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  1. Glove & Boot Attachments missing

    For Legion < It's a very tedious task. attachment works differently on older version you can't bind multiple of them in one time. you have to split the (collection) into pieces and bind them to item as a spell which is bind to an attachment on character m2.  look at this post there's one collection per race and about 24 pieces per collections. for splitting a collection you can start with adding a spell to an attachement you can refer to In extra you can take a look at (part 1 & 2)   also since 3D are only simulated it won't be perfect such as when you jump they won't follow your movements etc etc
  2. List_Root Text > SQL Converter

    Thanks =) Edited.
  3. List_Root Text > SQL Converter

    Version 1.0.0


    Hey guys ! I'm here again with a new tool that i use to convert text file from list_root into SQL format. example : Input : 0000053183.all 404522913ab0414b25ec8f4c0d836fd1 sound/music/citymusic/darnassus/darnassus intro.mp3 Output : INSERT INTO `FileDataComplete_Legion` VALUES (53183,"darnassus intro.mp3","sound/music/citymusic/darnassus/");   README : How to use ? Place Listfile.txt / root  (from casc) into tool folder. Run the .bat file i provided. Wait till finished you will see a file named Root_File.sql Create a table Named : FileDataComplete_Legion in database (File_ID/Filename/Filepath) Import Root_File.sql into the database. You're done ! * This method is use full when you want to find/retro-port massive db2 > SQL lines.   Thanks for Roccus for compiling the list_root.exe and bloerwald for binaries Thanks for bloerwald for the listfile. And obviously CASC Developpers !   Enjoy and let me know if it was use full for you too !  
  4. Own 3.3.5a Noggit Map to Legion

    I don't think legion modding started yet there's no doc neither tools atm. they've just started modding on WoD where Filedata is still available.
  5. What Are You Working On?

    It's Says : Dagger use / Leather Armor Find me 1 Wolf leather - Require X amount of strength   PS : C'est pour l'apprentissage de skill ?
  6. How do i remove classes and races from character create

    you can disable creation from worldserver.conf i'm not entirely sure but it worth checking.
  7. custom wow.exe

    I completely agree with you for the art work but it's still a really restricted talent which not a lot of people are capable of, most people are looking for newer expac content and this is completely stupid to lock them.
  8. Easy BlpConverter (PAL_A8 Format)

    Version 1.0.0


    Easy BLPConverter share the similar idea of But instead the Easy BLPConverter call directly the BLPConverter.exe program with argument which is faster. argument are parsed from given directory and sub-directory (it exclude cape because they appear green if you convert them. *optional). Rename BLP : Will rename all _.blp into .blp Print Listfile : Will print a suitable (casc) Listfile of given directory. How to use : BlpConverter Path : if you're not using given BLPConverter.exe please include his path and the .exe program Blp Folder Path : Go into your folder and copy link > Paste it in the textbox Press Convert Blp's Button wait to finish, then Run Rename BLP and you're done. hopefully this will save you some extra time enjoy.
  9. custom wow.exe

    it's disappointing how much some server count on "exlusive" model content. anyway.. my community pack provide a large amount of work already and will be updated as soon as i figure out how to fix all 3D's things. i will also share my tools if i manage to code properly one day..   "it's not the models that count it's what you do with them that does"
  10. custom wow.exe

    why is so important for people to encrypt their patches ? their no point of it. everyone can retro-port, everyone can retrieve a custom map or a listfile. it's just a waste of time. bli did made it harder at some point but still some people achieve to reverse it and share out so you me and other can learn and mods..   PS: there's an easier way if you want to "protect" your dbc files.
  11. 3D Armors

    Be sure to have the spell on item to be castable when equiped. also don't forget to use Other than that i don't see from where it comes unless the m2 is not properly converted. try to cast the spell on you and see what happen. for helmet. You have to find Geo-set for Helmet Generally using WMV or trying different value from an existent helmet in your dbc.
  12. Hey guys. so i was looking in game in legion and i saw Sets tab in collection appearances. i would like to collect all item specific itemID or DisplayID do you know where i can find the db2/LUA-XML of it ?   it's not itemset.db2
  13. Cloak model

    Mutli-Converter hasn't been updated for a while and variables name got changed by blizzard maybe ? thanks for the tutorial btw @Inico
  14. Mount Problem

    don't minimize wow.                     (non expert view) if the mount appear correctly when you're not doing what you're doing then there's a problem with the client itself, i don't see from where it could come else wise.
  15. [7.2 Tutorial] - Find Hidden DisplayID from Legion

    Big thanks @Roccus !