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  1. water not visible

    I used 2-Ocean that wont work changed to 1-Water and it was visible i dont know how but its working... topic can be closed
  2. water not visible

    hey peeps! In noggit i create a island with ofcours a sea around it. i set it on height 8 en it is the height that i want in noggit. but when i go ingame i see no water around it. only if i lower the ground around it i create some ponds. Anyone know what it can be ?
  3. So here are the first shots of some WIP on the Empire island. The Empire Island is a small isle in the sea between the Kingdoms Atla south of it, in the west Eleftheria and in the east Fenrin. From this isle Empire tries to take control in the southern part of the world.
  4. Creating Your Own Custom Blank Map

    Go to the end of the table and see what ID is the latest. Memorize it. Select Azeroth or Kalimdor line by left clicking on it. Right click on the selected line and choose “Copy line to”. Enter a free ID here. (Last UID + 1). Rename the field “Azeroth” to your map name. The name your .adt files have. Enter the real name of your map instead of Eastern Kingdoms in your language. Click “File” and “Save”. Add your “Map.dbc” to the patch, project folder or client by the following path: “DBFilesClient\” Did everything like you write it down, but cant get step 8 ready. wont find any DBFilesClient