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  1. [Help] Legion map to wotlk 3.3.5a

    try MultiConverter_3.0.1.exe and NOT MultiConverter_3.1.1.exe
  2. Prince Arthas Menethil

    never thought Arthas as a twink
  3. Blend mode overrides (vertex alpha-like effect)

    thanks for the tut friend never thought someone will do a tut for blending animated textures
  4. 3D Armors

    if I remember the tut show how to link it to item in the database
  5. 3D Armors
  6. What Are You Working On?

    nice work could you do a tut on animated textures on creatures  ?
  7. Cloak model

    you need to change the render blendingmode to (alpha testing) flag to (two sided) its all in the m2 renderflags then apply the flag to the cloak in the skin01 file
  8. Blood Mod (for WotLK)

    Khorne approve
  9. Tree M2 Error

    well done
  10. Tree M2 Error

    you need to use the m2 template then go to render flags then change the renderflag for that part to alphatesting if you dont know the part just edit them all
  11. Tree M2 Error

    alpha testing renderflag in m2 and in skin01 order 16 in the mesh that you wanted to use that texture
  12. What Are You Working On?

    testing custom wmo in legion
  13. What Are You Working On?

    fixed all the drenei anim from 7.3
  14. fix 7.3 anime for 335 to WOD only

    first I'm against private servers I only use model for personal and storytelling like machinima like Ventas in youtube how to fix open the anim file that have the problem in 010 delete this header well sit you need to delete the new header 41 46 4D 32 D0 3F 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
  15. I tried to edit the vale of eternal blossom so I converted the map to 335 edit in noggit then upconverted the map using luzifix upconverter to wod but ingame I see vertex shading spots bug