wowdev wiki now at

    By wungasaurus,

    Hey all,

    Our faithful wiki host Mads whom has hosted the wowdev wiki for many years at and until lately no longer has time to maintain the wiki actively, so we've decided to move it to a new home at where we can once again actively maintain it against spambots and the such. There is also once again the ability to add pages and to create accounts. The old accounts should still be available.

    There might be some initial transition bugs here and there, after those are worked out we hope we can manage Mads to free up some time to redirect the old wiki to the new one. 

    We would love to see you all use the wiki, and maybe contribute to it. See you at!

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    Solution For Crashing Software (caused by Windows Update)

    By Skarn,

    Hello, Model Changing community. Since a few weeks ago many people started experiencing weird problems with most cmd-based software that is used in WoW modding. The issue only appears for Windows 10 users who updated their systems up to KB3116908 update. The cause of the problem is cygwin1.dll located in the folder along with the tool. It is outdated and is no longer relevant to new Windows standarts, so please download it from here and replace. I will replace the DLLs in WoWDevKit soon.

    For people encountering this bug in the future: If one of your tools creates multiple processes on launch until your PC freezes and goes out of memory, try doing what I said here.

    Big thanks to Cromon and everyone else who helped out figuring out this issue. Big shame on Microsoft Support for sending me to check my system for viruses and doing System File Scan. Happy modding, everyone.

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    WoW Modding Promotion Campaign

    By Elrena,

    e1jAcp7.thumb.png.48f3fc1692c109284817c4Greetings and Salutations. The Model Changing Network is now launching its effort to promote WoW modding for the betterment of our community. The more, the merrier, and the only person who can make that happen is you! By participating on our forum, sharing content, creating YouTube videos, writing tutorials, helping our members, and inviting new modders from all over the internet, you are helping to keep the candle burning bright on what has always been a very small and delicate community. 

    What you can expect in return is gratitude, satisfaction, and the opportunity for the scene to grow and expand. This means theoretically more projects, more collaboration, more developers, more tools, more activity, and more shared knowledge. By helping others you help yourself!

    Another bonus that you might be interested in is the opportunity to have your project featured in a banner on our site slideshow, which is then displayed on all pages and can become a clickable link to your website or project blog.

    You promote us, and we will promote you

    Naturally, there will be criteria and procedures involved for the individuals seeking a featured project banner. Since we must be persistent in assuring the aesthetic integrity of our platform, the materials you provide for the creation of your banner (you cannot create your own) must abide by the following guidelines:

    • You need to have 7 unique screenshots of your project
    • Your project must have a simple graphical logo

    Additionally, the following requirements determine your eligibility:

    • You must share to someone a link to our website
    • You must contribute in some way to our community
    • You must have a project blog created on our site
    • Your project must be relevant and visually sound

    We will work with you if necessary. And if you're interested in this opportunity, feel free to add us on Skype or message us here. In the end, your final banner will most likely look something like this: 


    I would also like to call some other concerns to the table. It is my opinion that the WoW modding scene's dwindling activity has very little to do with Blizzard's subscriber-base. Many people claim this, yet most mods are on Wrath of the Lich King which has nothing to do with Warlords of Draenor and retail servers.

    As such, I think the real reason is the lack of advertising. And I don't mean that in a commercial marketing sense. What I'm really trying to say is, we need to spread the word! Think of it this way: If every person in WoW modding introduced one other person to our hobby, then the modding scene would double in size. 

    So get out there and tell somebody! You have friends right? No? Well then tell mom and dad. Or maybe, if you're a part of a guild, and they have a Skype group or a website, then show them what WoW modding is! 

    We will soon even be offering printable pamphlets for you to hand out to your neighbors and your neighbor's neighbors. Just knock on their door and be very polite. Don't worry, if they don't want to talk about the word of modding, we will play for them.

    But seriously... do something guys ;)





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