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  1. Static M2 edits in Legion

    Are static M2 edits in Legion, for shoulders, helmets, weapons, etc.. Still not working?   Obj to M2 was my method, and it just doesn't work for Legion. I can't believe for a moment that there's seriously no way to edit them and replace current ingame weapons / shoulders. 
  2. Legion tools out yet?

    So, I've been away working at my 3D portfolio for future employment. Just wondering if there's a legion m2mod tool out or anything similar, the current one corrupts some Legion character model's geosets. (Bloodelves and Nightelves afaik)
  3. Make OBJTOM2 M2 work with Legion.

    For model edits idk.  
  4. Make OBJTOM2 M2 work with Legion.

    I still don't know how to make a static M2 from scratch and replace a current ingame file.
  5. Skin file LOD distance

    When you say both Cvars, which ones do you mean exactly?   
  6. Skin file LOD distance

    Sorry, I've tried all the LodDist Cvars, nothing works. Unless I'm missing one, what do I change?  
  7. Skin file LOD distance

    _lod.skin, sorry.
  8. Skin file LOD distance

    So since the introduction of skinfile LODs, I've had trouble with them, and never quite figured out how to change the LODs so it doesn't look fucky like five feet away. I'm sure it is a simple fix, like changing a byte in 010 editor, but from what I can see it isn't documented, even in wowdev.  
  9. how's this thread still up and running lol.
  10. editing models in legion help

    If it was just a simple model edit thing, I could help you, but I don't do dbc related stuff, in any case if you didn't already know, they added a prefix 'MD21' plus the four chunks after it, you don't need to do any dbc related stuff.
  11. Phantom of the Opera.

    22996. And that's just what came to mind when I saw the shape around his eye xD.
  12. Phantom of the Opera.

    Anyone got a clue?
  13. Phantom of the Opera.

    Sing once again with meOur strange duetMy power over you grows stronger yetAnd though you turn from me to glance behindThe Phantom of the Opera is thereInside your mind. Completely unintentional, looking for a fix, the issue isn't in the texture, or to do with normals, I'm not sure what it is, but it's VERY annoying. Thank you kindly!  
  14. Make OBJTOM2 M2 work with Legion.

    What If I'm just editing a static M2, not making a new one? How do I merge the old one with the new one? 
  15. Make OBJTOM2 M2 work with Legion.

    So we're fucked then? No custom made M2s?