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  1. Downporting creature models

    I don't think this script converts TO legion, does it? I imagine your models are invisible because all of them were converted to cata. Try Koward's java m2 converter, you can set the expansion there
  2. Downporting creature models

    Have you tried converting with Adspartan's converter to wotlk and then upconverting to 7.2? I've done this with models from 7.3 (except I'm on cata, not 7.2) and they work fine
  3. Downporting creature models

    Have you tried, instead of converting directly 7.3->7.2, to import the 7.3 into blender, and then export from blender in the 7.2 format (I mean import/export through m2i, obviously)? That way vertices should keep the assigned bones, weights, etc.
  4. Downporting creature models

    Select the needed vertex and then For easiness I suggest importing the original (unconverted) model to blender in order to look up which bones with which values are used
  5. Downporting creature models

    Perhaps those vertices just aren't linked to the right bones? You can do that in blender
  6. Cloak model

    What I meant is deleting the cloak mesh, or making it empty, while replacing the eyeglow geoset, for example. with the actual cloak mesh, and activating it through a spell such as the one you linked in chat
  7. 7.3.5 Saurfang,Nathanos,Baine to Wotlk 3.3.5

    A tonne is 1000 kg
  8. Cloak model

    I tried following your tutorial exactly, but PyModelEditor seems unable to Edit Textures of the humanmale model (wotlk version) and gives error key 15. Also, in the .skin files, there was no d4 field, so I assumed, judging by order, that it's the one called op_count in the template I'm using (which seems to be the same as yours, except for this) and changed that. In the end, nothing really changed (same results as I posted before). An unrelated thought: the client does allow transparency for the character's eyeglow. Would it be possible to fool it by switching the two around and the activating the needed geoset by spell applied on item equip, for example?
  9. 7.3.5 Saurfang,Nathanos,Baine to Wotlk 3.3.5

    I tried to compile casc explorer (together with casc lib and stuff) but it keeps giving me a tonne of errors
  10. Cloak model

    Is there any way to change that? I mean, is that server-side or inside the client itself?
  11. Cloak model

    Didn't help, unfortunately
  12. Cloak model

    Ok, so I'm testing this cloak and so far I could only get these results: Opaque/Mod/Decal: Add/Mod2x: Fade/Deeprun_Tram: Unk_wod (kinda like opaque with unlit flag):   Whereas I want the red stuff to be completely opaque, while the black stuff (the texture IS transparent there, and blplab identifies it as such if you click show/hide alpha) to be completely transparent
  13. 7.3.5 Saurfang,Nathanos,Baine to Wotlk 3.3.5

    Idk, I thought that's how it got the keys for the encrypted models. I downloaded the last listfile from bloerwald and my casc still can't open any of the textures for Sargeras' sword
  14. 7.3.5 Saurfang,Nathanos,Baine to Wotlk 3.3.5

    How did you extract them? Casc explorer hasn't been updated
  15. Cloak model

    Hey! I just tried doing that by changing the render flag used by the geoset, I even tried changing all possible render flags to the same thing - it all acts seemingly right (textures become kinda transparent when it's mod2x and no flags, for example), but the transparent area of the texture is still black color, as if it is in the texture itself!