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  1. What Are You Working On?

    testing custom wmo in legion
  2. What Are You Working On?

    fixed all the drenei anim from 7.3
  3. fix 7.3 anime for 335 to WOD only

    first I'm against private servers I only use model for personal and storytelling like machinima like Ventas in youtube how to fix open the anim file that have the problem in 010 delete this header well sit you need to delete the new header 41 46 4D 32 D0 3F 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
  4. I tried to edit the vale of eternal blossom so I converted the map to 335 edit in noggit then upconverted the map using luzifix upconverter to wod but ingame I see vertex shading spots bug  
  5. Legion Armor Models

    Kologarn parts use the same anim and its all attach as creature so when he attack all of his body play anim that look like one creature like when he attack his arm do the punch his face get angry or whatever etc and the link you send is attachment of the m2 its like where you want to put things like helm wings particule and where misssle get of etc
  6. [LEGION] - Big tutorials

    good work
  7. Looking for recent Noggit version.

    many people don't know how to compile it too I talked to steff before he said a new build will be puplic soon and also someone will make a very good tut for compiling noggit
  8. Legion Armor Models Kologarn parts is in sql all other creature they all have animation same as making creature mounts like some of the death knight cav in icecrown  
  9. WoD-like fire particles for WotLK

    thanks for your great work as always check my void blp V_VFX_Fire_Anim_Stylized_Desat_02.blp
  10. Questions on custom spells

    thanks friend
  11. Questions on custom spells

    can you give us a code to do the SharedDefines.h ?  
  12. Questions on custom spells

    not every spell only spell that ONLY_TARGET_PLAYERS. because sometimes other spells need this column   AttributesExC in
  13. Questions on custom spells

    spellmisc column 3 change it to 0
  14. [Legion]

    check amaroth youtube channel when he talk to m2 second thing in photoshop way better because when you edit in 010 you will lose all complete  transparent so better get photoshop and only duplicate the texture until it lose it transparent  
  15. [Legion] Possible .skin issue.

    I don't think is skel only hd drenei use skel file I think he is using the SD models I checked they have the same problem in animation like talking animation etc