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  1. Gustom Battleground

      Hi guys ! I would like to start developing my own battlefield. I have a location. What should I do next, how to make the task to win?
  2. texture warping on the model

    есть какой то гайд ? или что мне вводить в гугле для решения проблемы ?
  3. texture warping on the model

    Можешь сказать , на русском что мне делать , или дать сылки ?) делал модель я сам , по частям , потом объединял их в одну , с помощью плагина collaps в 3d max , дальше конвертировал все по инструкции 
  4. texture warping on the model

      do you understand Russian ?))
  5. texture warping on the model

    you see the problem ?  
  6. texture warping on the model

    Pls help !  texture warping on the model  
  7. Action camera

      Hello everybody !  How to make an action packed camera for WoW 3.3.5a ? Where are the files responsible for the camera?
  8. How to place a fire m2?

    You Amazing ! thanks man!!:D subscribe )
  9. How to place a fire m2?

      Hello everybody ! I need help . How can I place a m2 fire on the map?  I'm using noggit. But it does not help Alt+V = Don't work Shift+V = Don't work Please help 
  10. Tree M2 Error

    I hope this helps people, I got it, I'm delighted!)
  11. Tree M2 Error

    О, МОЙ БОГ ! СПАСИБО !!!! ^ _ ^
  12. Tree M2 Error

    I am very grateful for the help. But I'm new. And I do not understand English well. I would have been much easier to understand visually
  13. Tree M2 Error

    Can I throw off a screen shot - guide? :D
  14. Tree M2 Error

    Hi guys ! Immediately sorry for my English. I have a problem . I created an OBJ tree model and converted it into M2. The model appeared in the game, but instead of leaves, I see the polygons. Could you help me ?