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  1. Awesome contribution! I will definitely need that when I move to Wotlk+ features with my addon? Are there any settings for .phys that you have managed to find out?
  2. Custom WMO crash

    I am sorry, that's bullshit. Noggit does not use .NET, fortunately. What's exactly the issue?
  3. Custom WMO crash

    You should use the new Noggit. I think that issue is fixed there.
  4. How to add models to CASC in Legion ?

    This topic is being researched at the moment by some people. I am pretty confident the solution will be available later.
  5. Downporting BFA to Legion

    Just extract them and convert to wotlk with Adspartan's tool. Should be as easy as that.
  6. Custom WMO crash

    what did you make it with? I don't recall my addon producing crashing models.
  7. WoWScrnShot-021318-194506.jpg

    I totally love the atmosphere in this zone.
  8. A case for Modding

    Consmetic mods are not really fun to make compared to custom content. Also they'd never agree as it will increase the amount of people messing with the game files.
  9. Mordred's Easy Loginscreen 4.0 missing link

    Sent him a message.
  10. Creating or editing WMOs in Blender

    Please have a look at Balkron's tutorial. This one is deprecated.
  11. Creating or editing WMOs in Blender

    Run Blender as admin on the first launch.
  12. Creating or editing WMOs in Blender

    where did you get the latest stable version?
  13. More blender stuff

    Message me on Discord, I will help with the code. That looks pretty interesting.
  14. There are no ways you can prevent leechers from stealing your content. It has always been happening and probably will always happen. Despite that I work with many awesome people from the WoW RP community, I have to admit that most of these content stealing dramas somehow happen within the WoW RP community. Not saying anything, just a fun fact.  If you want to make the life harder for them, protect your patches in the best way possible (even though everything is reversable, but people who steal other people's content cannot really create anything themselves and therefore most likely won't be able to do it). You can also leave a sort of signature inside the files, so the fact that you've made the file can be easily proved, which could down the reputation of these people. I personally do not think anyone should do the things that you suggested to this server. Attack on a server is first of all an attack on the players who spend time and have fun there, and secondly on admins. The players did not steal your content. What can be done instead is gathering evidence that these people steal content, posting it on the boards where they get players from, asking the admins of these boards to stop supporting them, and so on. 
  15. Another Screenshots

    I have a question. How did you make the roads? I am wondering that because I sometimes see a tileset painted over them.