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  1. [Question] Restructuring client patches.

    Yes, open WoW.exe in 010 editor, find the strings you need and rename them to what you want.
  2. Beginner’s World of Warcraft Modding Tutorial

    There is no. Not even on the list sadly because all tutorials require a rewrite since things have changed a lot, for example, Noggit.
  3. Making a city

  4. Making a mesh from rotating static.

    You could have just unreferenced the animation.
  5. Liquids still require some fixes related to materials. Fogs are simple. Add with Quick WMO panel, set up properties, bind fog to group.
  6. The script is eventually going to support other expansions. Just wait until I finish and polish the core editing features.
  7. Serania

    I definitely like the overall texture choice here. However. this little town lacks a bit of detail to it. I think you need to add some details like benches, fences, banners, flower pots, maybe a little dirt spots on the ground.
  8. Message for anyone interested in Blender WMO Import/Export addon which is currently developed by me ( There is a thing that can speed up the development of Blender addons for me. So, if you want to help me out on getting this one, here is my PayPal: I will also share this purchased script with Miton who is at the moment working on a similar Blender plugin for .M2 models. So, by helping me, you can speed up the development of two tools at once.
  9. Legion to Wotlk (or Wod) M2 Converter

    Yeah, good idea.
  10. Just apply a material to geometry without checking in WoWMaterial property.
  11. Actually sending me the console output would be quite helpful.
  12. Legion to Wotlk (or Wod) M2 Converter

    One question is why? There is already a standalone tool by Adspartan to do that.
  13. There is but it is outdated. I am currently developing a new version. A lot has changed.
  14. Stuck on a mountain texture'ing

    It was some piece of shit tbh, not related to WoW at all.
  15. [Preview] Northeron Isles

    I think it is missing spray texturing a bit. Try the spray in new noggit.