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  1. Legion > Wotlk Multi Converter

    Awesome Update!  
  2. What Are You Working On?

      The Last Pic looks awesome, is this 1 whole M2 or did you build this yourself? Also which one is it
  3. Legion > Wotlk Multi Converter

    Well they dont work with your converter, or im doing something wrong. freshly exported, with ALL M2s and BLps, the needed Skin and BLP files for the M2s including, everything converted with your converter.  An empty Map, just 1 WMO and a patch containing that map, the map.dbc, the wmo and all needed files. Im always getting a D11 Crash with your converted.. Map: Crash: Could you please help me with this?   The Model im using here is World\WMO\Draenor\Human\6hu_barracks_pvp.wmo  
  4. Legion > Wotlk Multi Converter

    Awesome, will you build a converted for WOD Garnision Buildings infuture? They are missing specific Chunks if i did understand this right  
  5. What Are You Working On?

    This doesnt sound that good So there is a converter for it?  
  6. What Are You Working On?

    Could you create a small tutorial out of it? I found the ABOM / MOBA Tag inside the 000-0XX.wmo files, but im not sure what to change here
  7. What Are You Working On?

    OMG Awesome, could you tell us how you fixed the Legion WMO Texture Bug? It always looks like this: if i try to do it ( Converted the Ship so you can see the difference ) Greetings Noones
  8. Post Your Desktop!

    Skarn i love your folder / file sorting, did you do that with Raindrop or another tool?
  9. K97cUCH.jpg

    Playing around with Wod and Legion models. Keep in mind that im not the best mapper Greetings Noones
  10. Noggit Crash with Custom MPQ

    Fixed: If somebody else expierences this errors, the M2 Converter couldnt convert a few GENERICS Objects, which caused the crash in Noggit and Modelviewer. Adspartan updated his converter and it is now working 100%: Greetings Noones
  11. Noggit Crash with Custom MPQ

    By this you mean, that i need to convert all Objects again? And is there an Up to Date Converter for WMos?
  12. Noggit Crash with Custom MPQ

      Without the Patch everything works fine. Edit: Maybe my English is not good enough, but what im trying to say: Noggit crashes when loading any Map, i NEVER spawned any of these Objects via Noggit, i tried to use them ingame via .gob add ID and that worked, but when im trying to use them in a patch so i can spawn them via noggit, noggit crashes.
  13. Noggit Crash with Custom MPQ

    i removed folder by folder and it still does not work. could you try to create a patch with the files i uploaded on mega ( main post ) please? Greetings Noones
  14. Noggit Crash with Custom MPQ

    It does not crash without the MPQ. i will take a look at the directloading System and try to find out what doesnt work Edit: First of all i wont find any download link to the patched WoW.Exe you talked about in your tutorial. Second: it is my Noggit crashing, not my WoW, so the directloading wont change anything, or am i wrong?
  15. Noggit Crash with Custom MPQ

    Yes, i tried it without the WMO Files, without the Textures and without the Objects, still the same. i tried different Versions fo the MPQEditor, with or without MPQ. You can try it yourself, i uplodated the Files to Mega