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  1. [Question] NPC with objects in hand

    Somebody know about this, because Ive never seen this fitches on RolePlay servers, where it should be so hot musthavy thing. So, how to make NPC's with barrel in hand on shoulder (like in Legion Stormwind Harbour) or for example like on this pic. Any ideas?
  2. Legion > Wotlk Multi Converter

    I told about legion client.
  3. Legion > Wotlk Multi Converter

    There is some problem in this beautiful converter. When you convert wmo's from Cata client will crash after you become to this wmo ingame. Only crash without error log. (Cata for example, because mb with Pandaria wmo same thing happening, Ive tested it only on Cata wmo's - Wildhammer one)  
  4. Strange shadow bug

    If you will find it, put it here. Or mb Adspartan will make a new version of converter soon. 
  5. Strange shadow bug

    Not only high mountain trees. It's almost all legion trees.
  6. [Solved] PyModelEditor

  7. [Solved] PyModelEditor Hey, if somebody have the latest version of this tool, give it to me pls  
  8. What Are You Working On?

    Amaizing, incredible and nothing else to add *_*
  9. Sad situation. But it's right, that you post it here. Modmakers should know cockhead gyus.
  10. Full Body Cloak (Solved)

    I couldn't understand your problem. You have no animation on cloak or what? mb you can send screenshot?
  11. Noggit SDL 3.1222 BETA

    New functions is really great. Love this version. But I have some problems, for example, models don't spawning with different functions (like "save size" etc)  also, interface can't adept to my screen size, like stable version. "Map to big alpha" doesn't work.  Mb this bugs only on my pc? So if someone have same - answer here. 
  12. Its time for WoD Modding! (Or no?)

    Or legion, doesn't metter. We don't have to many tools like on 3.3.5  and serverside is so different on legion  it's too many db2's and sql's
  13. Its time for WoD Modding! (Or no?)

    And also... there is no tools for WoD modding. 
  14. Its time for WoD Modding! (Or no?)

    Yep, every new expansion is boring. There is no existing like in the past. But graphic opportunity better. (Only one reason for me, to move on new expansion)
  15. Its time for WoD Modding! (Or no?)

    So... For now, WoD modding include: - Mapping - Interface modding - Serverside modding - Retro-Porting from legion. But idk about launcher, is it real for WoD. And serverside is so different from 3.3.5a. (Idk how can I port all my DB from 3.3.5 to WoD server) I actually not good in serverside modding