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  1. New Capital Leaders (Anyone did this?)

    Was wondering if someone has made a patch for wotlk that has ONLY the new leader models. thank you
  2. Every M2 object from Cata till Legion (3.3.5a)

    Great release thank you so much This is really helpful when creating zones and other places. <3
  3. Shadows for objects (HELP)

    shadows for m2's yes. 
  4. Shadows for objects (HELP)

    Well You know how objects have shadows. A Tree has a shadow. if you move a box in noggit. theres a little shadow. I just want to know how I can add shadows to trees and other objects if there is a way of course
  5. Mac wow not seeing custom islands

    All my friends got the same patch. They are well aware on how to put the patches in. Been making patches for us for a 6 months. All my friends can see the custom island except my friend with the mac. And he knows the most about MPQ patches and how to install them. He just simply can't see the custom island.
  6. Mac wow not seeing custom islands

    and yes he does have MPQ files.
  7. Mac wow not seeing custom islands

    I made a custom island within the blue walls of eastern kingdoms and he can see that perfectly. It's just that he cannot see anything I created outside the blue wall
  8. Mac wow not seeing custom islands

    Hello. I have made a custom continent behind the "blue wall" in eastern KIngdoms. Most of my friends can see the continent, but 1 friend cant. He plays on a MAC and its a wotlk server. Can someone maybe give a solution or explain to why its not working for him (NOTE: I'm not good at computers, I just love to have fun with noggit and etc.. =)))) )  Thanks again <3 Legit.
  9. Shadows for objects (HELP)

    Hello everyone. Could someone point me into the right direction for a tutorial on how to add shadows to objects or explain to me what I should do. Thank you everyone and have a nice weekend =))) Legit
  10. WoWScrnShot_080718_021604.jpg

    Thanks <3
  11. Legion Druid Forms

    Hello. Love what you did. How to get this <33333333
  12. WoWScrnShot_080818_050142.jpg

  13. WoWScrnShot_080818_050122.jpg

  14. WoWScrnShot_080818_050116.jpg

  15. WoWScrnShot_080818_050107.jpg