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  1. Twilight Highlands to 3.3.5A

    im not afraid of u and im half muslim myself and i might blow u up if im in a bad mood kiddo and im gonna make satyr like babylonian/muslim something playable race, and im gonna make them take over silvermoon lol like refugees and turn it into a serious shithole
  2. Twilight Highlands to 3.3.5A

    huh what ur tribe? yemen fighter oO didnt picture someone like that would be here.. i thought ud be some fat nerd..then im sorry sir if i was rude okai
  3. Twilight Highlands to 3.3.5A

    when u go low i go high kick   and that fight was after he retired, out of shape, during his prime think it was emelianenko was only one tzo beat him
  4. Twilight Highlands to 3.3.5A

    lol that ogre xd, would so lose to mirko but nvm -_o
  5. Twilight Highlands to 3.3.5A

    did u just touch my.. dont pull my ..
  6. Twilight Highlands to 3.3.5A

    lol farrarie, no one is saying adspartans tool is bad but obviously didint help him much  🠕 🠕  he told me that in private messaging too you're all worked up cos u think i wanna get money but thing is i was joking i never did wow freelance work, and your appreciation for adspartans tool and your beliefs that he should get all the money in the world is nice too but you should keep it to yourself not impose it on others. urge everyone around to lick his balls cos he made a wow tool philiptng maps are a finished product and are obviously different then an editing tool, its up to darkero here to see what works best for him, i know i was happy with phillips maps, if your insting that much on him using the multicoventer you couldve just ported the higlands and help him not play the moral police and be worried if someone is getting money where u think others should be getting something based on your own merit system that exists only in your head 
  7. Cata/Mop maps for 335

    Version 3.3.5a


    Hello, uploaded modcraft files [ATBOX][RELEASE] 4.0.0 ~ 5.4.0 Maps-WMOs-Doodads Content for 3.3.5a -9GBytes by PhilipTNG original thread and all details here - http://www.modcraft.io/index.php?topic=7136.0 Would be cool if people updated his Azeroth maps and fixed remaining bugs like; - fatigue bar on players in new zones - updated stormwind, maybe some other places that look better after cata - improve water in noggit(and remember if u open it in noggit disable water effects) - * nothing else comes to mind atm, but if anyone thinks of something leave a reply and i'll update http://www.mediafire.com/file/871fos5t5refrcp/patch-4.MPQ http://www.mediafire.com/file/9usitetbbj4ef6u/patch-5.MPQ http://www.mediafire.com/file/zfqcksn472ypqbc/patch-6.MPQ http://www.mediafire.com/file/nby7ht2v288agqb/patch-7.MPQ
  8. Twilight Highlands to 3.3.5A

    philliptng maps are great no bugs, better then all the micromanaging u would need with the multiconverter, it would be a great asset and think im gonna upload it somewhere and people can improve it further hopefully, like remove fatigue of new zones maybe add further expansions maps(?) or something it is a few years old but unfortunately seems like the most complete comprehensive map out there thats noggit ready edit:uploaded here darkero   
  9. Twilight Highlands to 3.3.5A

    so u think blizzard shouldnt have gotten any money ever? blzz..entertaiment* or myself as the supreme entertaiment factor/sensation/starlet
  10. Twilight Highlands to 3.3.5A

    cool tx for the tip farraire i will need to do something similar in the future too, I was thinking of uploading Anthonies [ATBOX][RELEASE] 4.0.0 ~ 5.4.0 for upload somewhere, he might grab it then (and anyone else)and skip converting wmos and m2s but if he needs just highlands yea, pain in the ass getting 9GB just for that
  11. Twilight Highlands to 3.3.5A

    i was joking, but darkero wants it highlands merged with old azeroth 335 map. even if adspartans tool converted the whole map cleanly(?) he still has to merge that with the 335 map, and its not just copy paste
  12. Twilight Highlands to 3.3.5A

    500€ to port that shithole take it or leave it
  13. What Are You Working On?

    my biggest wish in the world would be if i could freeze time and just get to modding this, i want gnomes in lego houses, tauren mutated by vile different draenei, different maps,races everything looking at my pace atm 5 lifetimes wouldnt be enough.. 
  14. Brute-force transmogrification

    wat u min bye im reading dis tut for the litterary experience joyride and u juss bye   no
  15. What Are You Working On?

    goblin church still in progress, im gonna put neon lights and a few other things