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  1. WMO Editor crash

      I used the addon to remove the wagons which were blocking the way to the church in Stratholme, but I got this as a result (and some sort of invisible wall stil prevents me from going through, btw) This is the tunnel to the church:  
  2. WMO Editor crash

    I know, but what are the rules regarding the folders/exe files they should point to, should there be a / at the end, etc.?
  3. WMO Editor crash

    No need, I updated blender to 2.78c and it works fine now. However, I don't see the doodads when I load the wmo. Is there a tutorial on how to change those settings (e.g. wow path) properly?
  4. WMO Editor crash

    I'm using blender 2.78b and the latest version of the addon (just downloaded from github)
  5. WMO Editor crash

    I found it on github, but I get an error when I try to enable the addon Also, I remember having used it some time ago, and I don't think it included doodad editing. Are you sure it does now?
  6. WMO Editor crash

    Another problem with wmo editor: I used to be perfectly able to load big wmos (such as Stormwind, Undercity, etc.) with WMO editor, but now it keeps giving me the "System.IO.FileNotFoundException", even though the file is clearly present in the MPQ archive.' Could someone help me deal with this issue, or at least suggest another tool/way to remove unwanted doodads from a WMO?
  7. Medivh the Guardian

    Magus Medivh has returned to protect Azeroth, and with a brand-new (HotS ripoff) skin!
  8. Medivh model reimport problem

    I can swear I saw it here recently, but I can't find it anymore. Do you happen to have a link?
  9. Medivh model reimport problem


    If you're using MySQL Workbench, open your connection there and go to Server > Data Export. Then select all the schemas/databases/things and choose "Export to Self-Contained File" below. On your computer, create a new connection with similar properties, and do Server > Data Import > Import from Self-Contained File
  11. My RPH Characters gear

    Oh my
  12. My RPH Characters gear

    I like it, but I would say the shoulderpads are too spherical (almost bubbly), and the shoulders should go deeper inside them (so move them a bit down and closer together). Also, did you edit the character model to get that 1/3 skirt?
  13. My RPH Characters gear

    Unless you're gay  
  14. Using Git(Hu/La)b

  15. Using Git(Hu/La)b

    Rmb -> GitExt Clone... > *insert details* > Clone