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  1. Downporting BFA models to 7.1

    Yes, you need to delete the first 7 bytes in every anim That's it.
  2. Downporting BFA models to 7.1

    This works...   
  3. Models blowing up

    Do i have to do hex editing on the new .anim files?
  4. Models blowing up

    I am using the right .skin files.
  5. Models blowing up

    There are no .skel files on creature models though.
  6. Models blowing up

    Hello, I've been downporting some creatures from BfA to Legion and i came across a problem. When i'm doing an emote the model blows up. I have no idea how to fix this, please help. All /emotes are broken.  
  7. Weapon particles

    I tried to port the model to wotlk and then back to legion and it's still invisible.
  8. Blend mode overrides (vertex alpha-like effect)

    I tried everything on a weapon but it comes out unchanged or invisible.
  9. Weapon particles

  10. Weapon particles

    The weapon and my character are invisible after i tinkered with the stuff.
  11. Weapon particles

    I tried to run the UV channel creator script but i got an error.
  12. Weapon particles

    Damnit, alright
  13. Weapon particles

    I refuse to put myself through that. If nothing else helps i will try it though.
  14. Weapon particles

    Hello. I decided to port some weapons without deleting the effects from them as i always do. When i looked at the weapons in game the effect textures were 'blocky' and not animated. Is there a way to fix them?
  15. Downporting creature models

    I will send them as soon as possible