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  1. MoP adding new races

    As you can see in what I wrote above, I did update my interface files, the problem is that my client IGNORES any lua/xml files I put into mpqs
  2. Discord - Bringing everyone together

    Very well, a private server discord for relaxed chatting No need to be so pessimistic, @wungasaurus ; )
  3. Discord - Bringing everyone together

    There already exists a WoW Modding discord, no need for a new one
  4. MoP adding new races

    The problem is that they appear to have been removed (it reads all other files, like models, dbcs, maps, etc) but it still doesn't read. I also tried using the exe from @Elrena's loginscreen patch, which must have the restriction removed, but it doesn't either
  5. Thanatos, God of Death

    Taxi to the Underworld, cheap and painful.
  6. MoP adding new races

    As you can see in the spoiler, I have edited that. The problem is that my client ignores any edits I make in lua/xml
  7. What Are You Working On?

    Nvm, found it, it's collections_armor_kultirasnpccivilian_c_01
  8. What Are You Working On?

    Are you sure?
  9. What Are You Working On?

    That is lovely! Which model is that (I mean the collection model)? I've been working on something similar (in geosets, though, because MoP) and it'd be much easier to just get blizzard's bone weights
  10. Neltharion the Earth-Warder

    Thank you
  11. What Are You Working On?

    How exactly does the lower part of the robe work? Is it just static?
  12. Modeling in Blender using m2mod

    You'd have to use m2mod 4.8 to export in legion format. There might be other peculiarities, but I'm not the person to ask as I've never ever done anything in WoD or Legion
  13. MoP adding new races

    I'm following an old tutorial on adding custom races and I did all the required xml/lua edits, however I'm still getting the following errors:   My edited files:
  14. Julien du Casse

    Que l'enfer que tu trouveras soit le fruit de ton insouciance.
  15. 3D Armors

    I know that @Skarn is working on an M2 addon for blender, so in case you don't mind sharing the code, it really could help the modding community