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  1. Mesh separation

    did you joined the mesh together ? try wright the way you solve it so other who got the same-problem benefit from it
  2. futuristic buildings

    Version 1.0.0


    it was unfinished project I wanted to share the wmo it contain if im not wrong 30 buildings I may update it and add more sci fi stuff like jedi temple or spaceships with their bridge and corridors yet some are too big and some are normal for testing size ingame I wish to see a sci fi wow thanks to the modders and devolepers every thing is possible you can change size or edit it by @Skarn wonderfull plugins plz dont forget to check @Amaroth awsome channel credits go to the artists Kimball Denetso  Szymon Kedra  Stefan Kreller  Mathias Omotola  Joel Berberena  Andrey Petravchuk  Kevin de Gray  Israel Soteldo  Ragnar L. Borsheim Jun Aguelo  Strider Moore  Eddie Podesta  Josue Gonzalez  Hooman Bhr  Peter Koenen  Michal Gradziel  Aeron Miles    
  3. What Are You Working On?

    the lost ones look good but nothing better than the org spacegoat the eredar warlocks a bit hairy and scary
  4. Trinity Test Server

    best think is youtube you can search for different tut if you didn't like this one is this the tut that didn't work with ya    try telling them  here   if your very new to this there is repacks you can start testing on repacks
  5. WMO Import/Export Blender scripts [Updated 04.01.2017]

    you have to ask Skarn if he updated his plugins to work with uv mapping because wmo use blender and blender don't work with blp yet but if you really wanted to work you have first 1. convert to obj 2. convert the blp to png 3. edit in blender   I never tried to convert obj to wmo by the plugins yet I use mirror machine and the problem with that tool it cant convert obj with high triss so the bottom line is you have to wait for Skarn updates and tut
  6. Custom Static Character Select Screen

    nice tut Vlad well done
  7. Is it possible to assign geosets through 010 editor?

    nice work thanks Roccus  try to upload it into download section and write the name of the person who updated it because I test it even convert m2 with high poly and triss and only have 2 skin files
  8. Green Textures? [SOLVED]

    maybe you think its stupid but think about it this way other person had your same problem found your thread learned from it
  9. Is it possible to assign geosets through 010 editor?

    yup its possible to convert back from 335 convert the model by script lktocata and then do the same as converting wod to legion but don't change back the unit version to 274 keep it 272 and about  M2ModRedux version 4.8 I don't think there is  new release I think the latest is m2modredux 4.6 you may check here but Skarn told us that Miton is at the moment working on a  Blender plugin for .M2 models and about assign  geoset in 010 editor I don't think people will share that in public I will do if I know but 010 is a bit more pain in the head than pymodel editor you may ask Inicio very respecting, good person and very good at m2 but at the moment he is a bit busy  
  10. Green Textures? [SOLVED]

    throw the root .wmo to notepad and get the path for all the texture and then extract them
  11. Legion > Wotlk Multi Converter

    try extracting the ship from live they usualy bugged at ptr but if the problem still you have to wait for KJ encounter
  12. Legion > Wotlk Multi Converter

    try getting those wmos from previes expansion like mop cata
  13. Legion > Wotlk Multi Converter

    X-D better than wow april fool day
  14. WDBX Editor

    thanks for the new update keep up the incredible work
  15. [Solved Question] Spawning buildings with interiors

    thanks to Skarn he made a very helpful plugins for wmo customization you can join 2 wmo to a single one like a exterior with it interior