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  1. Legion > Wotlk Multi Converter

    Thanks! Everything is working now (though I used the 3.1.0 converter). However, the problem now is that I have too many doodads: Is there a way I can remove that stupid floating bridge using 010 editor?
  2. Random

    An improvised Azeroth felogram
  3. Amaroth's Gobject Patch

    Hey! I tried to run that SQL file (the light version) on my server, but it only produces this error for every single object:  
  4. Alpha Ironforge 1.x-6.x

    Any luck yet?
  5. Legion > Wotlk Multi Converter

    Update: I used that ModelConverter3 you linked for World\wmo\BrokenIsles\Legion\7LG_Legion_CommandCenter01_Horizontal.wmo, and also added it's doodad m2 (also converted), and it now works fine. I suspect I might have a similar doodad problem with Kil'jaeden's ship. Is there a way to check the doodad list for that wmo?
  6. Legion > Wotlk Multi Converter

    Converted World\wmo\Dungeon\TombOfSargerasRaid\7DU_TombOfSargeras_KiljaedenShip.wmo and World\wmo\BrokenIsles\Legion\7LG_Legion_CommandCenter01_Horizontal.wmo crash the client when I try to spawn them (as gameobjects)
  7. WMO Import/Export Blender scripts [Updated 04.01.2017]

    I tried to drag and drop Undercity.wmo, Undercity.wmo with all the group wmos, a folder with Undercity.wmo and all the group wmos - the converter window opens, but it's empty
  8. WMO Import/Export Blender scripts [Updated 04.01.2017]

    How can I do that?
  9. WMO Import/Export Blender scripts [Updated 04.01.2017]

    This one is for Undercity.wmo:
  10. WMO Import/Export Blender scripts [Updated 04.01.2017]

    Hey! I've tried loading Undercity.wmo and some ship wmo - neither of them worked. Could it be because they were extracted from a Cata client?
  11. Quest question

    Yes, but after the condition is checked, I need a certain smart script not to allow the boat to move, an it has to be checked during movement, so that if the boat collides with the shore, it would get stuck. Unfortunately, there is nothing similar to SMART_EVENT_CONDITION_CHANGE, so I have to choose another event type, and I really don't know which.   So, for the vehicle being mounted (or not), is it SMART_EVENT_CHARMED 0/1 or SMART_EVENT_PASSENGER_BOARDED/REMOVED?
  12. Quest question

    This worked wonderfully. Thank you so much! AIName wasn't the problem. I'm not sure what was, but I think it was my quest type that was set to 2, or some flags, or whatever. It's complicated : ) Anyway, following the example of that Creepy Crate quest, I just made that object to be questender and give the item as quest reward. So, basically, the whole quest, meaning getting it, doing it, and completing it - works fine. However, there's one thing left: would it be possible, for example using that conditions table, to make the object disappear (and never return) after being used to complete the quest, but only for the player who completed the quest? In short, for the player who is doing the quest, it would look as if he picked up the object, therefore it is no longer where it used to be. New players, however, would still see it there, because they haven't picked it up yet. And another question on SmartAI, if you don't mind: I made a boat vehicle creature (the vehicle nature of it works fine, just in case), and I want it to do the following things: Every time it is unmounted (PASSENGER_REMOVED or CHARMED with param 1, maybe?) it needs to change it's original position (isn't that what SET_HOME_POS does?) to it's current coordinates, so that even after the server is restarted, it would spawn there Since it's using a waterwalk aura, I can't just spawn it on the water - it has to be a little bit below the water surface (z = -0.48, to be exact) in order to look partially submerged, like normal boats. I want the boats to jump to this coordinate (only Z) every time they are spawned/respawned/mounted. You know, in case they've been moved up/down somehow or whatever. Not being able to walk/run on land Could you help me with these?
  13. Alpha Ironforge 1.x-6.x

    It crashes my Cata client though
  14. Alpha Ironforge 1.x-6.x

    Sounds awesome! Will try the moment I get home.  What do you mean by  ? Are you talking about some textures which are not contained in the average wow client? Is there any way we can get them then?
  15. Quest question

    After a little research, I came up with some ideas as to how to proceed with this: Try target type 27 (SMART_TARGET_LOOT_RECIPIENTS). This leaves me with the problem of the gameobject being available for looting to any players, not just those with the quest Try a completely different method: Change gobject type to 2(QUESTGIVER) Add it to the gameobject_questender table Add a smart script with event type 20(SMART_EVENT_REWARD_QUEST), action type 56(SMART_ACTION_ADD_ITEM), and target type 7(SMART_TARGET_ACTION_INVOKER)  The latter seems like a good option, because since the event is quest-related, it will only give the item to characters with the quest. However, I don't know whether questgiver gobjects work similarly to chest objects in being visible only to characters who have the related quest (for chests, the id goes to data8). Moreover, given the weirdness of the whole SmartAI system, I don't know whether the whole thing will actually work. To add the quest, I could do the following: Add an entry to AreaTrigger.dbc with the coordinates of the character starting point Add it to the areatrigger_scripts table with ScriptName "SmartTrigger" Make a smart script with event type 46(SMART_EVENT_AREATRIGGER_ONTRIGGER), action type 7 (SMART_ACTION_OFFER_QUEST) and Param2=1, and target type 7(SMART_ACTION_INVOKER) However, I would expect this to give the quest to all players who step into the trigger, not just newly created characters, which is a problem. Would it be possible to add into the smart script a check whether the quest has been previously completed by the character? Also, the functionality of the ACTION_INVOKER target type is questionable.