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  1. After release updates:

    We has an update. Finalized all PvP mounts and distinguished them from the normal mount looks. Finished Zul'Gurub armors. Still haven't manage to bypass the last 3 armor T19 bugs.  Soon i'll update the download link Uthil out!
  2. There is already one guy from my server that he actually port the blood elves from TBC to vanilla. And you can choose to replace a specific race  or all. Ill try find his topic and pm you.
  3. After release updates:

    Yes, you download the wrong version of Balsh models. Get the other version which is doesn't mess with the mod .  
  4. After release updates:

    New raptors in the Den, thanks to finsternis contribution : Probably ill update the main mod soon, tho armors need some more work plus i haven't bypass T19 bugs.
  5. After release updates:

    I have mad some updates during the past weeks, tho due to the fact that im really busy from work i cant make it go faster. I have also working on an update for Zul'Gurub sets with some other items to make a possible set when someone wants to really update his items, since those items gathered separately create a set.  
  6. After release updates:

    You need to right click it and extract here, check on top of the topic there is an answer already, by doing either to the last rar or the first rar file. Then to make it work properly rename the extension with capitals (i.e Patch-3.MPQ) and also do same if you have Balsh MOD. I'll make this fix with the coming update.
  7. Retro-port Textures WoD-> 3.3.5a.

    Ill suggest to get a client from here, since in most project as we know the client might happen to be altered for "many" reasons and since this site has each of any version. At least for me the 6.0.2 was totally fine.
  8. After release updates:

    I made an update, tho its under test and its ALPHA. What you think :
  9. WoD Login screen camera

    I manage to pull it out and thanks to mateo from modcraft that had a more updated version of the m2 template i can see now the cameras and make the fixes that i want.
  10. WoD Login screen camera

    Hey lads, i've recently changed the login screen of vanilla to wod for some tests. Tho i have a problem with the camera, seems that keeps the camera from vanilla, even if the M2 is the WoD file, and its really close. So after a few tests im starting to believe that the camera handling isnt inside M2 but an lua or xml file. Anyone has any idea how to make the camera work ? Or any idea where to look ? Here is a screenshot of how it looks. P.S i also check this tut to see if the case was on editing the a lua or xml, tho i cant find that Loginscene.lua anywhere. Is it possible to be in the AccountLogin.lua ? Im also adding its code, since i couldnt track anything about camera -also im not so lua savy i can say more of a noobish.        
  11. Changes in the Final Release

    Under Sound delete the Music folder.
  12. Changes in BETA

    The shields are fine and not bugged as might seems to be. Its just that you are short Anyway i have given an answer already into the Release Entry. Go have a look what files you need to delete and get the old shields back. And guys this the BETA Entry, which completely useless to come and post here since a RELEASE is already out and people wanted to ask something ask there.
  13. Changes in BETA

    Seems something wrong with the client or generally you might have a problem with the WoW.exe file. Read a bit above and get that WoW.exe that i gave to someone else that had problems like that. MOD is working without causing any problems AT ALL along with balsh models. That means you have to change your client and get something "clean" to avoid such situations.
  14. After release updates:

    What is you Graphics settings under Video options. You must have have ALWAYS Vertex Animation Shaders enabled and Anisotropic Filtering slider set to MAX. I made this mod having all Video settings set to HIGH.
  15. Retro-port Textures WoD-> 3.3.5a.

    The only thing that vanilla has different was the size as TBC too. From WotLK texture size changed. Yes you can rename them as the defaults. Cant tell you if it works for mapping, but i guess it should. For my mod i didnt changed the names i used the default ones since i created the patch that overlaps the default patches.