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  1. After Release Updates - Patch 1.2

    I can see that other people riding the new mounts are displayed correct. Would like to ask what video settings you have and also did you try to delete WDB folder? A model appearing white means that isn't loaded yet, or you might need to restart client in order to load normally. There are cases sometimes to models will start to appear like that if you are alt+tab often. In any case a restart of the client will solve that. By the way also which Ram is that and is this the latest patch you have?
  2. After Release Updates - Patch 1.2

    Yes, since the patch files is big enough I have split it into 4 archives. In order to get the patch file from inside those archive parts you need to have all archive files in one place, right click on the first file  patch-3.7z.001 and choose extract here. When its done simply move the file to your Data folder. In any case that WinRar doesn't recognize the file, simply download the new version of the 7zip application, the installer or the stand alone and follow this procedure.
  3. [need help!] Improved Vanilla models:

    Yes, as wungasaurus said, you only need to right click the 1st file, or open it with WinRar, and choose extra here or to folder of your choice. I used 7zip application, which is a freeware since 1996, since it can achieve better and overall compression from Winrar or Winzip. If winrar doesn't recognize the file, you will have to go to its options and choose to associate it with this extension, or simply download the 7zip application and use it with the same method to extract and get the file. Once extracted you will get Patch-3.mpq, that's for creatures/spells/world etc. Same issue has been answered/resolved in the patch-1.2 comment section of the mod.
  4. BUMP! Anyone that can help here ?
  5. I have an issue when i used Baine bloodhoof new model. I tried two different versions, the retail from 7.3.5 patch and also finsternis version, Both models give me a crash after client loads. Error is this :  Anyone can help identify what is the cause of the problem? Thanks in advance folks.
  6. First attempts weren't so lucky, models were glitching like hell in their animations. Gonna give it a try in the coming days to see if I can bypass after founding a workaround with the hope that the models will work.
  7. fix 7.3 anime for 335 to WOD only

    Thanks a lot for this information, since 7.3 patch I had the issue with the anim been FUBAR totally on my ported models. Gonna test and see if it works.
  8. Well, those are nice models, hopefully, can be accessed and not creating bugs on their animations or crash the client after downporting them. Not sure if ill add Nathanos here, I prefer more as an undead since that his story. There is also some more changes that I will get from this new patch, like the new Qiraji War Tank models hopefully that also they gonna behave normally.
  9. After Release Updates - Patch 1.2

    Unfortunately this cant be fixed as also Balsh said. There is some races that have this bug were isn't identified yet what is causing it. That isnt a bug that you have specifically, is a general bug. 
  10. Not at the moment. I'm working it as an option for my last patch. 
  11. After Release Updates - Patch 1.2

    The nameplates are changed and I used the one from tidy plates since they were smoother and smaller, kinda like the ones that Legion has. Now, as for fire spells, I used the ones from WoD which had a better effect. I'll have a look at the fire spell and see if indeed there is a problem there.
  12. After Release Updates - Patch 1.2

    Replace Spell.dbc, SpellIcon.dbc to have KR support.
  13. After Release Updates - Patch 1.2

    Uhm yeah, you can see my last update on Nov 2. I'm not progressing this fast, RL busy, unfortunately.
  14. After Release Updates - Patch 1.2

    Ok, some more additions found their way on the patch. Added some detail on  the world objects.
  15. Patch 7.3 issue!

    Good, thanks!