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  1. Yup it is, unfortunately npc weapons are server side.  Im aware about nagas and i tried to fixed them but didnt succeed. Now not sure about those broodli gs axe bug. You can try ask them.
  2. Greetings Everyone noobie here

    Welcome and good luck 
  3. Good idea, i didn't thought it in first place.
  4. After release updates (v1.1) :

    Quick update from this week last changes : Working on some ZG weapons replacements and trying to give a new workaround for last 3 T19 bugged sets.  
  5. After release updates (v1.1) :

    Finally fixed those small bugs and from now on Warlocks and Cheat paladins can have enjoy their Epic mounts. Also fixed Druid "Gift of the Wild" spell icon so now it has the one that was added in TBC and on.   So thats all, soon ill update the linx  Uthil out!
  6. After release updates (v1.1) :

    I have started to work already some changes from 7.2 patch the PTR. I successfully update fleshgolem and goul new models tho till now there is a few bugs with the new mounts. Im trying to figure out a workaround on this. I have also finished MC weaponry but i found also a small stupid bug on one of staves that i replaced and cant overpass it at the moment.
  7. After release updates (v1.1) :

    Then that is your issue. There is 2 versions and Balsh already has clear out and specify what each version does. Take the other version, the correct one the one that doesn't have the druid forms in, SINCE i have druid forms included from the very begging. Please guys take some time and read a topic before you proceed and dont just click and go. I've been asked too many times for that issue when it can be avoided if you take some time and look closer what the author wrote there.  
  8. In your case as amaroth said since its green seems you have a missing blp file. So for this weapon, but it counts for all, the model has hardcorded textures, which means you correctly use all blp's but miss one. So check the M2 with a hex and see what is the one you missed.
  9. Making a mesh from rotating static.

    Was kinda busy so had yesterday some free time and test it, unfortunately same thing. It rotates, dont know why is this happening, seems like to ignore the edit. Even if the changes are there. Is there way to try it under Pym ? I add you also the vanilla version to investigate/check if you wish. Stave_2H_FirelandsRai_D_02.rar   
  10. After release updates (v1.1) :

    Well unfortunately i cant see what you post, ill suggest save it as JPG and re-post. Only suspicious in case you also use Balsh mod. If you use it then check which version you have, he has 2.
  11. After release updates (v1.1) :

    Ah i see, thanks for the heads up, seems modcraft didn't update yet their website, was under maintance. Anyway i have update the link with the new that balsh created here.
  12. After release updates (v1.1) :

    What you mean ? Character models are already updated from WoD. Check for Balsh mod. I have a link already for it.
  13. Making a mesh from rotating static.

    Yes im converting it to vanilla as i said above, but kowards tool is messing rotation and the item stops rotating normally. He tried to find what was wrong but he gave up and stop updating. Anyway ill try it and see if its not affect after the downport. Thanks once more.
  14. Making a mesh from rotating static.

    Thanks for helping Inico tho also your version didn't either work unfortunately. Dont understand why it doesn't work since we change the animation tho if you do it on Pym might work. My only problem is that the specific model item gives an error when i try to load to pym. (check my first post) When i convert first time lock t19 shoulders the spheres was fracked, due to the bug from kowards tool, adding the item to pym and removing the animation work like charm. Is there any way to skip this error on pym so i can edit there and re-test it ? Thanks in advance folks.
  15. After release updates (v1.1) :

    Sorry but cant work. Whole procedure must done from the beginning.