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  1. BfA Updated Models

    Nice job, I wonder if you can send me some of the M2 and BLP files of the totems so i can port them to vanilla.
  2. Upright orcs?

    So upright orcs just went live into the alpha BFA servers. I dont really understand how to swap models and i ask the proffesionals here, if its possible to swap the hunched model with the upright one in vanilla or any other older version of WoW?
  3. After Release Updates - Patch 1.2

    Great job as always, can't wait for the release of 1.3! You are a god! Keep up the good work! There are people praising you out there.
  4. After Release Updates - Patch 1.2

    @Uthil Hey bro, i love your work. I really love it.  Anyway, i got a question about the weapon/armor improved models for vanilla. In your  previous update you said that you are 80% done with them. Can you share some info about their release?