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  1. Gillijim's Isle and Island of Dr Lapidis

    Very nice release (the second screen doesn't seem very detailed though but I'll see ingame)   Hmm can you zip it instead? because I can't open the rar on my linux (I don't know why, some .rar are unreadable)
  2. Sun Light alpha wow

    Pas mal, je testerai ça et je t'ai envoyé un MP
  3. Stormwind Skychaser and Orgrimmar Interceptor to Wotlk

    There is no patch-F   Ok my bad there is   Thank you
  4. Hello Model-Changing, Long ago, I tried to make models move in the login screen. I tried to make use of some of the commented code from Mordred in his EasyLoginScreen tool but it doesn't seem to work (or I'm doing it wrong). If you ask me what I tried, I only tried to make a model move by following what he wrote in the lua comments. So I am wondering if anyone has a copy of the link at the end of this page : Where Mordred says : There might be a better example in that file.   Thank you a lot if anyone can help PS : If you know how I can ask Mordred directly, I'd be happy to ask him myself  
  5. Very good idea. This is the order in which MPQs are loaded (did it on wine) : archive Data\enUS\patch-enUS.MPQ opened archive Data\patch.MPQ opened archive Data\enUS\patch-enUS-2.MPQ opened archive Data\enUS\patch-enUS-3.MPQ opened archive Data\enUS\patch-enUS-I.MPQ opened Unable to read extra attributes: "Data\enUS\patch-enUS-R.MPQ" archive Data\enUS\patch-enUS-R.MPQ opened archive Data\enUS\patch-enUS-Z.MPQ opened archive Data\patch-2.MPQ opened archive Data\patch-3.MPQ opened Unable to read extra attributes: "Data\patch-A.MPQ" archive Data\patch-A.MPQ opened Unable to read extra attributes: "Data\patch-R.MPQ" archive Data\patch-R.MPQ opened archive Data\patch-S.MPQ opened archive Data\patch-Z.MPQ opened archive Data\expansion.MPQ opened archive Data\lichking.MPQ opened archive Data\common.MPQ opened archive Data\common-2.MPQ opened archive Data\enUS\locale-enUS.MPQ opened archive Data\enUS\speech-enUS.MPQ opened archive Data\enUS\expansion-locale-enUS.MPQ opened archive Data\enUS\lichking-locale-enUS.MPQ opened archive Data\enUS\expansion-speech-enUS.MPQ opened archive Data\enUS\lichking-speech-enUS.MPQ opened   There are non blizzlike patches in the list. I guess A, R, Z, and I aren't. I will confirm if it works later (maybe in few weeks) but that looks very logical to me, so that should solve it, thanks a lot !
  6. What is the chronological order of the WOTLK client's MPQs ? both for Data/ and Data/enUS/ if possible I can't find any information about it. I found someone saying this was the right order : Data\common.MPQ Data\common-2.MPQ Data\expansion.MPQ Data\lichking.MPQ Data\patch.MPQ Data\patch-2.MPQ But when I compare with burning crusade and vanilla, it seems like it's really not the right order. I might compare thoroughly each thing but I think it's going to be annoying, so if someone has an idea, I'm open to suggestions.  
  7. "Connecting to game server"

    Look at the auth/realmlist table in your db if you're on 3.3.5a
  8. Fogshire

    I hope you will make it playable, either on your own server or on an existing server or as a release. It's really a shame to see some very good work being wasted and it happened a lot in the modding community.
  9. ItemID addon.

    Did you make it work Zehlendorf ? By modifying the IdTip addon ? It would be awesome to be able to see the factionID, the NPC ID and all sorts of IDs in one click or by hovering the mouse. I know that the newer versions of idTip have NPC IDs included but it's for MOP or WOD. I think everybody has to deal with IDs at some point in game.
  10. Fogshire

    All the zones you made are beautiful and well designed.