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  1. Downported WMO editing [SOLVED]

    Can you give me a link?
  2. Rigging Issue

    The faces too much, Try to collapse to less than 20,000.  
  3. What Are You Working On?

    I don't know how to change the texture animation of a particular site alone.Can you give me a tutorial?
  4. What Are You Working On?

    Change the local texture animation, how do you do it?
  5. Blend mode overrides (vertex alpha-like effect)

    For example a bird, the body is a normal texture, the wings are the texture animation.
  6. Blend mode overrides (vertex alpha-like effect)

    How to turn a texture into an animation?
  7. Legion > Wotlk Multi Converter

    It's a good fix, but there are some problems. For example, the flying action of a mount is basically composed of two kinds of movements. Action 1= fan wing + action 2= glide, 1>2 in the action, and the timing switch of two actions is achieved. The converter directly invokes 2 glide. I hope it will help you.
  8. Legion > Wotlk Multi Converter

    shoulder_cloth_raidmagemythic_s_01_r.m2  shoulder_cloth_raidmagemythic_s_01_l.m2  The particle is not good.
  9. Legion > Wotlk Multi Converter

    The latest version is no problem, it's great!Thank you for sharing.
  10. Legion > Wotlk Multi Converter

    But I didn't see any change, and the helmet was still high after the conversion.
  11. Legion > Wotlk Multi Converter

    How to fix helm?
  12. Legion to Wotlk !

    I'm very excited now!!!! I did it! I'm very grateful to infernus55! Thank you very, very, very, very much!!!
  13. Legion to Wotlk !

    Hi, everyone!