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  1. Tabards that are not mirrored

    not just the tabard textures but also all chest textures
  2. What Are You Working On?

    Alifeur and Meta are working together? Sweet! And it seems that you're decided to add some more indoor space in this "forge". I like this idea.
  3. What Are You Working On?

    Nah, Blizz version of Kul'Tiras is lame. It looks like kultirans demote all their fleet to build those "houses". And the color palette of their buildings has a lot of similarities with goblin building from kezan. I've expected to see something that looks more like Gilneas instead. But we get a mix of Kezan and Booty Bay that blizzard decided to call Kul'Tiras, the island nation of "humans". On topic I can say only one thing: I can't see any profit in porting newer maps to old engine without all those new abilities they have in newer expansion, but if this kind of work makes you happy then I'll wait for ingame video with your results.
  4. What Are You Working On?

    Looks nice
  5. MoP PTR Karazhan

    Is there any difference in wmo format between wotlk and cata? if there is no any difference you can load it up in blender and edit doodadsets there.
  6. Helmet attachment problem

    So if you want to disable the helmet then you need to delete helmet attachment on the model or at least change its type to something that is not used. BTW you may try to change the race prefix in ChrRaces.dbc to load tauren helmets instead. But I guess it will also load the sounds of the tauren.
  7. And I didn't point my whole post only to you either.
  8. Same thing I can say about your example. It's shit for me. If you guys want me to boycott a sever then ok I'll not play there.
  9. So what about our community then? We are leaching blizzard game engine, textures, models really often. So maybe Blizzard should start to DoS our sites or smth?
  10. More blender stuff

    So it uses:  RGB Blendmap(Combined Alphamaps) 4 tileset textures and 4 of those textures with alpha (_h ones) And I have a control of all I needed: Texture scale, Texture HeightScale and HeightOffset If someone knows how to make vec4 in blender pls tell me cause right now I'm using groups of groups of groups of nodes with just floats(even RGB math is done via separating it to R  G and B.
  11. More blender stuff

    From the album Does it looks like a stuff built in noggit?

    Finally got everything just as I wanted! With lots of trials and lots of stupid mistakes I've got all that vector math that described here in blender
  12. [Help] Make textures(tileset) "reflective"

    it's definitly not MCLV here. Look at the second screen at those purple things here  that's actualy cubemaps.
  13. [Help] Make textures(tileset) "reflective"

     I think you got it wrong cause I've also thought about MCLY chunk when firstly saw this topic.
  14. Has anyone made a 'from scratch' new dungeon for WoW?

    I use blender 2.49 with some old plugin(by madsquirrel or smth) for this stuff. Here is the example: geometry is made by script itself. But I've made a shader by myself(rendered in blender 2.7+).
  15. From the album Does it looks like a stuff built in noggit?

    Made this for testing my material setup in blender Seems to be pretty nice So it have 4 texture layers and vertexcolor shading(darker parts are actually a vertex colors)