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  1. [Legion] WIP Mop/Mop ADTS format to Legion

    That's why people test by themselves, if no one check, no feedback. 
  2. [Legion] WIP Mop/Mop ADTS format to Legion

    =) personal choice =/= community choice, since 9years youre slackling around LK. its not about like or not liking, we are talking about news technologies, meanwhile i use my android youre using a nokia 3310 =)
  3. [Legion] WIP Mop/Mop ADTS format to Legion

    ""Do you know why nobody says thanks? Those pieces of stuff that you guys share are accompanied with trolling, insulting, pricky comments. Do you get what I mean here? "" If i said "all" this is just for trigger people as them, you wont ( mb not you ) change your mind. Triggering people as them isnt totalty for troll, just said the truth, just look at them, look at every reply about people half-angry cuz he dont share. Sharing => Trust, kek do you even trust a guy who dont care about your work and fuck off just use it ? Or worse, who is here for leech you work & claim something in the future ? Look at another topic, typical drama between 2 RPcommunity. Wanna make WoW great again ? Start with dev community. "lol dont care its just a randomtroll" maybe, maybe me, a troll, said the truth. I have no real problem with him, him, him, or him & you, son. My reason to post here => Portal to the future, not Back to the future.  Cheer, we are in 2017, not in 2008. Grow up or get out of this cave  
  4. [Legion] WIP Mop/Mop ADTS format to Legion

    you're able to "thanks" the guy & this work just say : yes put on the wiki.  this is why a lot a people ( lol 99.9% i mean ) just show off everything cuz this is shitty community, there is no community just a bunch a randomguys who want to show something and get some gratz. Anybody here have a teamspirit, good talk or ... Oh wait, no one listenning anyway, this is bad cuz i saw a some goodguys here but they dont want to share anymore. Why ?  " Instead of releasing a converter, Update the wiki. " This is why, fuck off
  5. [Legion] WIP Mop/Mop ADTS format to Legion

    yes of course
  6. The return of the holy crusades Chase has taken Jerusalem and all the RPH Crusaders come here for fighting Holy crusade against fagleechers, yes mifriend!!!!!!!!!!!! typical drama about leeching, this is not the first one & ll be not the last one. rekt da leechers
  7. QUESTion

  8. [Question] Legion Pala Mythic Eq

    read the wiki
  9. The Music Thread

    hello homies!!!!!!what else.......... =)
  10. hello mine friantz,


    WIP : The Wolt-rex

    he s the king of mustache, prehistoric ruler of niskasa. Now he s a loa  for goblins, "golden loa", for savagekin, druid and hunter. he can bless u as elune, as a prime god of azeroth ( ursoc, goldrin, malorne etc )


    WIP : Shitmodel.m2 or poorguy called "Addidas"


    as u see, i m trying with blender and bones, working actualy on wow alpha 0.5.3

    DONE : MagicSausage


    its my best model as a weapong or shielt !!! working on 335cunt :P

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    2. Ausswitz


      how to port in 335abc this ? great model for erp !!!



      10/10 would bang this grannytrollea9ebb5afb.jpg

    3. Ausswitz


      old stuff : heiderburger whiterunemasterAzotha.m2


      he s an immortal azotha ( son of vrykul !!! ), about this model : mustache & titanic rune, its a runicword : "Thork Magna" or White Guardian. The One and the Only. ^^

      give me some feedback in mp for the DL :PP

    4. Ausswitz




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      Hey hello frientz;;;;;,,,

      sorry but its just a CAT, calling a cat "nazi" its rly dumb. He dont choose that, i know a "colored people" Adolf as nickname, no pussy thx.

      My name for nazi, topkek, its a shame ^^ but ok you re not omniscient :PP Auss for Ausser mean = Other and Witz = Gag / Joke. So Auss + Witz mean Otherjoke or something like that :PPPP^^ 

      I'm arabian

  11. LK m2 to WoD - Script problem(?)

    Hello here, First time, I'm a poor dude to use some tools, btw after understood how this one works, i have a problem with my .skin. It's fine for the .m2, As you can see, we have a little problem about the script, after col31 at the second line => 0 Well, I'm too unskilled to fix this, I don't know to get a good synthax here. Thanks for reading     Well, it's fixed. Some bugs with 010 or archive.rar. Any mod can delete this useless topic ? Thanks again & sorry
  12. Uuughh... Wir haben einen Nazi hier. Woher kommst du? 

    1. Ausswitz


      No, not rly. I don't care about that. I'm juste a typical random person for you, here. Just curious about your work.

    2. Skarn


      Lmao. That was just a little joke about your nickname.

    3. Ausswitz