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  1. Custom WMO's Survival Kit

    This tutorial is outdated. Do not use MirrorMachineQT
  2. [Legion] WIP Mop/Mop ADTS format to Legion A little chat with different developers of WoW modding software.    @Kaev thanks, for making a good post about the situation. I could not have done better and can't agree more with what you said. Speaking about moderation, feel free to use the moderation panel if you want so.  Speaking about bans though, it makes things worse. I'd want to end this endless flow of trolling but I am afraid banning won't help. They'd just make another account and start shitposting memes on the forum as it happened before. 
  3. [Solved] PyModelEditor

    You are welcome
  4. [Solved] PyModelEditor This is what you are looking for.  
  5. This conversation leads to nowhere. Everyone already told what he wanted to tell. Closed due to ongoing drama and lots of insulting in here.
  6. [Legion] WIP Mop/Mop ADTS format to Legion

    There is no public stable emulators I know besides Trinity Core 3.3.5a. That legion thing is still very raw. Damn 3.3.5a branch is still far from finished while being the longest in development for now. What do you want from a branch that was started less than a year ago? Do all dungeons, raids, bosses work? No. Do all spells work as they should according to Blizzard's standards? No. Does all this new Legion stuff work as intended? No, not yet. That's the reason why you simply can't call that piece of software a stable one. While 3.3.5a branch now needs polishing, Legion branch needs a massive development that wotlk branch got in all its time of existence, which was about 7 years.  The fact that your server does not crash every now and then does not mean it is stable.  Besides, what I said, please answer my question. How the fuck are you gonna overcome the main issue of WoD+ modding - CASC file system. How do you plan to deploy patches to your players? Just right to the folder?   
  7. [Legion] WIP Mop/Mop ADTS format to Legion

    Reasons why I personally do not do Legion: 1. All current projects I am working on belong to timeline after wotlk because they were started long before legion. Let's say in times when MoP or even Cata was on retail. 2. You are calling "3.3.5a" pot more than full which is totally wrong. We lack a lot of software. I want to make at least one version of WoW fully moddable. That's why I develop tools for it. Didn't you notice that we can't do custom animated m2s still? That's it. Real modding involves every aspect of development - level design, 3d assets, ui, serverside and even sometimes building custom clientside modules using reverse-enginereed material.  3. Server emulator. Legion Trinity Core can't even be compared with wotlk version in terms of stability and workability. No one here can probably fix it. It requires a big team of programmers working on it daily for a decent amount of time. I believe even professional programmers like schlumpf can't do that on their own because there are thousands of lines of code in the emulator and probably tons of RE you need to perform to correctly make a working emulator. Nobody is against Legion modding here. Nobody is against modding of any version of the game at all. If you want, you can mod Vanilla, Cata or whatever you like. I do not know why you keep expecting tools from someone handed to you or big gratitude from people after releasing your own tools. Do you simply understand that the entry point into Legion modding is very high now? People do not want to develop tools for everything. That means you people who currently mod it should do it to get more attention to your game version.  That's how it worked before and this is the only way it will work. When I started modding Cata was just getting aired on retail. Wotlk lacked so much tools, so we did not even think of modifying smth with different file formats. But people gradually released tools - m2 converter, Mirror Machine and later blender wmo plugin, wmo editor, Noggit updates. Do you get what I mean? But instead of working on that, sharing knowledge, you expect fame and lots of gratitude from people who are not even interested in it at the moment. 
  8. [Legion] WIP Mop/Mop ADTS format to Legion

    If we are all that shitty as you say, why do I still see you here every now and then pouring shit at specific users of our website and to the majority of others by calling them "335afags"? Do you know why nobody says thanks? Those pieces of stuff that you guys share are accompanied with trolling, insulting, pricky comments. Do you get what I mean here? 
  9. What Are You Working On?

  10. Scale a WMO? Yes... why not. Just press S, scale it and export. I do not understand why you need converting it to obj.
  11. New WMO Blender import/export plugin version. Check it out!

    1. Namok


      Thank!! :)

  12. What Are You Working On?

    Modern PCs can handle more polygons  Also for cities I'd also recommend using some merged house rows like in Stormwind in combination with those separate houses. That's what would look the best.
  13. What Are You Working On?

    I think WMOs need more curvey shapes like somewhat distorted wooden trims, a bit more assimetrical basement. I think you can add more geometry to the basement on top of what you have and extrude some stones to make them look more 3D. I really like the concept of a house with a tower. Looking forward to see those houses on some map