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  1. 6.jpg

    Incredible! You have done a very nice and dynamic world building  Only thing I can think out, which is really just a little detail, are the trees, they seem too static, perhaps try to make them point either to the outer rim or towards the center.
  2. I'm looking for 1-2 people for some minor WoD/Legion experimenting. Anyone interested? :) 

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    2. MrXJKz


      Discord Jok#9412 we will discuss about your experiment

    3. Skarn


      Discord Skarn_3#6162

    4. Krysík


      Great! I will contact you this weekend guys when I have more time :)  

  3. WoWScrnShot_121017_011149.jpg

    You could try to add some orange-red like cloud gas (try the steam cloud from the MoP Isle of Thunder and recolour it), but as always nice work, keep it up!  Yet I wonder how would this look like in WoD or Legion
  4. WoWScrnShot_113017_235735.jpg

    The colour combination is great! Maybe the only thing which could help it a little could be some nice blue sky box?  
  5. WoW Into the Void 9.0

    Idea might be nice, but I think it is a waste of time if you don't have experienced people who can communicate and achieve some at least minor succes, I once participated myself in one project and after some time it ended because of lack of communication. You may want to start with something much lesser and see if it works then you can expand. But Idon't know this is just my oppinion
  6. WoWScrnShot_080717_132617.jpg

    Oh wow!  I was just scrolling through member albums and found this one, oh this looks so beautiful! To me it even seems like it feels more like the Emereald Dream than the one Blizz has made in Legion.  Though I must say it is quite forgotten in this section
  7. What Are You Working On?

    Yes, I think you are right about those trees, a bit of grouping would help. Actually I haven't had time yet to get my hands on the vertex paint, beside a few experiments, I will have to fix that untill next time
  8. What Are You Working On?

    Finally I've had some time to test out alpha map way of texturing and the latest Noggit, together they work amazing, let's hope Noggit dev won't die  
  9. News Entry #1

    Is the project still being worked on? As it seems dead to me 
  10. WoWScrnShot-050217-123409.jpg

    Wow, after seeing all the screenshots, I am speechless , I haven't seen so well made edit from custom models, you have done great job 
  11. WoWScrnShot_062017_205143.jpg

    The meadow looks lovely
  12. WoWScrnShot-041617-012326.jpg

    Wow, it looks gorgeous! Have you painted it by hand or have you used alpha maps?
  13. [Release] Northeron Isles

    And there comes the release Patch-N.rar
  14. WoWScrnShot_040617_185608.jpg

    You've done a great work, it reminds me old times when I was leveling in the Netherstorm back in the times of the Burning Crusade 
  15. [Solved Question] Spawning buildings with interiors

    Oh, that's exactly what I was looking for! Just tried it and it works perfectly, thank you alot. I've just noticed that I confused you with using "interior" for a doodad set, which indeed is an interior. I'm sorry for that guys