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  1. How to add models to CASC in Legion ?

    There are modified executables that can load files locally. Those work up to 7.2.5. Using these exe you can simply add the files to your folder in the correct stucture. But be aware that you need to calculate a FileID for all „new“ additions to the game or have to overwrite existing files and use their file ID.
  2. MoP adding new races

    Reading files and interface protection is 2 diffrent things. About the exe of somone else I cant say much.
  3. MoP adding new races

    Yes and that needs a sopcial executable that fixes this not entierly sure if somone did that for mop I did remove it for WoD 6.2.4 This is done whith hex editin the executable.
  4. MoP adding new races

    The error you are getting is due to an interface File called charCreation or something where the maximum amount of Races is set to a  fixed number. This needs to be fixed in your client. 
  5. Problem is if I only do it on obj1 I get a streaming error if I try to load into the game. ---> see modcraft
  6. Hey, tried your script today I converted both obj (o and 1) becasue otherwise i got a streaming error. Now when I enter the map I have no ground as you can see on the screenshot. Any idea what might cause this?
  7. Hello, I managed to break the XML protection on the last WoD version. This allows in depth editing of the Interface.   Edits: 1. Loading Files directly from you game folder (because we currently can't edit CASC) - Original files with this edit can be found on ownedcore 2. Patched to allow you connect to a private server (simply put in the Ip in WTF/Config) - Done with connection patcher from trinity core 3. Removed GlueXML protection from the Exe - Done by me   How to Use: Simply place the exe in your game folder and your good to go   Additional Info 1. This exe has no CDNS setup. So I recommend only using this on a full downloaded Client. 2. Only use for modding purposes not to play on other servers (They may have own edits) 3. If you encounter a error saying you lack some sort of startup strings. Add this to your WTF/ SET agentUID "wow_deDE" (instead of deDE use the locale of your client like enUS)   Download:!Kt0hlD4J!pvzAiU3zgrCOfkgCBxLsUPMtb3IgunuCMtlWG0nCjfw   Edits in 010 So in case you want todo it by yourself here are the byte edits:   x86: 02 00 00 00 84 5D 14 74 Edit to: 02 00 00 00 84 5D 14 70 29 FF D1 FF 59 84 C0 74 Edit to: 29 FF D1 FF 59 84 C0 75 E8 50 49 CE FF 50 E8 BD 24 C5 FF 83 7E 28 00 0F 95 C0 0F B6 C0 50 Edit to: E8 50 49 CE FF 50 E8 BD 24 C5 FF 6A 00 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 B1 D1 C2 FF 68 7B 51 05 01 6A 03 Edit to: B1 D1 C2 FF 68 7B 51 05 01 6A 02 BE 7B 51 05 01 56 6A 03 Edit to: BE 7B 51 05 01 56 6A 02 FB 00 8B 5D 08 68 75 51 05 01 6A 01 Edit to: FB 00 8B 5D 08 68 75 51 05 01 6A 00 x64: 02 00 00 00 40 F6 C5 01 0F 84 Edit to: 02 00 00 00 40 F6 C5 01 0F 80 74 3D 4C 8D 05 7E 53 8E Edit to: 75 3D 4C 8D 05 7E 53 8E  
  8. Make OBJTOM2 M2 work with Legion.

    In Legion they removed DBC/db2 structure that handles file path's and replaced the whole system with a hasing process which makes legion close to impossible to mod at all. Here you can see what exactly I mean. In order to make "new" content you need to generate this hashvalue. So good luck with that. If that makes you break all this your welcome but Its most unlikely atm.
  9. What Are You Working On?

    +1 Rep for comment of the Day
  10. [Legion] WIP Mop/Mop ADTS format to Legion

    So the m2s dont have any camera issues or collision issues? And yes give the logic to luzi he will upodate his converter.
  11. [Legion] WIP Mop/Mop ADTS format to Legion

    Yes and nwo tets that witha n m2. Wmos had bounding boxes since ages. m2 have them since WoD
  12. [Question] How to mod WoD client 6.2.3

    Okay basicly I reccomend using 6.2.4 You need a executable that allowes you to laod files from your folder. From that point on you can simpyl modify date nearly the same way you did for 3.3.5. Luzifix has also released a 3.3.5 to WoD converter which lets you port up maps.
  13. [Legion] WIP Mop/Mop ADTS format to Legion

    Its still due to the missing bounding box entries. you probably dont have in the ADT.
  14. [Legion] WIP Mop/Mop ADTS format to Legion

    then you will have a problem anyway if you want to find your own way to Legion modding.
  15. [Legion] WIP Mop/Mop ADTS format to Legion

    Go use luzis code as a base basicly this + all legiosn spesific stuff should work purfectly