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  1. [WIP] map of Duronar

    true that, it does look similar in the top. I'll be sure to change the design of the map as soon as possible
  2. [WIP] map of Duronar

    This is the sketch map of what Duronar may look in the future. it is a guideline for me to follow as I start the world building process of the project. ---ZONES--- -firstly, in the northern peak of Duronar, you can see it is coloured gray and has may mountains on it, This is quite obviously the snowy area of which for the time being I am calling 'Thelgenheim'. The main story behind this area is about the king of the dwarves (Erik Blightbeard) wishes to claim the power of Vryonhyin 'the god of thunder and rock' and with the help of 'The Necromancer' (will get onto him) are trying to open a breach to the god realm and sap him of his energy. In the future, I can see the capital city of the dwarves (Stoneholme - city in the mountain) as the first released raid, and how you need to try and stop him. -Secondly, the light grass are at the time are just called 'The Plains' (changing in the future). This area is a nice and peaceful area where many races sprawl in the endless hills it offers. Although there is a sinister side as a dark force which lurks from the caves beneath threatens it's innocence. -Next, the darker green to the bottom left is at the time called 'Silvertongue forest' and is like 'The Plains' a peaceful zone but the threat with this one is far worse. A person by the name of 'The Necromancer' wishes to spread the corruption across the forest like he has done with the rest of southern Duronar. -The really dark green to the right of 'Silvertongue forest' is called for the time being - 'Corrupted Forest'. The name sums the zone really, the land has been corrupted by 'The Necromancer' which has resulted in foul beings such as large spiders, and undead plaguing the area. -The yellow part in the bottom is called 'The Dreaded wastes' and is also a result of 'The Necromancer' who after starting a plague in the river, turned all dead into sand which grew/multiplied - eventually turning what was a lush wonderland into a desolate plain where all die. -The browny green area to the right of 'The Plains' and 'Silvertongue forest' lies what is at the moment called just 'Swamp' and as the title suggests in a murky bog/swamp which lies in Duronar's low land which has had trouble with creatures from the oceans and from the fungus and moss trying to reclaim what has been covered by other races. -South of the 'Swamp' lies what I call at the moment 'BC island' because the premise of this place is that the burning legion have landed and have taken over a small island of the coast of Duronar to prepare for an invasion of the highlands. This could also perhaps be a raid in the future. -Finally, far to the right of mainland Duronar shows to islands which are being sucked in by what seems to be a portal. This is at the moment called 'Necromancer isle' as this is where 'The Necromancer' now resides. I could also see this being a small leveling area as well as a raid in the future.
  3. WoWScrnShot-041516-221608.jpg

    Nice work. Overall the City/Village looks quite good now, it's also nice too see that you have added some bumps in your terrain. Keep up the good work
  4. WoWScrnShot_041116_211348.jpg

    Very nice mountains, but I would say to smoothen them a tad and put a faint rock texture on there. It will make it look more realistic. And another thing outside the city/village it is extremely flat. I have watched the star wars movies and yes it is flat - but for the sake of it being in wow maybe make it a bit bumpy. Apart from this, this looks quite cool and interests me very much. Looking forward to next post  
  5. The Mighty Falls

    I am absolutely blown away by your work Bardh! This is by far the best thing I've seen in a while. Just wondering - do you use alphamps or do you do it by hand?
  6. New Exe, alpha loginscreen, and First custom score.

    I wasn't aware that this sounded like something from another game, I made the song myself on Finale and have never heard of runes of magic.  Can you link the song which it sounds like to me so that I can change my own - although this would be sad cause I spend 3 days writing the score. Thanks for the feedback.
  7. Greetings everyone! This is just a quick update of Dreya, I've just completed creating a fresh exe and plan to add a new background soon. For now I will just use the vanilla one. And to go with this, as I am a man of music - I have created a score called 'Heroes Call' to go with it. Here is a preview of both the login screen and the score: Heroes Call - Dreya.wav Feel free to give feedback, it is much appreciated!
  8. Introduction

      Greetings and thank you for viewing this project! Read further down to find out about the features, what it is as well as some other cool things. Enjoy browsing! Dreya is a project being created on the World Of Warcraft 3.3.5a client. Although it is using the Wow engine and base mechanics, I'm trying my best to make it my own - this means an entirely new lore, a new world (Dreya) with 5 continents in it. New quests and a new experience for players. The idea came from an old book that I wrote when I was a kid, I looked back at it recently and studied it's 300 pages... After doing this I thought to myself, this would make an epic game! And this is exactly what I'm trying to do now.   For the first release of Dreya, I hope to have accomplished the following things: - The continents Maradum and Khara - 3-4 Dungeons and 1-2 raids. - The races: Human, Gnome, Orc, and troll. -The Classes: Knight, Berserker, Priest, Rogue. - The levels 1-20. With the classes I have had a very interesting idea... You start of as no class, no spells/abilities, nothing. You do a couple of quests and you talk to an NPC who will give you something like this... (not ingame, a draft made in photoshop)   When you pick the class, he gives you a class quest to talk to that classes trainer and you learn your basic abilities, do some training quests and then start the game. This could also lead to options such as at max level, you can duel-class as you would call it. Switch between the different classes and become the ultimate hero! Back to the world... Below is a rough draft of the world of Dreya... It may not be the most detailed yet but as I said, alphamap. I've posted it here to show you where things are and what will be available in hopefully future expansions. I've also created custom languages for some of the different continents. These are adaptations from the book that I made and are still very rough Drafts... First of Maradus and Khara = Commom/English. Nizmira = Nizmiran - Example below: Aeilalfria = Elvish - Example below: (some letters in Elvish are multiple letters in English) and Uldrak = Yjondriak - Example Below: As I said, very rough drafts... written in paint. In the hopefully possible future, I plan to have expansions in the game - much like in wow. As I stated earlier on, the first release will only have Maradus and Khara, 4 races, and 4 classes. Here are some expansion possibilities: Dreya - The sands of Nizmira: - New continent - Nizmira - An extra 10 levels - 3 more dungeons, and 1 more raid - New races: The Draughul, and the Talians. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Dreya - The wrath of Uldenfrar: - New continent - Uldran - An extra 10 levels - 3 more dungeons, and 1 more raid - New Class: The huntsman -New Race: The dwarves, and the Fjordeni ------------------------------------------------------------------ Dreya - The fall of Aeilalfria: - New continent - Aeilalfria - An extra 5 levels -2 more dungeons, and 2 more raids -New hero Class: The Necromancer -New Race: The dark elves, and the high elves. ---------------------------------------------------------------- This about sums up the first post, hope you enjoyed reading it! I will post a new update when I can, but until then, cya!