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  1. After Release Updates (v1.2)

    Sorry cant tell, there a few that reported no issues been banned. I was aware from the early stages of elysium that they will not allow custom mpq files. It's up to you now to test it and see.
  2. After Release Updates (v1.2)

    Good glad that it worked for you and sharing your solution.
  3. After Release Updates (v1.2)

    You mean the MPQ file you extract is corrupted ? Did you try to donwload it again and test ?  
  4. Black model after conversion

    The specific one no. Yes, I'm aware that kowards tool has those effects, tho before 7.1 patch didn't have many issues. I'll try test it this weekend, usually, im using Phillips tool for WotLK ports and usually all work fine. 
  5. Black model after conversion

    I didnt add them in blender, its like that after converting them to vanilla unfortunately.
  6. Black model after conversion

    Did that on both .SKIN files, since i found records in SKIN00 & SKIN01 but didnt work. Tho i changed only "d4" value and issue remains, black models.  I changed also as roccus suggests unit16 renderFlags from 0 to 2 but again didnt work. I combined both suggestions, d4 value unit16 value again same issue. Since not much free time, ill post again when i make more attempts. Any other suggestions that might help.   
  7. After Release Updates (v1.2)

    Did you try to unzip by right clicking the 1st zip file and choose the option extract it here ? You will need to have all 4 files in order to that and you cant unzip it 1 by 1. What procedure you follow ?!
  8. Black model after conversion

    Hey folks,  when im converting OrcSkeleton model from legion it ends in game black. Now i remember that i have read somewhere here that usually can be solved by tweaking the renderflags of the model. I checked both .m2 files and .skin00 but really cant get why its not changed. I making the changes before convertion tho.  This the .m2 renderflags section : So any idea what i need to change ? I have tried changing the RenderFlag[1] to Opaque and None but didnt work. I checked also .SKIN00 for that reason but not sure to what to change, since the value was already 0. So any ideas how i can overpass this guys ?! I quick did many attempts but not results on that.
  9. After Release Updates (v1.2)

    Ill have a look at it. Thanks for the suggestion.
  10. Wow to Unreal 4 solo project

    This is really someting out of mind. Amazing on how it behaves under UE4. Great job mate, i would love if in a possible way could happen WoW been recreated under UE4. The feeling is much different looking those videos. Try to re-create if you can a classic wow dungeon, i.e DM east, which is kinda small, since lightning effects are different, you have shadows, corridors etc. 
  11. WotLK Dual Weilding (demon hunter artifacts)

    I think same thing as Farrarie said, and if remember correct i had come across to a similar post in modcraft and it was suggested to enter it in blender and rotate it. I think was alastor that had something, but now most of his videos/pictures links are down. Pretty sad for that to be honest.
  12. After Release Updates (v1.2)

    I have postpone it for a while cause im hands full from work again, season has started for me so i working with it when i have spare time. That includes both mods, main and armor/weapons. 
  13. After release updates (v1.1) :

    You need to press on the project title and not on the project entry title and then click on ReadMore on the bottom left side.
  14. You will need kowards tool, you might need also a hex editor, an image editor (i.e photoshop) a dbc editor and of course an mpq editor.  
  15. Depends what you are trying to do, there are many tools that i use/switch/test. I use Blender i.e but as also some dbc editing tools, photo editing tool etc etc. As i said depend what you trying to do.