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  1. Stuck in my head. One of my champ's have a problem with upshowing weapons of npc's. Somebody have a straight tut for me?

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    2. Basto&co


      Thanks a lot, @Zehlendorf . Well know this video, but might dont help. Let me explain the prob: Also when he spawn a NPC, for example a standard stormwind guard who have by default a weapon - its not upshowing. Its like... there is a command missing or smth. like that. 


    3. Zehlendorf


      Hmm i had that problem, but was because i use a custom Item.dbc, and I do all the steps in the video, first generate in my db all the missed items that are in the originally Item.dbc, then generate a new Item.dbc with all that missed items and the custom ones, then all the npcs in this case the guardians of stormwind or orgrimmar appears with their own weps without any problem.

    4. Zehlendorf


      That's all I did and it worked, I remember it was a headache because I had created custom bosses but the weapon did not show, after doing the steps of the video everything was perfect, I doubt there is any command or something similar. Good Luck