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  1. New custom hairstyle !

    Looks good mate 
  2. Does anyone have any interesting ideas for maps (e.g space or something), I want and try to create something out of my comfort zone.

  3. First Glimpse of Ta'Nash Jungle

    Hello, this is a first glimpse into the second zone for the Duronar project, this is just the alpha and things are likely to change in the future - feel free to leave criticisms (ground effects are being added, just haven't had time yet). Firstly, here is a map to give a rough idea of how the zone is set out: Here are some early alpha pics:
  4. First Screenshots

    looks stunning, keep up the good work mate  
  5. Duronar Website

    Just a quick update, made a little website to showcase all my work on the Duronar project. Link is below: more will be added as the project progresses.
  6. What Are You Working On?

    This will save so much time!  
  7. How do i remove classes and races from character create

    I'm no expert but when I made custom classes and races, I used  CharacterCreate.lua  and  CharacterCreate.xml which allows you to change positions or delete buttons like the class and race buttons although don't quote me on it.
  8. Im having trouble finding a tutorial on how to make a custom skybox and was wondering if anyone could point me to one, its just making my map darker and adding more fog which i want to do but can find anything on it.

  9. Plaguewood

    Thanks for the feedback, was thinking this myself. I've corrected the ground, added some more bushes and some shading to help the zone come alive a bit more.
  10. Plaguewood

    Plaguewood; or as it was called, Kiriiq, was once a sacred part of Duronar, home to many of the races, living in harmony. All was prosperous and plenty in the land, and many a people called it their home; This however, was before the Necromancer began his foul magics. He found that, using the souls of the dead, he could harness energy to use against others and so began to tinker with life itself - spawning foul and unspeakable creatures that soon began to terrorise the forest. sooner or later, the residents of Kiriiq began to leave, fearful for their lives against the never-ending abominations that arose from the ground. Soon this plague began to spread further north, bringing with it - a horde of undead. Soon the kingdom of Duronar had no choice but the quarantine the area using magic, and to set up defence outposts in order to prevent the spread of the plague; and over time, this once harmonious place has devolved into what it is now, a blight ridden forest that sickens anyone who dares enter it.  
  11. WoWScrnShot_110117_010606.jpg

    From the album Duronar

  12. WoWScrnShot_110117_010558.jpg

    From the album Duronar

  13. WoWScrnShot_110117_010549.jpg

    From the album Duronar

  14. WoWScrnShot_110117_010540.jpg

    From the album Duronar

  15. WoWScrnShot_110117_010532.jpg

    From the album Duronar