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  1. Noggit crash with custom WMO [SOLVED]

    I just imported wmo into new blender file, export it again and its works in noggit. Mheh.
  2. Noggit crash with custom WMO [SOLVED]

    I don't think so, cause when I deleted draenor doodads, it still crushing, but the older version of this building with default wotkl doodads worked perfectly.
  3. Noggit crash with custom WMO [SOLVED]

    Yep, but it is ready to export. Here is already exported townbuilding.wmo townbuilding_000.wmo townbuilding_001.wmo
  4. Noggit crash with custom WMO [SOLVED]

    I reported the issue, and here is my WMO. townbuilding.blend townbuilding.blend1
  5. So, I created WMO using Skarn blender addon, it greatly works in WMV, but when I'm trying to port it from text file to Noggit, Noggit crashes with this log. To the information, as some of dooadsets I used models ported by Adspartan's converter. I know that they caused this problem, but there is some way to fix it? UPD Problem caused not by dooadsets, I delete them, but noggit still crushes 
  6. Downported WMO editing [SOLVED]

    It doesn't works with downported wmo.
  7. Downported WMO editing [SOLVED]

    Fuck yes! If somone intrested, I used programm for coverting adt/m2/wmo into OBJ from all wow versions, and can now give link for downloading it. (This Undercity I converted from latest Legion client)
  8. Downported WMO editing [SOLVED]

    So, I ported WMO into OBJ and faced with this shit in blender. What I need to do now? Скарн приди, порядок наведи!
  9. Downported WMO editing [SOLVED]

    It doesn't shows model, or crashes when I try to convert. But with some models, of course, works.
  10. Downported WMO editing [SOLVED]

    How could I convert my downported cata WMOs into something editable, like obj?
  11. Custom WMO crash

    Th for helping me anyway.
  12. Custom WMO crash

  13. Custom WMO crash

    From process monitor. Also noggit default log, but there is no informaton about error in it.
  14. Custom WMO crash

    Witout log from process monitor? 
  15. Custom WMO crash

    So, I delered all Java and nothing happens. There are also NAME NOT FOUND, BUFFER OWERFLOW and REPARSE in registry.