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  1. ah i see well thanks anyway 
  2. I can honestly say im impressed by how well it works an was wandering is there any plans at this stage as to  supporting up to legion as well? other then that nice job
  3. Basically im looking for a good 010 script that is able to convert models up to legion Similar to how allistor's script does the opposite effect as in makeing the specific m2 model be able to work in legion  instead Any Help would be much appreciated p.s thanks 
  4. Modeling in Blender using m2mod

    actualy delete my second comment realised i was looking at the correct forum post any help would be apppreaciated
  5. Modeling in Blender using m2mod

    whopds wrong thread  
  6. Modeling in Blender using m2mod

    Is there a way to do this but to older models upconvert to legion itself?
  7. .

    Unlike some id actualy love for these things to be worked on Also people please stop bitching about random shit  P.S keep up the good work rangorn  
  8. Legion > Wotlk Multi Converter

    Is this thing still being worked on? 
  9. Classic Azeroth in Cata+

    i have a problem. I put my map in but for some reason the cata objects remain however without collision can you by chance please explain what iv done wrong?  
  10. ADTConverter

    Any chance of this getting An update To be able to convert maps to legion? 
  11. Classic Azeroth in WoD, old WMO's still there

    Acctualy instead of what i previously asked would you mind shareing what adt converter you used it would be extreemly helpfull  P.s thanks keep up the good work
  12. Classic Azeroth in WoD, old WMO's still there

    Mind Shareing Your version of the map? i have been looking for a good coverter myself for a while with no such luck and yeah (: