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  1. WMO Editor crash

    Do you have Skype or  Discord? I am afraid, I won't be able to tell what's going on remotely.
  2. WMO Editor crash

    Of course, I am sure, I developed it... This error is weird. Make sure you're using the recent distribution of Blender and the proper version of addon.
  3. WMO Editor crash

    You can use Blender addon for WMOs. Look it up on github.
  4. modcraft forum registration down?

    Classic Modcraft.
  5. Noggit isn't work with chinese version

    I am just saying that if pinyin version of wow locale exists, it might a solution for you to use it. 
  6. modcraft forum registration down?

    I did. 
  7. Noggit isn't work with chinese version

    Noggit might not be able to display Chinese characters, I am not sure. Does it use the traditional Chinese characters or pinyin?
  8. Creating or editing WMOs in Blender

    Your Blender is way too old.
  9. Object that is not showing in Noggit. How can I remove it?

    Just swap the model with something else that Noggit is capable of rendering. Then load it in Noggit and remove.
  10. Need beta testers for WMO Blender plugin. If interested, join Discord: or PM me.

  11. Hi, not sure what you are asking about. You can only spawn a single full WMO, not a part of it or something.
  12. Image gallery

    It is meant for only CZ/SK players, iirc. Or if you speak Czech.
  13. Greetings Everyone noobie here

    Welcome, @Oliviandial. Hope you'll find the way to start WoE modding Feel free to also ask questions on the forum.
  14. [Question] Restructuring client patches.

    Yes, open WoW.exe in 010 editor, find the strings you need and rename them to what you want.
  15. Beginner’s World of Warcraft Modding Tutorial

    There is no. Not even on the list sadly because all tutorials require a rewrite since things have changed a lot, for example, Noggit.