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  1. [UPDATED] Problems with swapping Humans to old Goblins (3.3.5)

    i would say "indexed" and alpha depth none should work
  2. [UPDATED] Problems with swapping Humans to old Goblins (3.3.5)

    You also need the correct blp format (palettized , no alpha) and the upper part of the face. Lower normal format 256*128           in your case it should be 128*64 Upper normal format 256*64             in your case it should be 128*32
  3. [UPDATED] Problems with swapping Humans to old Goblins (3.3.5)

    Goblins before cata have no faces. So you cant find them. What we see here are the faces of the races that u switch. This explaine also the missing head parts on some . Wow still think it use the old model and make something invisible that should be invisible on the old. You could now edit the charsection.dbc or make alot of new blp´s or you edit the model that there is just one hardcoded texture.  
  4. [WiP]WoD Retro porting to Classic WoW 1.12

    Maybe a bad idea to start with it, but i still have to do it . If not, all emotes end in fucked up model and crash. But as i write this, i see it was a dumb idea because, .anim just have emotes and not stand or walk.. ^^ Anyway i had here and there the issue that the model playbackspeed is wrong. And rly rar that the play length was wrong. I try around on the length and use mostly 150 at speed. Or maybe it is a problem with the "next animation" hard to say. Just some ideas. At last dont forget this are beta files and some have still alot of issue.
  5. [WiP]WoD Retro porting to Classic WoW 1.12

    You fix the stuff in the .anim file with the 8 byte? If yes it is maybe something in m2 with the playbackspeed or anything else there?!
  6. Rigging Issue

    Only thing if this is for wotlk care about the tris count(21845 max) your file was alot over it. But im dont think that this is the main problem here. Maybe something with the converter/amature idk.
  7. [WiP]WoD Retro porting to Classic WoW 1.12

      Good to know x)
  8. [WiP]WoD Retro porting to Classic WoW 1.12

    Hm then the bone option. i think the bones just for the different holding positions. Find out which one is near the blade and give him a new position in the template not in blender^^.
  9. [WiP]WoD Retro porting to Classic WoW 1.12

    Hm i would edit the attachment( i have no idea which one) and the float position of it, or one of the bones what could be harder.
  10. Need wod models, + other models. [paid]

    yes and i dont know what you mean
  11. Need wod models, + other models. [paid]

    i would feel me happier if you could pn the conversation
  12. WoWDev Team

    Wow that look cool. Direct import M2,wmo and adt? D: Animation? Amazing. *Q*
  13. [SOLVED] M2 disappear when I move

    I try it with the scaled model and ofc it not disappear, get it. And yes it is not the same like the strider, ofc not . A real shame ^^. But thx for your explanation. With this info i can prevent  frustration on other things xD.
  14. [SOLVED] M2 disappear when I move

    Oh ok so if i scale it down , that it is ~ as big as the old model, it should not flicker?
  15. [SOLVED] M2 disappear when I move

    What you mean with " If the model isn't referenced in every chunk " . Referenced to what?^^ (sorry if im a bit stupid i just dont get it) But just again the model is  visible but if i have the camera on rnd position the whole thing will disappear. And i have exact the same issue on the mecha strider, but here sit a character on it and it dissapear too. I was hoping that i see what is the problem on this simple model, but so much tree´s and i cant find the forest .