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  1. Looking for LUA Developers for comission. PM Me if interested.

  2. Call to massive Boycott: RPHeaven the leecher's hub

    Whilst I completely agree with your stand against RPH, you should be aware that people will always steal others' content and claim it as their own. I've seen people steal public, free and open sourced patches and claim them for their own to reap the credit from it. Just keep it in mind that if you release things publicly, this can and will eventually happen. It may have happened before, and you simply weren't made aware of it. RPH has a history of just leeching content from other sources to avoid doing anything on their own. The community congregates in an echo chamber where they have to agree with the Admin or get banned, so you can't expect anyone to help you from there either.  What can we the Modding Community do against RPH besides refuse to help them? They're already stealing content without permission, and there is no way we can 'punish' them for it. As brutal as it sounds, I think people just shouldn't release content that you aren't willing to let others claim credit for. 
  3. some 7.3 wmos to 335 crash

    Skarn and I have retroported everything from Cata-Legion, there's still a handful of buggy m2s/wmos but once almost all of the issues have been resolved we plan on releasing it to the community.
  4. Anyone got WoD content for 3.3.5a? Can't find a working patch, need it for my Project.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. MR.Farrarie


      how do you downport maps from legion to 335

      I tried adspartan it give crashes to big maps like azeroth kalimdor etc

    3. Vengeance


      We aren't doing the maps, just m2s/wmos. Skarn may have an answer for that, I don't unfortunately.

    4. MR.Farrarie


      skarn this is Anthony release and no not all of it work with noggit

      like orgrimmar noggit crash