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  1. Meshes and different textures

    I don't get what you mean :\ Which fields should I change?
  2. Vehicle.dbc

    Do you have any suggestions where I should look for Vehicle flagsB? Flags were listed in VehicleDefines.h, while VehicleSeat flags and flagsB were in DBCEnums.h
  3. Meshes and different textures

    There is only one .skin file - 00 (although the source model has skin 00 and 01). What should I change here?
  4. Meshes and different textures

    Hey! I'm editing the GilneasStagecoach.m2 model, which has two meshes and each uses its own texture. It looks normal in Blender, but when I export and convert to m2, the resulting m2 uses the same texture for both meshes. I know it's not a problem with the textures themselves, because changing that one line in 010 editor from Hardcoded to CreatureSkin1 and opening the model in WMV, you can change the texture for both meshes.
  5. Vehicle.dbc

    This is what happens:
  6. Vehicle.dbc

    Found flags and flagsB for VehicleSeat.dbc
  7. Vehicle.dbc

    The turning problem also happens when there is no carriage (so just two horses mounted on a harness npc).   I am doing some research at the moment. For now, I managed to find a list of possible Vehicle flags and power types (added to the wiki).
  8. Vehicle.dbc

    Ok, I managed to make the seat control the vehicle (by copying flags from some other entry in VehicleSeat.dbc. The horses even have the running animation when the carriage is running, but they turn in opposite directions, for some reason. So, when the carriage is turned left, both horses turn right. Can I fix that somehow? Also, the carriage has turning animations for ShuffleLeft and ShuffleRight but never uses them when in game. How can I make it use those animations when I turn it?
  9. Delet dis

  10. Reassign animation

  11. Vehicle.dbc

    I can't. I get an error message "You cannot do that yet"
  12. Vehicle.dbc

    Forget the harness, I just have one vehicle now. How do I allow players to control it?
  13. Vehicle.dbc

    Ok, I decided to use GilneasStagecoach.m2 (which has both the carriage and the harness as one model) for now, with the horses mounted on it. So, two questions for now: 1) How can I make the player in seat 3 (seats 1 and 2 are for the horses) control the vehicle? 2)   
  14. Vehicle.dbc

    /cast Dark Resurrection Hey! I managed to create a diligence combining 4 NPCs: the harness has two horses and the carriage mounted on it (the horses and the carriage are mountable) As far as I know, that is the only way (and the way Blizzard did it, I think) to combine them. However, that creates an issue: I want players to mount the horses and control them, with the carriage following. How can I do that? Also, a side question: I used vehicle id 959 for the carriage. It has all the right seats and animations, but it doesn't allow people to dismount (the button isn't there). How can I fix that?