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  1. [Solved] Spell's trouble

    It's possible that there are other requirements (class/race/faction/level) for the item. Have you checked those?
  2. WoWMod Launcher

    Which wow versions are supported?
  3. Random

    Well, then it's quite lame of them to show it
  4. Random

    I know, but the avatar doesn't have to resemble him perfectly
  5. Random

    So how do you guys like blizzcon announcements? Personally, I'm getting ready to steal *mad voice* ALL THE MODELS  
  6. Texture replace on wmo

    Open your WMO file with 010 editor. At the right you'll see texture names. Find the original (abandoned) texture there and replace it with the one you want. An example:
  7. Texture replace on wmo

    Can't you just take the clear texture, give it the same name as the abandoned one and add it to a patch? That would replace all of those abandoned textures though. You could also open the wmo file in 010 editor and change the texture name there to the one you need.
  8. Vehicle.dbc

    That's very useful, thanks! Words aren't always the problem though. I now understand the difference between yaw and pitch, but I don't understand the overall meaning of some fields. Basically, what do they do? The fields are:  mouseLookOffsetPitch cameraPitchOffset facingLimit[Right/Left] msslTrgt[Turn/Pitch/Mouse]Lingering msslTrgtEndOpacity cameraYawOffset uiLocomotionType
  9. Vehicle.dbc

  10. Issue with MDX to M2 converters not working

    Aren't most of the models in dbc's written as .mdx?
  11. Vehicle.dbc

    Hey! That language barrier hit me hard when I tried to edit Vehicle.dbc. Could anyone explain what each of those fields does?
  12. Issue with MDX to M2 converters not working

    Could anyone explain the difference between mdx and m2, and any reason to convert between the two?
  13. Best client to retro-port from.

    I would imagine it's best to get the version closest to your client
  14. Texture Swap.

    Just import A to blender (using m2i or obj, depending on the model), then open the UV map window and open the texture of B, then map all the vertices as you wish