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  1. Looking for ergonomic 3.3.5. .WMO and .M2 model viewer.

    Check your config settings (  WoWModelViewer\userSettings\Config.ini ) I'm using v0.7.1 for years and everything works good.
  2. Looking for ergonomic 3.3.5. .WMO and .M2 model viewer.

    Just update your WMV. Its working nice for 335
  3. Tabards that are not mirrored

    You should edit m2 to use non-simetric textures
  4. Greetings!  We made custom Hyjal-like outdoor instance with Noggit, but need to allow mounts inside it. Anyone know how to fix it? Its ADT/WDT flag? DBC?
  5. What Are You Working On?

    Vanilla project 1.12.1. Karazhan lvl60:   Updated Scarlet Monastery:   Azshara Crater Battleground:     This is still in progress, need some work with minimaps, loading screens, serverside tunning.   P.S. On last 2 screens there's lvl70 character because Warglaives set to req lvl70 :-D All screenshots are made on 1.12.1 client.
  6. WoWDev Team

    Good idea!  btw theres really need to merge modcraft with model-changing. I mean we need useful "library" for newcomers with huge archive with tools and topics with guides/solutions and ofc to divide em all by "classes"(eg DBC, m2, wmo, adt etc)
  7. [Need help!] WMO Minimap

    Well, thats why I started this topic =) I tested with other WMO's, changed names, paths, .blp and etc etc etc. I noticed that I can change .blp assigned to WMO, but I can't add any new WMO, even if this wmo is renamed copy of any wmo. Any ideas?
  8. [Need help!] WMO Minimap

    /cheers! There it is. I hope you can help me :-) patch-3.mpq
  9. [Need help!] WMO Minimap

    - textures\minimap\md5translate.rts  (no ".rts" in name ofc, its file format) - its tab, no space ofc. also, alphabet names ofc. - azallystronghold.blp is placed in textures\minimap   Ye, thats looks kinda wierd I know...
  10. [Need help!] WMO Minimap

    Well, I think, theres no any dif between wow versions when you're facing minimaps... But ok: 1.12.1 WoW Custom WMO, based on ingame WMO (some 3d edition + re-texturing). Thats hows looking md5translate.rts dir: WMO\PvP dir: WMO\PvP\Buildings dir: WMO\PvP\Buildings\Azcrater WMO\PvP\Buildings\Azcrater\AzsharaAllianceFortress_001_00_00.blp    azallystronghold.blp    
  11. [Need help!] WMO Minimap

    Greetings!  I have issue with minimap on my custom wmo! Its always shown as black (no minimap). My md5translate file settings looks good(I'm 99% sure) - alphabet, tab, path, blp file are ok. Also, I tested to rename my custom WMO to OrcInn.wmo(or any other wmo), and its works fine... Or I missed something?  Plx help!!11111
  12. What Are You Working On?

    Azshara Crater BattleGround finished(almost).
  13. Can't find custom map in noggit

    Well to be fair, sometimes it fails. idk why but theres no Onyxia lair, BRD and some other instances in Noggit... 
  14. Can't find custom map in noggit

    You dont got it... Rename it to any map listed in Noggit(eg to Warsong Gulch(PvPZone03). Then open noggit and open PvPZone03 and your map will shown! 
  15. Can't find custom map in noggit

    rename your map to something that is working. eg rename it Warsong? Or any other map, that is working in Noggit