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  1. Ok, where I can delete those references. Can you be more detailed in that please. Thanks for this info  by the way.
  2. Well I havent evert removed the 8 bytes from the .anim files but the issue appeared first time in Legion 7.2 patch, were the changes appear. Wungasaurus Im not going to try much, since Im downporting to vanilla not sure if all things will work as intended on LK version, plus we dont have much info about vanilla models as we do on WotLK. Now, since weapon is in good position in hands but appear weird in char back well it is as it is, no worries. In the end I might delete the weapon replacement tho thanks for the info.
  3. Thanks for the info, from what I see seems that I might not be able to change that. Judging also from some other polearms that I find on WoWhead seems that the position might be correct since the weapon is held correct on character arms. Anyway, I have stepped on another small issue. Some BfA models doesnt animate on stand. They look like petrified and some also the move animation seems broken, when you start the models starts the animation but after a short time it stays freezed even if you move and tehn again it starts moving. Is it also possible to make a fix or I might have to drop those models.
  4. After Release Updates - Patch 1.2

    Another update has arrived. New warrior, mage, rogue and hunter replacements as also a new creature.   See ya soon!
  5. I already tried and changed attachment 0 since i thought that the other 4 has to do something when holding the weapon but nothing happen.
  6. The weapon appears normally when in hand. Only when you sheath it appears like that. I havent test it on another character model though I believe that would have the same effect since I located an older weapon polearm weapon on wowhead and from the screenshot it shows it on the same spot as the new one appears now. I guess my case must be your 3rd option wungasaurus.
  7. You mean in ItemDisplayInfo.DBC file or another DBC file? Cause I cant see any option there. By checking attachments on m2 I have only those:  
  8. BUMPERINO. Anyone willing to give a hint here? Checking the M2 it self didnt give me any clues on what to change. Is it considered normal? On wowhead I stepped on another spear, old model, that was like that. Is it possible to fix it or not bother at all.
  9. After Release Updates - Patch 1.2

    I'll have to check it since till now none has report me this issue.
  10. I have this small issue when I downported new hunters artifact to vanilla. Seems that the weapon is kinda off positioning on the characters back. Is it possible to align it better on the character?   
  11. After Release Updates - Patch 1.2

    Some new additions for the last and upcoming patch. Updated some class quest rewards :  
  12. After Release Updates - Patch 1.2

    Yeah I'm aware is already fixed on the new upcoming patch.
  13. After Release Updates - Patch 1.2

    Click on the project name on the top, not on the entries and then click on Readmore under it to reveal the rest.
  14. After Release Updates - Patch 1.2

    Some more additions joined us.  Until next time.
  15. After Release Updates - Patch 1.2

    New additions. Unfortunately some of the new models are giving errors and cant be used. I'll wait for an update to come for the game and see if they are fixed. Moar to come!