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  1. What Are You Working On?

    Here's a screen during daytime so you can watch it better : We're going to make Elwynn forest graphicaly up-to-date in its totality.
  2. What Are You Working On?

    You don't get it. Kul Tiras houses are so similar to Kezan house because goblins copied them. Plus, if you look at the shape of some buildings, they are very reminiscent of Gilneas in many concerns. So I'll go against your point of view, I really like the direction they took, it's very close to how I imagined it.
  3. Small isles environment

    I don't think 100% sand texture is a good choice here. Look at this picture :  There are smaller herbs that come out... I think the use of a different texture could help at rendering that.
  4. Waves

    The one I'm talking about is World\Expansion04\doodads\Thunderisle\doodads\itk_ocean_wave02.m2 : It creates water movement and the relief of actual waves. You would have to retexture it to fit with the water here, though !
  5. Waves

    These waves look horribly bad... You should rather use Thunder Isle waves as a base.
  6. Sillouethe - Alliance

    I think It would look way better if you made wet sand on sea borders !
  7. Selective collision adding - How is it done ?

    Oh yeah, that's exactly what I needed ! Thank you very much for this, Skarn.
  8. Hello everybody, I recently started to rework some old Elwynn models so they could fit with our modern graphics. Ingame, everything seems to work fine, but there is an invisibile issue here : The models are heavy ! This bridge alone takes 125Ko, which is way more than other similar models.  In fact, half of this M2 size is due to collisions : Collision Adder gives every single face its own rigidity without discrimination. Any rope, any part of a wooden plank will be solid. Since I'm not planning to create World of Antcraft, this is a big waste of computer resources : If I don't find a solution, all of this will stack up and make the game unaccessible for weaker engines... So I would like to know how I can filter the collision adding, or make a collision sub-model mixed with the original one, something like this : Thank you for your attention.  
  9. What Are You Working On?

    What's the point of a lighthouse if you now have a bridge that makes navigation impossible ?  On my part, I decided to try some 3D modeling. I'm not very good at it yet; please don't hesitate to tell me everything you dislike when you see this screenshot.      
  10. What Are You Working On?

    Currently working on the implementation of a new race and class, alias, murloc ninjas.
  11. Skybox trouble : Making a cloud mask on wotlk

    That's what I meant, yes.
  12. Skybox trouble : Making a cloud mask on wotlk

    They are actual creatures.
  13. Hello there, I recently tried to put Uldum skybox on my island, but faced a huge issue : clouds were cut like squares. It turned out the texture Uldum_CloudMask01.blp wasn't limiting the cloud texture at all ! The result, as you can see, is far from what I would like to have. So, does anyone knows how to make this cloud mask texture work on 3.3.5a ? Or do I need to change the cloud texture itself and forget about this texture mask thing ?
  14. WoWScrnShot_021916_131412.jpg

    This place needs more texture uniformity. From vanilla houses to Tol Barad, passing by the vrykul bridge.. It does not render very well. But the idea is good !
  15. WoWScrnShot_021916_130721.jpg

    These farms look super cozy, great job !