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  1. [HELP] Finding Druid models on WMV 3.3.5a

    wanted to say try tiger but wasnt 100% sure .b
  2. Help Needed to remove the Assurance from SW Docks

    open blender, delete, save/export, profit?
  3. [HELP] Finding Druid models on WMV 3.3.5a

    didn't they have that regular cheetah model in 335? if yes then its just the cat model with that skin
  4. WoWDev Team

    Yes it went pretty offtopic now but I wanted to add e.g. connecting the game mechanics with mobile, imo Blizz did a very poor job with that too and there's quite a potential with that too. The game itself has alot of minigames and they didnt make anything on mobile worthwhile except the AH i think or the armory, so its pretty static dead. Thats something I was thinking of developing further down the road, but dont even wanna get into details anymore i have to stop spilling all my ideas out here
  5. WoWDev Team

    i dnno, imo it looks better like this.. *sneaky shadow tauren gaze*  
  6. WoWDev Team

    yes what @ kranimal said, i imagined it to be like that. told that guy i know from the start its a lot of work becuase he was thinking he could finisih porting everything by himself in a month or so :b and about the particles and wow effects, meh :b like thats a big deal losing those outdated effects. Infact as you said might start your own game, in a sense it would defintely be different then wow maybe an improved wow. But anyway I guess such a suggestion wouldnt be welcomed here cos obviously people dedicated alot of their time adjusting to the wow engine, and on the other hand I myself am not sure when would I find the time to learn unreal or whatever new software. But still if wowmodding was recreated in anything else more homogeneous then this I'm sure id switch, but then again who wouldnt .p
  7. WoWDev Team

    k then mr.DK expect me to spam your inbox with questions when i get back to this 
  8. WoWDev Team

    A friend of mine knows unreal(i never personaly used, i know other software) ported anduin in a day. And he looked excellent no difference from the wow anduin. I'm certain everything could be replicated like that. I think it would be a small investment for someone to make something like that but would payoff nice, cos there is defintely a market for this. If the basic old world was remade people would jump on that start adding their own things. You people are simply ignoring the fact that WoW like this especially after 335 is just anti customization. Tabards, extra races, mixing adt's, making a dungeon, you name it everythings fucked up
  9. Tabards that are not mirrored

    yes there are no asymmetrical tabards unfortunately, gilneas had an awsome flag originaly, this one. I want to enable this flag But the mirrored thing made it into the java coffee icon    
  10. WoWDev Team

    yea i failed to express what i was thinking obviously there is quality stuff to take from each expansion always. it is indeed based on 335 and that would seem like an answer to my suggestion here but yea i don't want it like that, I meant a basic core that gets easily upgraded graphics and gameplay mechanics and all the other stuff from expansions just gets ripped and added but on a different engine. wow like this is just too buggy u get crashes, simply cant customize everything or its too entangled
  11. WoWDev Team

    I see so basically you're happy after I dunno what 10 years of modding to be not even close to a single path. What I'm saying is make it easier, less tools, rewrite new, but that bad cos u have to stick with your painful voyage up there and I'm completely delusional with my suggestion. And btw it is possible to have a tool to 'merge' it all, remaking the game on a different game engine, strip the 3D art put it inside. As I said it could be just an initial asset everyone contributing later but still, dunno you dont want that thats ok.  And yes I'm talking about Trinity and this Blizzard system in general, its failed also because you're basically following their milkmoney stupid expansions into oblivion. The game already lost a huge deal of its popularity cos its obvious they're just pushing content no matter what just to make money. So maybe its my personal opinion but sticking to this system following each new exapnsion and their new formats is stupid, but again maybe its not for you.  
  12. WoWDev Team

    In a sense yes its there already, everything is here already even fusion power we just cant harness it yet. You people need to get over yourselves I'm not talking about this download section or you in general, I'm obviously talking about the fixed Trinity branches/ game-expansions that aren't comaptible with each other by default. They are with the heavy usage of tools here, but I'm talking about a larger picture, making everything easier for everyone rewriting the game on something else, Trinity per se is modding unfriendly and officially Blizzlike, obviously not something that should be popular here. But hey I dunno as Skarn said maybe u simply enjoy that, think its a challenge Blizz encrypts something lets see how long we need to hack this, dunno suit yourself whatever
  13. WoWDev Team

    /sigh sarcasm yno.. but nvm lol I mentioned 3 times already im not expecting anyone here to code anything for me, only tool i was using most recently was blender 2-3 months ago, thread was about ideas for tools or something. But I see the thread managed to bring up a lot of tools lol
  14. WoWDev Team