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  1. Particle Rotation

    Hello everyone, I had a question about whether it is possible to rotate a particle, for example if it is a fire that appears from right to left, I would like it to show from left to right. What I have:   What I want:  Any type of tip or advice, will help a lot. Thanks for reading.  
  2. BFA mount problem

    Checking the PhilipTheNoobModder video ( Wow 3.3.5a - Porting Warforged Nightmare Mount Into WoTLK Guide).
  3. BFA mount problem

    Based on errors
  4. BFA mount problem

    I still can not fix that particle problem, any kind  of advice or tip will be very useful. Thanks
  5. FX problem with downported models from bfa/legion

    Ey Helloo,  did you find how to do for  that particles looks fine?  
  6. BFA mount problem

    Any kind of help ? :C  
  7. BFA mount problem

    Thank you very much for your answers, I could fix the model up to this point, but the particles that come out of the frame look square, what I could do to fix that and make it look normal. ! 
  8. BFA mount problem

    Thanks for the response, but the process is not very clear to me.  
  9. BFA mount problem

    Hi everyone, I've been converting models from bfa to woltk, but I've seen some mounts come out with mistakes as you can see in the image. and this how looks the .m2. I hope someone can give me some tips or some idea of how to fix it, thanks btw I'm using this tool to model convertion : 
  10. Nice release Senix, by the way have a question about what's the name file of the new engineering mount. Thanks in advance  
  11. I just replace the listfile.txt and doesn't appear the files  
  12. DAmnnn really nice, how you update the casc explorer?  
  13. Helmet attachment problem

    Fixed by changing values in HemetGeosetVisData.dbc, What I did was change the values of the beard, tusks, for the value that the female models have, respectively.  PD : Thanks Inico  
  14. Helmet attachment problem

    Yeah column 14 and 15 with the values 248 and 306 respectively, but for the goblin female and the other races doesn't disappear the nose, just for the goblin male  .  any other idea?  thanks for reply!