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  1. Has anyone made a 'from scratch' new dungeon for WoW?

    Not sure if it can be done now but I plan on adding this feature to the upcoming versions of my Blender toolkit.
  2. How to port WotLK maps to WoD

    No. Every new expansion introduces new engine functionality. WoD supports stuff like scaled textures, tileset height maps (_h textures), extended number of tilesets per chunk. This information will be lost on conversion which makes the zone look like shit as those new features contribute greatly to the overall look of the zone.
  3. Model Changing Network needs your help!

    Welcome @Yasuno as the new administrator. He is going to help us maintain the board.
  4. WMO Blender Addon | Complete guide

    game version?
  5. Lordaeron WIP #1

    These are custom from my Stormwind release. However, they are buggy as they were made with old software. You might consider doing your own version with Blender.
  6. WMO Blender Addon | Complete guide

    This code is not executed at that time. As far as I can see, it is happening on export.
  7. WMO Blender Addon | Complete guide

    what exactly are you doing? Send me your blendfile when the problem occurs.
  8. WMO Blender Addon | Complete guide

    Blizzard is using simplified collision in order to increase FPS. This collision seems to be autogenerated by generating a convex hull around each batch and cropping some parts of it according to the normal direction. I do not recommend you to delete it, especially in big models as it is likely to decrease performance. You can hide it in edit mode by selecting at least one white face, pressing Shift + G, clicking on Select by material in the menu and once all that geometry is selected, clicking on H to hide it. However, it will still appear when you are in object mode. In future versions, collision might get moved to its own separate object. Also I am looking for a way to generate it.
  9. WMO Blender Addon | Complete guide

    Can you send me your .blend file?
  10. WMO Blender Addon | Complete guide

    Get the new version from GitHub. I have not yet updated the release here.
  11. WMO Blender Addon | Complete guide

    Some files in your MPQs are encrypted. Most likely those from patches with custom content. Repack your patch using a different file archivation ruleset in MPQEditor without any encryption, compression only. 
  12. WMO Blender Addon | Complete guide

    The editor is not yet able to save for Legion.
  13. Greetings, dear Model Changing Network users! It has been about two years since MCNet community is around. Through this time the website has grown into a pretty good place for WoW modders to stay. However, there is still a huge room for improvement. At the moment, I cannot really invest much time into maintaining the community and developing it further, neither do the rest of the people in the team. That is why I have to request the help from the community. I am looking for responsible people to help me out on various tasks concerning managing this board. I will list down the "positions" and requirements for them.   Second administrator.  This position requires some work on restructuring the board, managing permissions, writing FAQs and descriptions for various parts of the site. The requirements for this one are quite demanding as you will get a high-level access to website management such as ACP, nevertheless, this work is not exactly hard to do. In order to accept you for that position, I need to know you personally as a member of the community and trust you. The other requirement is good written English skills. IPS experience is also a huge plus, however, not mandatory. Web developer. There are still a few bugs on the board that need to be fixed. So, if you are aware of IPS and web development, feel free to poke me. Moderator. Our two moderators Axel and Hyakkimaru are not currently doing WoW modding, so we need new people for this position. Your duty will be to clean abusive content such as trolling or spam when you spot it. The requirement is good written English skills. All the work is, sadly, volunteer. If you want to help the community in any other way, please let me know through PM.   
  14. Fixed registration on the website. Sorry for inconvinience.

  15. WMO Editor crash

    Try resaving with the new version of the addon. Also check relations on portals. Until Blender 2.79 is released, there is a known bug when this information gets lost. It often happens after failed export/import operations. For now, you can use Bake portals feature on the toolbar to map the directions back to selected portals. The issue will be fixed in a few weeks when Blender 2.79 arrives since it will be introducing a new type of properties.