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  1. After Release Updates - Patch 1.2

    Replace Spell.dbc, SpellIcon.dbc to have KR support.
  2. After Release Updates - Patch 1.2

    Uhm yeah, you can see my last update on Nov 2. I'm not progressing this fast, RL busy, unfortunately.
  3. After Release Updates - Patch 1.2

    Ok, some more additions found their way on the patch. Added some detail on  the world objects.
  4. Patch 7.3 issue!

    Good, thanks!
  5. Patch 7.3 issue!

    Phillips tool is to convert cata/panda to wotlk with the minimum loss of polys/particles etc, old tool. My issue is that converting the model from 7.3 down to vanilla model is invisible, that might relates to the new security system that Blizz added since I didn't have such issues on creature models or weapon models. At the moment I haven't found a 7.2 client in order to compare models and check Roccus advice.
  6. Patch 7.3 issue!

    Unfortunately I dont owned any 7.2 early client.
  7. Patch 7.3 issue!

    Ok as it seems with the arrival of 7.3 Blizz did again. My issue this time is invisible weapons. I converted a 2H sword and unfortunately it comes out invisible. I tried also to use Philips tool but same effect. So I'm out ideas how I can make visible again. Any suggestions would help. Thanks in advance lads!
  8. After Release Updates - Patch 1.2

    No there isnt one, you will need to edit the mod and delete the music folder
  9. Item.dbc problem.

    It would be good if you can describe how you resolve the issue, in case that someone else steps into the same issue your solution might help him.
  10. Spell replacement

    Ok, I have kinda sorted it out about the DBC editing but now I have a strange effect when using only a spell. I test change shaman lightning bolt spell from vanilla with the one from cata. Though the issue is that when you press the spell to cast it, the animation is shown normally but I don't see the bolt, it's invisible. Any ideas why bolt is invisible?
  11. Spell replacement

    Hello folks, I'm not sure to which DBC I need to look in order to change some casting spells for the player. I looked on Spell.dbc but wasn't sure if that is the correct dbc that I need. My point this is time to replace a spell with another new, since it uses the same probably ID with another one. Any suggestions on where to look or what I'm looking for here cause I'm kinda confused. Thanks in advance
  12. Hehe, good to hear that you got it sorted laddie. Cheers! 
  13. If they are different is because of more columns and lines on the DB2 file. For creatures I'm not sure if that counts so negatively, but for other things like NPC's or objects then you will need to check what might the usage of those extra columns do. Now, m2 it's what I was expected to see, though now I'm not sure if you creature is set correctly on those ID's, is that creaturedisplayinfo dbc file that you posted cause I think is set wrong. What your creaturemodeldate is saying about those info you have there ?
  14. Can you post what M2 is showing under Textures please .
  15. You might need to resize the texture then, though for that creature isn't necessary. Also you don't need to convert them to index, specially for creatures, for armors I would say yes. Also as finsternis mention, you will get green either by missing a hardcoded texture or your texture name is wrong or wrong size. For which version you want that murloc?