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  1. [Help] Enable Skins for Legion

    Well! I did it! Thank u so much @Roccus    
  2. [Help] Enable Skins for Legion

    Yes. It works, but... If I add news on the table the worldserver crash and down. So my question is... Why?  
  3. [Help] Enable Skins for Legion

    Thank u, @Roccus I know. That's why you can see the Demon Hunter Skin and DK. But if i add new skins on db2 charsection the worldserver crash ;_; And ... i don't know why.
  4. [Help] Enable Skins for Legion

    Hello there. I'm trying to enable all the skins for the menu... Aaaand I got the Demon Hunter enable for Blood elfs (Whatever class u want) but! I want add like the skin of DarkForest (Red eyes and stuff) or Dwarf Wildhammer (Blue/red tattoos) or Dark Iron Dwarf. In the game exist, but i don't know how make this enable for the menu. When I add news IDs in Charsections with the info new... the worldserver crash and down. So what can i do? I have this: Yes, i know is some kind of change in the database (MySQL) but what exactly? Or is something about the Core of Trinity? Here? Can somebody help me ? ;_; Please... (Srry for the poor english xD)