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  1. After Release Updates - Patch 1.3

    Unfortunately no. The character models was made by Balsh. As he stated too he wasn't exactly sure why the shithing animations was bugged on some model's, as I have stated on the early stages of my patch long before I release the beta. So the process will require one to edit the character models from scratch and test if he can mske it work since that isn't clear exactly. This process requires a lot of time which I'm limited as I guess Balsh too. I don't believe that is so bad and that will affect much your game experience. 
  2. That requires a full edit of the new maghar model, plus testing it, with vanilla client. Unfortunately don't have free time anymore due to RL stuff. 
  3. After Release Updates - Patch 1.3

    Harpies model is acting normal, means that the normal animation is walk/stand instead of flying. I didnt mess around much with their animations since I thought that was Ok, same for the wyverns, so no much of an issue.
  4. Yeah I'm aware of that, though didnt have time to start experimenting with it. Thanks .
  5. Well for the Undead UI that's another resolution that you could follow. Now, for Spirit healers never had issues before, dont know why you have such issue but anyway you choose the alternative solution. Have fun.
  6. Unfortunately don't know why those beams appear on newer cards honestly, for my end which has an old VGA (Ati HD6770) it works like charm with no issues. For the 1st picture I cant understand exactly what you trying to show me there, but if you refer to the Orc Boss then I can only say that it might be something wrong server side, on my side it was presented normally.  For the second picture I don't see an issue, the crab model was working normally since BETA version of the mod, and for the 3rd I can say that something has to do with the positioning of the helmet models for the new character models from WoD, which was made by Balsh. I believe that isn't so visually bad, just remember that we tried and did our best in order to make those models coop/work with the vanilla game version, referring to Balsh, Me and Leeviathan. 
  7. Hey thanks, for reporting those. For those beams I have already give an option that might work for you, check on project comments what video options you need to enable. Now for this texture, in order to fix this you will need to edit and rename and will work. In order, to do that you will need an MPQ editor, edit the mod file and navigate to Creature\Hyena folder and rename the HyenaSkinOarange.blp to HyenaSkinOarnge.blp and then exit the file. Launch the game and it will be ok.
  8. After Release Updates - Patch 1.3

    Try delete WDB folder and WTF fodler (you will need to fix again your game settings) if you haven't done already and post a crash report here, maybe there is someone that had same issue and resolve by him self.
  9. After Release Updates - Patch 1.3

    Go to page one of the comment section and you will find your answer there in detail
  10. After Release Updates - Patch 1.3

    Well if I remember correct another user back on patch 1.1 what he did was to rename the extension to lower case, for example patch-3.mpq and it worked. Have a look on previous patches comments the answers always lie there. 
  11. After Release Updates - Patch 1.3

    Nope, this is purely for 1.12 clients. 
  12. What Are You Working On?

    Absolutely marvelous scenery mate. Wonderful view. Keep it up. 
  13. After Release Updates - Patch 1.3

    Glad that you  like it. Well if remember correct some models for mounts has more edits, like databace entries since same model was used else where. Try to delete the folders : HordePvPMount, RidingHorse, RidingRaptor, SkeletalWarHorse, WarHorse, Vicious mounts folders. Though most of these models also retain databace entries which by removing the folders the old mounts might not work. Cant tell try and see if ti works for you.
  14. After Release Updates - Patch 1.3

    Yeah the Wyvern models is noted from the beta release that has no animation effects regarding death or attack, not all attack animation are bugged. Cant be fixed since the new model was used for the mount purposes only and not to be used also as a normal model that has all animations. 
  15. After Release Updates - Patch 1.3

    Normally it will never happen, none reported  that had an Ban issue on Lightshope even if the project team stated that will ban anyone using a customized mpq file.