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  1. Replacing

    The item_template table (SQL) has a DisplayID column. Those IDs are entries in ItemDisplayInfo.dbc
  2. Vehicle.dbc

  3. Vehicle.dbc

    I know, but the fields in CreatureSoundData seem rather specific, and I'm not sure as to which Sound entry goes into which field (such as Jingles or Wheels)
  4. Vehicle.dbc

    I found these sound entries for the carriage, but there is no entry in CreatureSoundData that uses them. Would it be possible for me to create one, stick those sound entries into the right fields, and then make another carriage model use them in the same fashion?
  5. Vehicle.dbc

    How the hell does creature 44928 (one of those gilneas carriages) have sounds when all the "sound" fields in CreatureDisplayInfo/ModelData are 0?! 
  6. Legion Armor Models

    Yes, I know, that's the point. I'm looking for ways to replicate that
  7. Legion Armor Models

    I think I found something! Take a look at https://wowdev.wiki/M2#Attachments, M2Track<uchar> animate_attached;
  8. Vehicle.dbc

    I know, but I thought the client sails as its server commands. So, do I understand correctly, that the client is taken from blizzard (obviously) and the server is hand-made by the TrinityCore enthusiasts in order to provide the client with values so that it, through mechanisms mostly unknown, produces the desired result?
  9. Vehicle.dbc

    But it does work somehow, doesn't it? If not the server, what makes it work?
  10. Vehicle.dbc

    Why does searching for any flag in the whole code only show it in the list of flags? As if the game doesn't actually use them anywhere
  11. Poseidon

    Tremble, mortals and despair! Poseidon, god of the Sea himself has returned to rule his fishy realm once again!
  12. Delays

    I haven't yet checked all those things, but I have noticed something: initially there is no delay at all (tried with 3 people online), but if some of them relog on different characters a couple of times, a bigger and bigger delay appears each time. I tried this with different wifis and there was no difference at all, so it's safe to assume that the delay has nothing to do with internet connection
  13. Legion armor texture not working

    Oh my
  14. Legion armor texture not working

    I'm using BLPLab for converting textures, but I don't really know how to use it in command line. Could you suggest another tool? Also, am I supposed to use that code on the original blp from Legion, or convert it to png first?
  15. Legion armor texture not working

    I use Cata, but it worked anyway, thank you very much! For GIMP users such as myself, you can also do Image->Mode->Indexed... (although it does something to transparency, where edges that are supposed to become transparent gradually are cut sharply)