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  1. New Legion Models are crashing client

    Dont know. Mine doesn't have any .anim files. Yesterday my retail client did an update though I didn't had much time to involve with. I might check today. Thanks for the info Finsternis.
  2. New Legion Models are crashing client

    I see, where I can find the value in the model?
  3. New Legion Models are crashing client

    The weird thing is that I have used the 7.2 models without any issues. Like warlock new mount and paladin new mount. If anyone else can help I would be grateful. Going to re-test late afternoon today again. Thanks for the already info provided.
  4. New Legion Models are crashing client

    Nope, I haven't. As I see here they refer on m2. Though on my 010 I cant see any of those entries when using the template, Might happen to have an updated version to read directly the legion format. In order my templates to work I need to remove the MD21 chunk and change the value from 12 -> 10. Here what I see on my file :
  5. New Legion Models are crashing client

    False alarm, unfortunately issue isn't solved, still client crash. Error messages below : Any has an idea what might causing it ? Thanks in advance.
  6. New Legion Models are crashing client

    Issue is solved. I had forgot to change the value from column four when changing the file version.  
  7. After Release Updates (v1.2)

    We has an update regarding my last patch that I'm working the past few days. New models will join and still trying to figure the client crash with legion new Trogg and Yeti models. I hope I can find a workaround.  Now, the elemental's might not be the final addition, since still have issues with their particles not working correctly.
  8. New Legion Models are crashing client

    Yeah, I'm retroporting on vanilla. Crash happens when I login in game. Usually I don't change any DBC since I'm replacing directly the model by using the default name from vanilla. The difference is that you need capital extensions, since i notice different behavior from the client. If you click also on the spoiler button I have added the file generated after client crash.
  9. Hey folks, the past few days I've step into this small issue. Seems that might something have been changed on the legion new patch models. I'm trying to convert Troglodyte new model and Yeti new model though i get this error. No clue what might causing it. I edit also troglodyte model on Blender and tried to lower its triangle, you know just in case, though issue persists. Any thoughts ?  Thanks in advance.
  10. [LEGION] - Big tutorials

    Great info there mate. 
  11. After Release Updates (v1.2)

    Not sure yet, if you refer to legion spell models/particles. Since most of the new spells are taken from WoD/Panda/Cata I stepped into issues like client crash or not displayed correct. I think I saw some green altered versions from WoD and I'll test them. For now I'm working 1.3 version of the patch so will see afterwards for those spells.
  12. Thanks for the info, I'll check it out and definitely I'll add them on the last patch I'm working at the moment. There gonna be a few additions and some changes on the last patch. Soon I'll post info. 
  13. After Release Updates (v1.2)

    Click on the project name on the top, not on the entries.
  14. After Release Updates (v1.2)

    Yes, if you edit the file and delete the Music folder.
  15. After Release Updates (v1.2)

    Thanks mate, you've been part of it you know.