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  1. WotLK Dual Weilding (demon hunter artifacts)

    I think same thing as Farrarie said, and if remember correct i had come across to a similar post in modcraft and it was suggested to enter it in blender and rotate it. I think was alastor that had something, but now most of his videos/pictures links are down. Pretty sad for that to be honest.
  2. After Release Updates (v1.2)

    I have postpone it for a while cause im hands full from work again, season has started for me so i working with it when i have spare time. That includes both mods, main and armor/weapons. 
  3. After release updates (v1.1) :

    You need to press on the project title and not on the project entry title and then click on ReadMore on the bottom left side.
  4. You will need kowards tool, you might need also a hex editor, an image editor (i.e photoshop) a dbc editor and of course an mpq editor.  
  5. Depends what you are trying to do, there are many tools that i use/switch/test. I use Blender i.e but as also some dbc editing tools, photo editing tool etc etc. As i said depend what you trying to do.
  6. Paused this period since im kinda hands full from work, plus working some last updates on main mod before i return to armors.
  7. After Release Updates (v1.2)

    Install 7zip application then, its light takes no time. http://www.7-zip.org/download.html  
  8. After Release Updates (v1.2)

    Good idea, since im making some corrections/additions ill might change it to that. Thanks ill see through it and see how gonna pack it up.
  9. After Release Updates (v1.2)

    Just right clickj on the first zip file and choose extract here, its the same process as winrar tho 7zip does better compression.
  10. After Release Updates (v1.2)

    Ok i applied the fix on Balsh models and now is working. Remember that the version that i provide is to work ONLY with my patch. If you want to use only the character models aka STAND ALONE then follow the other link on the project description.
  11. After Release Updates (v1.2)

    You got wrong patch i guess. Get the new, v1.2 is out. At the moment i have disable the char links since im working the fix to be compatible with the new version. Balsh older char model patch will not work since he rework it and now is completely stand alone, thats why im making it compatible with my version.
  12. Thanks for those suggestions , will be under consideration. As for those mounts and etc go check the 1.2 version. As for the time takes a skeleton to stay i think its server side not client.
  13. WDBX Editor

    Thanks it worked. 
  14. After Release Updates (v1.2)

    Yup i know that and im  working the fix. Thats why i disable the link for, some records was screwed again. Soon ill update also balsh models. Thanks for informing  .
  15. After Release Updates (v1.2)

    What video settings you are using ? The standard is to have Anisotropic Filtering slider to max and the Vertex Animation Shader On.