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  1. nice release Inicio. As always keep it up.
  2. Casting animations

    Remove the highlighted line, then run the template.
  3. Areatrigger.dbc problem!

    don't be greedy ^^ if you fixed something don't remove the description of your problem, and add how you fixed it.
  4. Casting animations
  5. Casting animations

    I think yes in 010 there is two ways that I remember the easy way I didn't tried it yet but here its try replacing the animation you don't want with the one you want it worked for me with some spell in KJ
  6. What Are You Working On?

    your both gnomes no wonders
  7. Twilight Highlands to 3.3.5A

    I converted all my maps before with MultiConverter_3.0.1 for v3.2  I test most of the maps they work fine but still I'm not certain  
  8. Twilight Highlands to 3.3.5A

  9. Twilight Highlands to 3.3.5A

    in Yemen I lived in Makala its in south of Yemen  I live in Saudi now don't be rude to any we all are the same no matter Yemen or American nerd
  10. Twilight Highlands to 3.3.5A

    I'm not heavy weight anymore I was heavyweight free fighter but now I'm middle weight because my broken arm but brother is a monster the best fighter in my tribe      
  11. Twilight Highlands to 3.3.5A

    Mirko is a beast but he lost to Roy nelson here is the fight   but for me best other than arab fighter is Fedor the last emperor
  12. Twilight Highlands to 3.3.5A

  13. Twilight Highlands to 3.3.5A

    I never hit anyone in the face or his hand and told him to donate money to a person. I only said my opinion and my opinion is if a person who shared his tool for the public he deserve a donation. you want to accept my advice do it if not its your fucking money give it to anyone even the one who want take advantage of you.   I didn't talk about adpartan that he is the only one who deserve the donation many other did I said that to the op because he will benefit from the multi-converter and will make his task more easier. and no I shouldn't keep my opinion to my self   Lastly I don't know you and I cant read what is inside your head. So until now I don't know if you where joking or not. and there are people who take advantage of  people in this world. Mostly relying on other people hard-work.  
  14. Twilight Highlands to 3.3.5A

    what do you mean by micro managing I converted all my maps before with MultiConverter_3.0.1 everything worked perfectly even legion ones the multi converter is more updated specialy for m2s particules and animated texture use MultiConverter_3.0.1 its the best until now no bugs for adt   but its better to use the newest ver and comment the error to help the auther to advance his tool he did an amazing tool that make most legion m2s look very similar to legion you must appreciate that and help the auther by posting every bug you encounter
  15. Twilight Highlands to 3.3.5A

    Haha, you got me there.