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  1. Creating water oscilators

    The only texture I found related to the ripples was the spawn shape of them, it's all physics based I'm pretty sure. And I'm taking about the circular ones yeah.
  2. Creating water oscilators

    Is it possible to create objects that simulate ripples in the water without making major changes to the water shader in game its self?     For example I've done this with NPCs on my server previously, simply added waypoints for the NPC on the Z axis, increased the NPCs speed, and it basically bounced on the water creating ripples, an invisible NPC. But for constant ripples, what would need to be done?    
  3. OBJ to WMO (Legion) - HELP!

    you what
  4. Wow to Unreal 4 solo project

    Ah so you're keeping the cartoony lowpoly look then?
  5. Wow to Unreal 4 solo project

    Ah hey, considered doing the trees in Speedtree, keeping the same style ofc?    I did some of this stuff awhile back, but went for a more realistic approach, but still kept it looking Warcraft-y. It's all in the light, the post processing, and the material shaders. Consider some references; Stormwind in the VR trailer for the movie Goldshire in the movie Detailed art pieces.
  6. OBJ to WMO (Legion) - HELP!

    I just want to get the file working its self, then I'll worry about implementing it via DBC.. for now I'm just replacing it, but it still doesnt work. 
  7. OBJ to WMO (Legion) - HELP!

    so wmos for legion just arent possible?  
  8. OBJ to WMO (Legion) - HELP!

    It might be, Kranimal.    I'll try this, but so far nothing has worked. Also, I exported it with just one material on it and it reverted to the old WMO in the actual game data.
  9. OBJ to WMO (Legion) - HELP!

    So, I'm trying to convert an object into WMO format using the blender plugin.  I get it exported just fine, ingame I see nothing but the collision is working. I don't know what DBC groups to put it is, I don't know what export settings so I just go with default. It's a dock wmo, so fully outdoors, no portals. Please help :(.
  10. Mesh normals are bad ingame

    M2mod automatically makes the normals retarded everytime I change the format to M2i. I have to go through a roundabout way of fixing this each time and it's fairly annoying to have to incorporate that into my usual process. 
  11. Static M2 edits in Legion

    Are static M2 edits in Legion, for shoulders, helmets, weapons, etc.. Still not working?   Obj to M2 was my method, and it just doesn't work for Legion. I can't believe for a moment that there's seriously no way to edit them and replace current ingame weapons / shoulders. 
  12. Legion tools out yet?

    So, I've been away working at my 3D portfolio for future employment. Just wondering if there's a legion m2mod tool out or anything similar, the current one corrupts some Legion character model's geosets. (Bloodelves and Nightelves afaik)
  13. Make OBJTOM2 M2 work with Legion.

    For model edits idk.  
  14. Make OBJTOM2 M2 work with Legion.

    I still don't know how to make a static M2 from scratch and replace a current ingame file.
  15. Skin file LOD distance

    When you say both Cvars, which ones do you mean exactly?