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  1. Custom Mounts Cataclysm 4.3.4? How?

    I suggest going to WoWDev.wiki and looking through spell-related pages in search for any flags that mention mounts. If there is a flag field, but the possible values aren't listed, have a look at your core's DBCEnums, etc.  MountType and MountCapability are probably involved, so make sure to check those. Also, just in case, I would see if there are any special flags for npcs summoned by mount spells  
  2. Downporting BFA models to 7.1

  3. Custom Mounts Cataclysm 4.3.4? How?

    Shouldn't it be in the mounts menu?
  4. Harid bug in the yelm

    This is set in HelmetGeosetVisData and referenced in ItemDisplayInfo
  5. What Are You Working On?

  6. What Are You Working On?

    I linked the tutorial there
  7. MoP adding new races

    As you can see in what I wrote above, I did update my interface files, the problem is that my client IGNORES any lua/xml files I put into mpqs
  8. Discord - Bringing everyone together

    Very well, a private server discord for relaxed chatting No need to be so pessimistic, @wungasaurus ; )
  9. Discord - Bringing everyone together

    There already exists a WoW Modding discord, no need for a new one
  10. MoP adding new races

    The problem is that they appear to have been removed (it reads all other files, like models, dbcs, maps, etc) but it still doesn't read. I also tried using the exe from @Elrena's loginscreen patch, which must have the restriction removed, but it doesn't either
  11. Thanatos, God of Death

    Taxi to the Underworld, cheap and painful.
  12. MoP adding new races

    As you can see in the spoiler, I have edited that. The problem is that my client ignores any edits I make in lua/xml
  13. What Are You Working On?

    Nvm, found it, it's collections_armor_kultirasnpccivilian_c_01
  14. What Are You Working On?

    Are you sure?
  15. What Are You Working On?

    That is lovely! Which model is that (I mean the collection model)? I've been working on something similar (in geosets, though, because MoP) and it'd be much easier to just get blizzard's bone weights