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  1. Modeling in Blender using m2mod

    Should work
  2. Modeling in Blender using m2mod

    Which model is it?
  3. Free server hosting

    I doubt I'll have anywhere close to 100 players, and my DB size is just a tiny bit more than the usual cata blizzlike DB. And I imagine it makes the most sense to get the VPS somewhere between my location and the location of my players, right?
  4. Modeling in Blender using m2mod

    Which expansion is the original m2 from? And which model exactly is it?
  5. Modeling in Blender using m2mod

    As you can see, that line is under the "M2->M2i Conversion" category, while under "M2i->M2 Conversion" it says Open the folder with M2mod 4.5 and launch M2ModRedux.exe.
  6. Modeling in Blender using m2mod

    I suspect you used m2mod 4.6.1 for m2i->m2 conversion, while you should've used 4.5 for that. Also, it's not my program
  7. Free server hosting

  8. Free server hosting

    Wait, perhaps you're not russian... I thought you are for some reason
  9. Free server hosting

    I don't mind a provider in Russia, if you can recommend one. However, I'd like to know what are the requirements/recommended parameters for a wow server hosting (disk space/ram/platform/etc.)?
  10. Free server hosting

    Could you suggest a specific provider, or some search categories to fit WoW?
  11. Blade of Olympus

    Took many hours of tireless work at fixing the UV maps (basically, manually redoing them) and adding custom effects (the original model came with no glows or anything like that), but here it is Atlast Side view:
  12. Replacing

    The item_template table (SQL) has a DisplayID column. Those IDs are entries in ItemDisplayInfo.dbc
  13. Vehicle.dbc

  14. Vehicle.dbc

    I know, but the fields in CreatureSoundData seem rather specific, and I'm not sure as to which Sound entry goes into which field (such as Jingles or Wheels)
  15. Vehicle.dbc

    I found these sound entries for the carriage, but there is no entry in CreatureSoundData that uses them. Would it be possible for me to create one, stick those sound entries into the right fields, and then make another carriage model use them in the same fashion?