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  1. HoTs to Wow texture problem

    I would love to see a guide on how to complete that thing. Im stuck almost on the same spot Dark and a bit confused on what to do next. Even if i tried to find info from blender users doing a similar thing i end up on a dead end. I have postpone it since i can move on, also not so sure if what ever i made up to this point is fully correct. I hope Meta can pull some time and update his guide with some more details on the matter, im not a supreme 3d editor, tho i learn many things and tricks from many from here.
  2. [Preview] Northeron Isles

    Great map,krysic i love the underwater detail you add.
  3. Problem Vrykul HD Legion to Cata/Wotlk

    Yeah, seems like uvMap went wrong. Had same issue with my character models when i was working with them and before Balsh create them. Also check you blp res size and also what compression it is. Try BLPlister thats far more better when you want to convert blp's.
  4. Retro-port Textures WoD-> 3.3.5a.

    For that i cant answer you unfortunately, maybe amaroth or skarn or someone that is a map creator can en-light you a bit more. 
  5. After release updates (v1.1) :

    On the Project, not here in the entries.
  6. After release updates (v1.1) :

    Ok, download LINK IS UP TO DATE with the FIX! 
  7. After release updates (v1.1) :

    I had to remove it for a while since i forgot to remove an alpha model version that im working for the UD mounts, so anyone that had purchased that mount he could see it as bugged and non-working. At late afternoon ill have the links back again. And remember to check on the main section of the topic, not here in the entries.
  8. Retro-port Textures WoD-> 3.3.5a.

    Get the listfile from the github link and replace it with the one that CascViewer uses. From the picture you posted seems that the list file from cascviewer is outdated so thats why you have unknown files. But by replacing to the latest one you will probably can see how is the structure and probably you could extract the files you need. 
  9. Project TOPIC is updated with the fixes !
  10. I made a major optimization on the patch by removing models that was bugged, like alpha test models, some unnecessary textures and things wasn't need to be there anymore. So now patch is more easier to get since its capacity reduced drastically but remain same. Also i changed and distinguished the PvP mounts so to have a different look from the normal ones since aren't obtained easily. New additions: New Login screen, New Loading screens and loading bar, New Character Icons on character creation screen, 60% Raptor Mounts are updated to the new model, Deathcharger's Reins is updated to the new model, Horn of the Frostwold Howler is updated to the new model, PvP Mounts are now distinguished from the standard mount. Under WiP: Armors / Weapons mod -> 80% Completed  
  11. Retro-port Textures WoD-> 3.3.5a.

    You might need a more updated listfile maybe ? Dont know what tut you following, but judging from the picture the list file isnt updated. Try bloewalds one, hes updating it at least if even its not the last one. https://github.com/bloerwald/LegionFiles
  12. After release updates (v1.0) :

    Unfortunately doesn't work like that. Another procedure must be done in order to make it work but not sure if it will work or best thing is to re-do it from the beginning. 
  13. Yes im currently waiting 7.2 to see what i can pull from it. Major thing was those 2 mounts, paladin and warlock. Oh no thats not good news farrarie. Hope its just temp and near the release state you can edit it.
  14. After release updates (v1.0) :

    We has an update. Finalized all PvP mounts and distinguished them from the normal mount looks. Finished Zul'Gurub armors. Still haven't manage to bypass the last 3 armor T19 bugs.  Soon i'll update the download link Uthil out!
  15. There is already one guy from my server that he actually port the blood elves from TBC to vanilla. And you can choose to replace a specific race  or all. Ill try find his topic and pm you.