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  1. Copying blizzlike ADT messes up chunks

    What do you mean? Does it only happen when you open it with Noggit and the WoW client at the same time? Besides that, maybe some wrong flags? I never played with all the flags around yet but i know that they sometimes mess up things when using improperly.
  2. [Preview] Northeron Isles

    Looks great! I also love that you gave the underwater world all these details.
  3. Questions on custom spells

    Maybe there's something already wrong in the CSV file?
  4. Questions on custom spells

    Did you try a different DBC editor?
  5. Questions on custom spells

    Try to remove the changes you made and reapply them one by one to find out what broke it. There's nothing more we and you could do.
  6. Core editing question

    I haven't tested anything but i think i found the places which you need to modify: https://gitlab.com/trinitycore/TrinityCore_434/blob/4.3.4/src/server/game/Entities/Player/Player.cpp#L1951 and / or https://gitlab.com/trinitycore/TrinityCore_434/blob/4.3.4/src/server/game/Entities/Player/Player.cpp#L22738 Maybe one of these lines is for something else but in both cases it checks if the player is a DK and has the spell 50977 already
  7. Poll - What do you want to see on YouTube

    I would love to see level design tutorials! I suck at making good looking things with Noggit.
  8. Noggit, only save one Map Tile?

    I fixed all the duplications a while ago, if you notice a situation where they still will duplicate, please message me (PM or in skype, i think we still have us in skype )
  9. Noggit, only save one Map Tile?

    Where's the problem with saving all files when they are unchanged?
  10. Did someone got this models ?

    I'm not sure if Blizz is using MPQ or CASC files in the SC2 client, but you could check that by downloading their client. Afaik it's free 2 play if you don't want to play the campaign or ranked multiplayer games. If they use them, you could try to extract them from there.
  11. We never denied that Legion modding is possible - We know it is possible. Everything we need to mod it succesfully is informations. It's great that he found some informations that we don't have yet - But if he wants us to idolize (is this the correct word? i think so) him to share his found informations, we really don't need him or his knowledge. There are enough intelligent people out there who will find out such things sooner or later and share it. And this isn't the first time he's like that.
  12. You're using all the knowledge that other people gathered over all the years and using all the tools that other people developed and probably never said thanks to schlumpf and co for releasing all their informations and now you're pissed because schlumpf reminded you to add your knowledge to the wiki (so others can learn from that and starting development on new stuff like you did too) instead of telling you how great you are? Seriously, fuck off, we don't need people like you. You never give, you only take. Sadly i only got the moderator rank to help out Skarn with some plugins for the forum, otherwise i would have permanently banned you. You are a disgusting person.
  13. What Are You Working On?

    Fixed that for you