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  1. A case for Modding

    Hello, There are plenty of talent modders out there who mod other games, I'm currently playing with a mod that gives you more variety orc skins( sub races ; blackrock, warsong ect ) and its amazing and being that only i can see the changes its not giving me any advantage or changing how the game plays. Now imagine a modding community where people submit purely cosmetic mods to blizzard and once blizzard approve they can upload it to a blizzard hosted mod website, it's a win-win, players who are passionate about the game will do all the work, blizzard reap the rewards, there are people out there who love the game enough to do that. Imagine new Weapon textures, hairstyles, beards, F***ing Scars ! ( it is WARcraft ), Why cant we have the beards or piercing's that thrall or garrosh have, who in that meeting was like "nah we wont give the players that option" ??,  you only have to look at skyrim and see how passionate fans can increase the life-span of a game. Some of the UI addons are so sucessful it shows that there are people out there that are a step ahead of blizzard. Blizzard's focus is bringing in new players so naturally cosmetic changes is no were near their priority list, and a modding community would do the work for them and they only have to approve. I think they under-estimate how far character customization would increase personal investment in the character's we play, in turn increasing the addiction we all have. thanks more details: 2D animation price