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Redemption, Camera Motion Added Digitally?

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I just saw The Raid: Redemption, it has pretty good action choreography. It looked like there was some camera motion added digitally to enhance the action. There are probably a lot of real camera moves, but some feel a bit too smooth & precise. Getting all of it perfectly would need a Lot of takes. Things like speeding up motion on strikes & adding a bit of shake to accent hits does work well in it. A few of the other moves stood out a bit to me. I wonder if even some of the camera shake was digital. I really wouldn't have thought of it except I noticed that the gun flashes looked digital & imdb trivia confirmed it.

Maybe they shoot very high res so they can crop in on some shots where they want to add a camera move? Or the shot happens so fast you don't even notice the difference in resolution. Has anyone seen any behind the scenes footage of the editing to see if any of this is true? I tried googling but didn't find much info. What do you think?

Please help.

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