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  1. Another Screenshots

    I have a question. How did you make the roads? I am wondering that because I sometimes see a tileset painted over them.
  2. Creating or editing WMOs in Blender

    Hey, sorry for the late answer. There is another tutorial which has all the information you need. I will archive this one soon.
  3. Own 3.3.5a Noggit Map to Legion

    That won't give you much. There are no tools utilizing the features of new clients at the moment. There is no point in moving to anything higher than 3.3.5 without it since compared to original content your custom edits will look like shit without texture scaling and other new features.
  4. First Screenshots

    Impressive work. Did you use any video editing or this is truly how the lighting looks in game?
  5. custom wow.exe

    I'd rather have actual competitors steal my content rather than noobs because that makes your stuff look valuable. And no sane competitor who takes things seriously is going to spoil their reputation by acting this way.
  6. custom wow.exe

    It is just always disappointing for a designer to see your work being stolen and reused in some shitty distasteful environment. If I have a chance to make things harder for such people, I am going to do it, if it does not take insane amount of time. Those patches to .exe/files are not time consuming at all. The more time you spend on creating the concept of the artwork, actually doing it (considering we have rather shitty tools in the community on all fronts for now), the more valueable it becomes to you. Tools are an entirely different thing. The whole purpose why this website exists is to help people mod WoW and tools have exactly the same goal. But using someone else's tools is not the same as using someone else's artwork without permisson.
  7. custom wow.exe

    They usually steal stuff like custom item models which appear on their shitty 255 level servers and your own project looses the feeling of uniqueness since people might have seen the same stuff everywhere else.
  8. custom wow.exe

    There is no tutorial. It kills the point of doing this.
  9. custom wow.exe

    It is worth it. Noobs who often want to steal pathces usually do not know how to reverse this stuff. People who know something are unlikely to steal your content because they do not care or can create something on their own.
  10. custom wow.exe

    It is done by writing your own software that can manipulate those file's bytes. Swapping magics in the exe can be done with 010 editor or similar software. Patching files can also be done through scripts in there. There is no easier solution.
  11. custom wow.exe

    Patch the chunk magics of all DBC files and other small size files and change the string the client is looking for and include all of them in your custom patches to override previous versions. As a result, your WoW.exe won't work without your patch, as well as normal WoW.exe would work with yours. However, it is quite easy for some people to revert this change. In order to make it a bit harder and require some additional software, you might consider changing the names of the tables in WoW.exe, so that your DBC are named in a different way. Anyway there is no ultimate protection. Everything can be reversed back.
  12. The pictures from the game show the effect of MCLV, not MCLY. MCLY effect can be seen, for example, in Icecrown and it looks different. It almost does not change the color of the tileset, but only adds the fake reflection effect.
  13. Yes, I know. And that is exactly what is happening on the first screenshot here. MCLV on the rocks emits red light which makes it looks like the rock tileset is reflecting lava. But essentially it does not matter since MCLV is not supported by WotLK. 
  14. I was talking about MCLV. The effect of what you have referenced is not entirely what is present on the picture. The tileset with this effect won't reflect light, it will just have a glossy surface reflecting the cubic map texture to fake real reflection.
  15. I assume this effect is not really a reflection, but a specific chunk similar to vertex colors that provides a kind of vertex "lights". This is not supported by WOTLK client as it was introduced in Cataclysm. In order to help the situation a little, you might consider painting those rocks with vertex colors and playing around with specular textures, however it is obvious that it is probably impossible to achieve the same rendering result.