. I posted a casting call and I have an actress interested in being in the film. She lives in the UK, and the film will shoot in California U.S. I told her we are very low budget and cannot afford to fly anyone, but that her demo reel impressed me and I would like to work with her in the future when we work with bigger budgets. She said she is interested in the project regardless and she could probably cover her own expenses. She does have a lot of questions and asked to see my previous work (which I gladly showed her). And she still wants to be involved.

The goal of my film is to create something VERY EPIC. I want to create a big film and then turn around and tell people we made it with a DSLR camera and a small laptop (which is what we will use). I am very proud of my work as a low budget filmmaker. When someone sees my previous work the first thing they usually ask is "How did you do that?"

I know I am not a so called "professional" in the typical sense of filmmaking as I shoot very guerilla style, but none of that is obvious in the final product.

My question is this: If the actress really wants to be in the film for low pay and she covers her own flight, is it a good idea to hire her? Also why would an actress want to fly all the way overseas just for a film where they will be paid minimum an hour? She is actually LOSING money by being in the film (I obviously believe in my projects very much, but they are not me). Is this kind of thing heard of? Also, have any other filmmakers gone through something like this? Would my guerilla-style of filmmaking throw her off? I appreciate any response. 

Please help.

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